My Mx-3's life SO FAR!!!

  • hi guys,

    first things first, i only bought my Mx-3 as my dad owned one…. it was a 92 Eunos Presso in Burgundy, how ever he spent much money on it and the finished project was stunning, in the yellow you quiet often see the Ferrari 360 Modena. Anyway....i bought it off him when i was 17 just passed my test...phoned up a number of insurance companies and they wouldn't even touch me on it... tamping!!! so he bought it back off me... about 6 months later it got stolen, the police called the next day saying that they'd chased a yellow Sports car up through the local town... they claimed it just left them... the car was then found in the morning in a nearby lane, the MoFo who knicked that beast had tried to lose the cops by going up a lane... which had a skip at one end, the thief tried to squeeze the poor Mx-3 between the wall and the skip, the result was disturbing, passanger side very heavy scratch's along the whole of the car, the drivers side had a dent from the front to the back of the drivers door, then....THEN.... the handle thingy on the skip ate into the rear quarter panel and opened the poor little car up like a can of beans!!! the damage was too expensive to repair, the car was then scrapped...

    6 Years later...

    I received a good pay in the Army... then the search began, i searched and searched and searched... Then!!! i found a stunning 1993 Mx-3 SE in White, i had never seen a White Mx-3 till i came across this beautiful little machine, it came with 12 months MOT 9 months Tax and was only £1000 to insure for the year, its even got the Special Edition Sticker bye the drivers door, it was immaculate... it cost me £1000, proberbly the best £1000 i have ever spent, so i started to get to work on it, Tinted the rear light clusters, the front side/indicator clusters were also tinted, de-badged the rear end and put my own V6 badge on in black, then bought a Pipercross Air filter which really intensifies the V6 Warble, bought a black leather MOMO gear knob, changed the interior lights to two of the ones which light up the speedo and swapped them with two ultra bright LED blue ones, so the speedo and rev counter are a blend of green and blue, sprayed the ashtray, arm rest (by Hand Brake) and the steering column and the dash surround all in white... then sprayed the door handles, petrol cap, side skirts, rear mud guards in black, still need to do front mud guards, bought an oval up-turned back box, got it fitted and removed the centre box, then got it De-Catted. WOW the noise, fitted the spoiler my dad had on his Mx-3, sprayed the front windscreen wipers white, then removed the drivers wiper and parked the passangers one at a 45 degree angle so the standard motor could clear enough of the windscreen, got a set of 17" Wolfrace alloys multi spoke with black and silver finish, and i'm no where near finished yet, hope you like...

    Regards sent Paul

  • sorry bout the bottom 5 pics guys had to copy from facebook will get some proper pics sorted for ya

  • Looks great mate.

    Doesnt that spoiler slow you down a bit and it must increase fuel comsumption massively angled like that.

    Does look good though.

  • You've the same alloys as my brother on his 323F BA! Looks clean, you got the nice SE interior too :)

    That spoilers mental! x2 on the fuel consumption. I'd flatten it out :idea:

  • My god now thats what i call a rear wing. :P

  • the cars nice but the spoiler needs to go, its chavtastic !

  • im likeing the spoiler its like a big version of mine hehe

  • whats the best and cheapest way to squeeze more power out then guys,
    note the spoiler is now off
    the rear lights are now standard

  • @2126bd66c5=THE-PROPHECY:

    whats the best and cheapest way to squeeze more power out then guys,

    Cheapest way by far is to remove weight, anything you don't need stick it in the shed. The MX3 responds well from weight reduction.

    Powers mods for K8, improve induction and exhaust minimal gains but cheap.

  • Swapping the engine for a ZE is biggest bang for bucks.

  • with regards to ZE swap…how tunable are they

  • the ze is the tuned version 200 bhp
    you can allways turbo it but cant put to much boost on it
    and litle things like ht leads plugs manifolds air filtes porting underdrive pully lightened flywheel

  • also

    my passanger side for light has blown, only the bulb, However… with regards to making the thing breath better i was gonna take the fog light out and channel some flexi pipe up to the Pipercross lung, any ideas of a cheap and trusty alternative??? cheers guys

  • cheers james, whats the gear ratio's like on the ZE, could i keep my 1.8 gear box, fo ferocious acceleration???

  • n/a go for the ze. if u want forced induction get a probe or standard mx6 engine its far less hassle to tune

  • yeh you can keep the k8 gear box but i would use the 2.5 box as the finle drive it lower gives you higher top speed lower rpm for moterway driveing

  • wow guest appearance from kami^

    k8 gearbox is fine with the ze, short but gets you through a quarter mile quick enough. A taller 5th gear would be nice, and it can be done.

    Turbo zes are fine, but do require more careful tuning with the higher compression ratio.

  • @4d04237fb3=kami_no_michi:

    n/a go for the ze. if u want forced induction get a probe or standard mx6 engine its far less hassle to tune

    Not according to this guy.


  • haha indeed! higher comp = more power!

  • hmmm….. supercharged...could be fun!


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