Jamesmx3 cheapest ever mod - Rocker cover polishing.

  • when i posted pics of my engine i was told to get polishing, so this weekend i bought some meguirars(sp) metal polish and some sand paper and turned this:

    into this:

    i know its not as good as some ive seen on here but it only took a couple of hours, i'll get a better pic tomorow in the sunshine.

  • wow, wot a diffrence, tell me exactly wot you done plz mate coz im doing it, its looks well better than it did before…. and better than painted ones

  • i started with 240 grit paper then 400s then used the polish, then rubbed it again but with 1000s then polished it again, the polish cost me 7.99 but its on ebay for 6.99 with free postage.

    its not hard to do it just takes a while, its not perfect cos i did it with it still on the car, im thinking of getting a polishing kit off ebay for £15 to do the inlet manifold and tidy the rocker cover up a bit, im also going to do the heat shield.

  • hmmm might do this myself then, in saying that i dont wanna remove the head incase i fook the seals and cant get it back on, can anyone tell me if its easy to get off and on again, or do i have to do anything….. this is the reason i never painted mine either

  • looks amazing!i did mine but without the polish and it looks crap compared to urs…might have to go ebaying:)

  • its a rubber gasket for the rocker cover so you should be alright, saying that you might be beter getting a new one just in case!

  • lol i have never even attemped anything like that.. so i dont have a clue how or wot to exspect

  • Well, i did say and im glad you did because it goes to show that the coolest things cost the least. Keep Going and you will always be glad to pop the bonnet.

    Thing of your bonnet as a pair of French Knickers. A polished bay is like a full wax or Brazillian for your car, now ditch the standard cold air feed, get some hydraullic bonnet lifters off ebay (removes need for bonnet rod) polish Inlet, and when money allows, buy a T304 four branch Manifold and you are then one of the coolest people in your town, Women will flock, lol

    Nice work buddy, Tom

  • admin

    Looking good mate,

    All you need now is to do the IM :)


  • cheers guys!!

    tbh id never even though about bonnet raisers, thats a good idea. have you any idea on the cost of the manifold, i was just going to polish up the heat shield, i saw one on a 323f which looked pretty good.

    IM after my holiday, when im broke and cant go out!

    got another pic today in the sun

    come on the ladies!!!

  • looking shinyyyyyyy! lol

    i love doing thing to my car that costs nothing!!! lol

  • i started on the IM today after work, 2hours got me to this:

    might have to invest in a set of needle files for this one, its tricky!

  • Nice work buddy, i need to get bonnet lifters too. Im just focussing on the engine and weight atm.

    Nice work…...A bit of effort goes a long way :)

  • have you found any yet for the mx3? all ive seen is mx5

  • Hey buddy, any old ones will do, you just drill a hole in the wing and in the bonnet support. Im just going to find some shiny ones off a car in a scrapyard, easy peasy 8)

  • Well I jumped the bandwagon and dressed up the old rocker! Respect to you guys who cbf polishing it! I had a can of high temp paint so whacked it on after a quick wash and sand. Was putting in new gasket anyways…

    Arty shot of my dirty engine:

    Several hours later…

    The spray cap was a dark red but came out orange :lol:

  • Looks great guys, looks like i have started a trend getting everyone doing "easy peasy mods" lol

    How bad are your backs feeling now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Lower your MX 80mm and try it then, lol

  • dam both engine bays look sweet!
    i mite start on mine :lol:

    that polishing job looks awesome considering u didnt take it off, how hard is it to remove it to paint?

    goodwork guys

  • update- i bought some sandpaper! lol ill hopefully start sanding soon, this dam uni report is killing me :cry:

  • started working on my engine bay, spent about 2hrs on it this evening, and dam the tips of my fingers are killing me from using the sandpaper haha ( comeon i do IT lol )
    neways i sanded today with a course 240grit, 2morw ill hit it with the 400, and 1200 grit so it shud come up smooth, also ill prolly use a dremil which shud speed it up.

    ps wish i could just paint it red! but i dont really hvae the ability or knowledge to remove teh gasket :cry: neways ill post some updates once its finished :lol:


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