Ecotek valve

  • I think they do work, not enough to get excited over. The only plus is the V6's run Rich at high revs so a little more air getting in after the AFM cant be that bad 8)

  • if your fitting this to a v6 DONT do wot i just done, and cut your pipe at the bend the thing has a none return valve in there and nub nuts here just cut his right on top of it and spent 1.5hrs getting it out and relocating it back into the pipe….... hopfully im safe tho as its back in on the side it should just alot shortter than before :P

    just have to tune the fecking thing and im fine :)#

    Fingers crossed

  • ooooh,i just fitted mine too…right on the bend:s must have been lucky and missed was rasping when tuning it so im guessin i was lucky :? tell me if u notice any difference in fuel costs whilst ur out and about please leq.its got plenty of good reports but with my car being off road i cant find out for myself :(

  • np m8, check wot side you got it on, coz if your on the wrong side of the value it wont do shit, ill post you a pic of where i put mine and where not to….

    on V6 you should be closer to the engine than the servo

  • well for once i was lucky then:) did it JUST past the bend towards the engine.pic would be appreciated neways tho:)

  • np m8, im gonna take her a test drive just now so ill do it once back


    Have no idea why but images thingy wont work so had to leave them as links

  • hopin i put past the non returnm valve then :? cheers for the pics:)

  • hmm weird noise, ok i know they say these things are suppose to rasp, but it make it sound like there is somthing wrong with me engine, sound almost like taking a ballon, blow it up and pull the neck apart to get that funny squeek noise, is this it just bedding in or does this noise stay all the time, or have i just done somat wrong?????

    it stop as the car idles but when slowing down or braking its there?????

  • in my instructions it says to tighten it just past the point where it rasps,and yea, thats the noise lol:p

  • hmmm looks nice, but is it worth the crapp noise time will tell

  • Sorry to say this but I've had one fitted to my MX for about 3 years and I cant say I've noticed any difference in the amount of fuel I've been using. The only reason its still fitted is because its easier than removing it and fixing the pipe I cut. If the duck fart noise is really annoying you I think ecotek sell a small filter thingy that fits to it thats supposed to muffle the sound.

  • yea,but makin ur own wont cost about £25 for a chunk of polystyrene:D so if no change to fuel usage,anything else improved at all?

  • well not really mate, look pretty thats about it, youll see mine in the video i made today, ill link in my Project page

  • damn…maybe time for it to go back on ebay then,they seem to sell pretty well.£20+ mine was 2nd hand so not even got the pretty aspect of it,it looks old and tatty :x


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