Custom wide arches!

  • guys ok bit of a secret iv been keeping! and for a reason! im a reg dealer with alot of groups around the world when it comes to aftermarket parts, and kits!
    not a good friend of mine owns a belgian group called undercover-tuining
    and if i had intrest he could make me up some arches if it was worth his while!

    i would want an idea of how wide you would like em to be so i have done a poll for you to give me an idea to work with!

    for an idea if u look up his site and look up the it they make for the bmw E36 and see the price! and now think of p&p to ireland from belgium
    he sent me the whole kit over and inc p&p got it to the dublin (irish) docks fir 425 Euro.

    he charged me 30 quid for the set of 4 arches from the new M3 so will give ye an idea! the only problem will be getting him to make em!

  • Please make this happen, we need wide arches and im not waiting for the US as they take ages to get stuff done. I made a post and there are a few others keen on the idea here, so lets get some ideas going in sketch form, nothing too aggressive, just smooth arch extensions…..

    It would only need to be a small 30-50mm arch to look good, any more and the realms of spacers and troubles occur

  • :? to be honest im not sure if id like wide arches… im probably the onli1 here tho lol but i love the back end of the mx3... love the presence it has without bein overstated! altho... i think if there wer somthing made 4 the front end id maybe have a 2nd look. spose ul jus have 2 wait n c wha the response is..

  • I agree, its not so much wide required, a lip extension of an inch would be nice. Im going to do some whatever, the rear is nice but i just want some arches to sharpen the presence of the car from the front….

  • Wider the better, so long as it's smooth! Hate edgy arch extensions.

    If you seen that photoshop I posted you'll get an idea of what I'm after.

    Make it happen dude, it's about the only mod I'm literally gagging for.

  • how much would ye pay? i wont be using this as a price to give him but i know if he is asking too much or if he is giving a good price?

  • ok he said he will make them! but we need numbers! also we have a probblem allreay if u want custom ones! for the mx3
    he needs a mx3 for 2 weeks as they make and mould the kits!

    now there is some problems arrising allready like in bulgaria where the second factory is they dont have any mx3's so they have to buy a mx3 jsut to make the kits!

    so were looking at 300 for the full set of 4 fenders delivered
    so the price is inc.

    buying a car,
    shipping it over to bulgaria,
    shipment to Belgium to ship it to us

    also if it makes you feel better in anyway!
    he is going to make a complete showstopper kit for the mx3
    custom made for us!

    this kit will consist of front bumper
    side skirts
    reap bumper
    and arches

    the terms of this priject are as follows;

    300 euro / set of 4 full fenders when ordered by 10 sets, exw Brussels
    no other costs but advance payment required before starting the project
    full delivery estimated witin 2-3 months

    let me know what u think

  • If we could see a sketch of what they'll look like I'll be interested for sure.

  • and what about the arches?

    they are plan 8-10cm wide arches

  • Sounds perfect. That's what I wanna see a sketch of though, see if they're shaped or just flat arches.

  • Im inteested in arches, get a sketch done of what size etc. Get your friend to load a pic and draw over it so we can see what exact style the arches will follow.

    So is the price 300 EUR or £300?

    Please get sketch up asap, thanks, Tom

  • euro!

  • they dont normally do sketces but will try! they use sculpters in their company to amke prototypes!

    they said if anyone ants to do a sketch of how they would like a kit to look or arches please do them up or photoshop a picture for them and they can take it into consideration when building the parts

  • hey guys do ye want jsut smooth arches or do ye want vents
    i was thrinking Z3 style vents in the front
    and somehting like

    for th rear

  • Would prefer smooth.

  • My quick mess about, ill do some propper pics soon….

    The grey represents spltter/aftermarket bumper profile so it will suit modified/unmodified mx..I prefer this look as it would follow the original lines and still use our mudflap mounts reducing need for lots of holes to be drilled. The arch would best be mounted at the top by sikaflex as the lip will need removing if spacers are to be used on std offset wheels

    Here is a far fetched arch kit, i have the ideas in mind but hard to put to paper, just doodles, anyone else got ideas?

  • they are ok! i know were going for smooth arches but whhat about a bodykit

  • unless you all want the same kit, it would be easier for you to go your own ways about getting a wide arch kit…

    Your going to have to extend the skirts, front and rear valance aswell so your all have to have the same bumpers... :?

  • heres an idea of pics

    any ideas of what ye would change

  • @a5f03e805d=rsroadkilla:

    unless you all want the same kit, it would be easier for you to go your own ways about getting a wide arch kit…

    Your going to have to extend the skirts, front and rear valance aswell so your all have to have the same bumpers... :?

    Kinda have to agree, but there is lots of potential heree. I think just a basic arch kit would be great allowing everyone to branch out into their own style. A bodykit with arches would be a huge job, i like my first pic idea as it can be exaggerated or kept subtle depending on the owners requirements.

    Has your guy come up with any ideas or sketches yet?


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