Pringle_addict's - '93 MX3 V6 - Restoration

  • Hi Johno,

    Local indeed. I work in Cambridge, so you may see the mx round the airport in the future.

    To be honest the standard paintwork comes up beautifully with very little work. The difficult bits so far have been the bumpers, the spoiler and the mirrors. They all seem to be made from different plastics, and respond differently to polishing. The mirrors have gone a horrible colour, so they are due to be re-sprayed (red or black??!? hmmm). The spoiler came up really well (eventually) and I've not spent that long on the bumpers as they are due to be changed (rear) and resprayed (front) anyway.

    The passenger door had been resprayed at some point and this paint was as hard as nails, so didn't correct as nicely as the soft mazda paint. If you are lucky enough to have completely original paint, then full correction should only take a few (8-10) hours of effort.

    I'll get some shots over the weekend and you can be the judge of the results. :)

  • Nice one.

    Well my paintowrk is almost beyond help… some mug did bad respray on some parts years ago, well before I had her, spoiler has worn through to white in patches, and very pale in others, sunroof faded, patchy fading on roof, bonnet wings and doors all fine, however lots of chips on bonnet, as for my bumpers... had a few chips, but used to come up beautifully, however in a moment of madness, allowed the poilish guys at Milton Tesco to clean while I shopped... they did a great job on the mrs' car, so trusted them... fooking power hose stripped paint clean off the bumpers... so they now look like red dalmation!!!! As for my mirrors, christ, looks like someone polished with paint thinner or something!!! If I could afford respray, I would have whole thing blown over, but thats £300 I am not prepared to pay out right now.

  • i have a set of red mirror covers if you want. in great nick.

    yours if u want them?

  • Really? That would be cool.

    Do they clip on to the std mirrors, or are they replacement casings?

    I'd be happy to pay for them though (inc shipping).

  • unfortunately they are the actual housings, so you'd have to take the mirror apart. but if you have patience its not hard!!

    ah your grand, just shipping and we'll leave it at that! and actually you seem to know quite a bit about polishing so if you PM me any info about a good polish/wax etc for the car and best methods, we'll consider that payment!!

  • I need a passenger side mirror badly! Send me your old one PLEASE :D Will pay for shipping ;)

  • wait im confused.

    so is it

    my mirrors to pringle lover


    pringle lovers mirror back to marco?!

  • :lol: something like that! I just need a passenger mirror housing, as some scrote bent mine directly downwards, so my car looks sad :( Don't care about what the paints like, as long as it's not limp and cracked!

  • hay marco if you want i will send you a complet red mirror faded but no bugering about with takeing it apart lol

  • yeehaw! sounds great james :D Send me your paypal and I'll give you whatever £££

  • ok pm me an address and i will try fined a shoebox to put it in then fined out what the postage is

  • Hi Guys,

    Managed to take a few 'after' photos yesterday after work. Hope these give some indication of what's possible with the right tools, and lots and lots of time ….

    Roof - Before

    Roof - After

    Rear Corner - Before

    Rear Corner - After

    Interior - Before (nice mock-wood-effect panelling)

    Interior - After (much nicer!)

    Driver's Door - Before

    Driver's Door - After

    Passenger Front Wing - Before (note overspray from previous door respray is fading at a different rate from the original paint).

    Passenger Front Wing - After (some fading, but an awful lot better).

    As you can see, she's coming up very nicely. Once I get the front bumper replaced (paint peeling) and new Number plates on, I'll post some longer range shots of her in all her glory.

    For those that are interested, I'll also do a 'how-to' guide on the cleaning and polishing processes.


  • Today's jobs completed:

    Wiper arms sanded and resprayed (satin black)
    Front Bumper sanded ready for priming
    Paint obtained from Halfords - Paint Code SQ - Blaze Red
    New Wiper blades bought and installed
    Front seats and mats wet-vaxed.

    Just need to get some filler primer now for the bumper (scratches) and laydown a few light coats ready for resanding. Should be finished one evening this week.

    Will update with more pics when available.

  • sounds good! you and mechanic gotta be the 2 quickest when it comes to getting stuff done to the car! rest of us do it in long lazy bursts of energy!

    well done, sounds really impressive what you've got done so far, cant wait for the pics.

    still waiting on the "Beginners Guide to Detailing" though!!

  • Y thank u.. It's only because the free time i have at work i can get stuck in with my car..

  • wow wish i worked where you work
    its to busy where i work hardly ever get a chance to do anything to my car
    i do mine at weekends and some nights afterwork

  • Didn't get much chance to work on her this weekend, just

    Polished up the painted front bumper - not a great job, temp fix until i know what to do - replace or have painted professionally.
    Installed new number plates
    Gave her a good wash.
    New rubber all round.

    As she will be used mainly by my gf, and only on short town trips, I wanted some 'economic' rubber to put on. In the end I had Roadstone N2000s which after some further reading, turn out to be pretty damn good. At £210 for the lot (tyres, fitting, valves and balance) Im pretty happy. They look quite nice too..

    Will update as they wear in with progress on grip, feel and wear.

  • This weekend was wash and wax weekend before the nasty weather arrives.

    More details here..


  • Looking good :)
    Rims, -40mm, klze, done ;)

  • Yeah, dropping is certainly on my mind - those arches are mahoosive!! Nice n clean, but mahoosive!


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