Uk-mx3 meet POD

  • @62829dca31=kami_no_michi:

    sorting out the eunos for valley plus other stuff.


    hang on you got loads of time yet. start new job on monday, also gotta find out when i get paid weekly or monthly!!!! send us some pics by e-mail would be good for me to think about however!!!

  • hopefully mazota will be going up pod, on road tyres :D haha anyway…

    if it run around 11.8 thats same time as rafi's, he run 10.8 on slicks, u can add a second and abit for road tyres :) should be fun weekend!

  • right… has a club stand ive emailed santa pod about it...

    10 cars come on get ur names down people the more the merrier!!!

    this is the first meet.

  • pod defantly
    1 welly
    2 james

  • to get a club stand we need to buy 5 tickets…

    its 20quid for the weekend... if ur in a jap car..

    if u wanna send me ur money..ill buy ur tickets and meet u in the morning..

    we also have a place then :)

    also sent a email about a banner :D

  • count my other half Phill and the Soarer in too :D


  • is phil going to be on the stand with us?

    trying my hardest to get a vinyl banner done…

    we need 5 people to order in advace aka send all money to 1 person to order tickets...

    then we deffo have a spot @ pod for club.

  • dont look like i will be there on the saturday…

    sunday only with looks of things.

    dad will lose a days wages if he has saturday off..

  • ook
    well seeing as it was my suggestion better get me self down on the list lol
    definately up for this, specially as its a weekend event, mite get a lil chilly tho :D
    defo gonna be there sat and sun, gt some runs down the strip and all
    and was that £20 each or per car

  • ok let sort this out coz theres the list from the normal meet hear as well put your name down hear for pod if we get 10 then we can have a uk mx3 stand at the pod

    1 welly sunday maby saterday
    2 james saterday and sunday
    3 freedom saterday and sunday

  • lucy and phillip?

    come on get names down!..

    hoodies 20.00

    40" x 6" sticker

    banner: sorting it :)

    so get ur names down!

  • Ermmm who's coming? if its 3 people, not even enough for a club stand. + its getting late.

  • If i lived in the UK, i wouldnt miss this for the world …
    Come on guys, get your act together and video-tape your runs :D

  • i'll be there in a rex as my car is gettin a little makeover, if stephan wants i'll drive his over and get him on the stand!! if not i'll be there in a rex, i thing my site (DTDIRL.COM) will have a stand anyway, this is for jap show finale??
    I'll ring stephan tomorrow and find out!

  • and what a makeover its gettin! wait till you guys see this.

    but ye i guess you can come in the boot or something. when is it again?

  • Right people japfest is on the weekend of the 4th

    2 night in travilodge £80 per room [fri,sat]
    Show tickit is £20 adv or £25 gate
    ferrie is estimated @ €240 on ur owen or €280 euro shareing
    [dep 845am fri the 3rd (fast) return 240am monday the 6th]
    from dublin port on irish ferries

    will any of the northern members like to come as you can see its pretty cheap and i'll put ye up for the thursday night and monday night if needs be!! no i'll need to know now to get the ferry at this price there will be a 15 car+ convoy so we wont be on our own, this isgoing to be an unforgetable trip

  • right so im goin too, and rob is but as a passenger. does that still mean only 4 cars?

  • What ya mean 4 cars??? i'll need the 240 asap people i dont mind traveling but to get it that cheap, lads its only 240 plus drink and petrol, we need more cars for the stand!!!

  • well from here there is only me, welly, james and freedom isn't there.

    if im wrong please add to the list:

    1. Welly
    2. James
    3. Freedom
    4. Stephen

    and travel lodge, what a bunch of women
    me and me GF have got the last of our sprint series on sat and then will be making our way up after that and CAMPING!!


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