UK-MX3 Meet

  • Right guys, dunno bout you's but i'm ready for a meet. now as we are spread over a few continents, let alone countries, i was thinking we meet up in wales.

    its kind of in the middle for most of us.

    there was talk of the isle of man before but there wasn't enough interest i guess.

    no ideas on a date yet as we'll need to agree one that suits everyone. sometime later this month or in september maybe?

    so how many of you would be interested?

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    1. Stephen-mx3

    etc etc

  • dont think i would be in. looking into a few options depending on cash. either getting another stripping two down into one. or just getting either a nissan 200 or honda integra type r. :P

  • flip sake its in your country and you cant be assed! Poor show valley! Aye you get your teg and then we'll all laugh as we shoot by in our ZE 3s :P

    Or get your 200sx then you'll still get owned but at least you can drift! That is until you get sr20det death rattle :P

    You just need a better engine ;)

    Seriously though, maybe we should meet somewhere there's a point of interest:
    Isle of Man = infinite speed
    Santa Pod = dragging
    Dyno places
    Silverstone track days
    Jap car show

  • but your a mod!!

    fine! one down. anyone else up for this?

  • Would love to get down to an MX3 meet but just too far away, gonna be like an 8 hour round trip minimum for me i'm afraid..

  • ok, so what about what marco was saying.

    a bash in silverstone or a trip to the isle of man. i'd be up for either!

  • From what i've learnd is that you cant please everybody so dont try stephan, pick a central location, and uk guys dont forget you'll have a bit of a drive but us irish (espically the nordies) have just as long and a boat trip so it wouldn't be a one day thing it'd be best broken over a long weekend and either camping ( great laugh) or hotel (expinsive great laugh)
    The last time i went over to silverstone it was a 5 hour drive from the boat and an hour to the boat and 2 on the boat we camped at silverstone went to the pod the next day then on the saturday set up our DTDIRL stand at jts in silverstone and drove home the sunday, where i crashed a mates car, all in all it was an unforgetable weekend that i'd love to do it again! so stephan if ya need a hand let me know and i'll help out might get a couple of other mazda's to join in ( RX7's 323 GTR's MX 5)

  • sounds good!

    are there any track days/big car shows/big car meets coming up over the next few months so?


    here is the thread for the other site i'm on would all the irish interested please have a look see

  • count me in rob!

  • im up for a meet soon as i get my bumper sprayed and back on and exhaust fited (dule pipe) power flow ss

  • up for this one, where is it
    and traxxx??
    7th september??

  • ok ok ill see what i can do start a new job on 18th of this month so things are going to be tight for a while.

    what you mean by death rattle??? following that not sure what im after at moment trying to get some ideas. not really going for speed now. just want something a lil diff to whats going around here

    if i can find a excellent mx by april and get a ZE shipped over then i will be staying with the mx3. but getting really tempted with rear drive now.

  • fucking wales! thats like 6 hours drive!…9mpg!!! thats alot of money.

  • @3683757380=Welly:

    !@"* wales! thats like 6 hours drive!…9mpg!!! thats alot of money.

    im getting back to 34mpg now i got the cat back on

  • Cat noooo lol…

    exhaust is all welded up :)

    no cats/centre box :D

    hear the turbo spin muhaha

  • i know its alot of money on petrol but like i said us lot comin over the river will be spendin alot more so it would be nice to have a good turn out for the first crosswater uk-mx3 meet, dont forget this is the end of the show season so it would be an epic weekend

  • nottinghamshire is kinda close to everyone, its like 2hour for u dublin lot off the ferry.

    but were ever we go, ill inform dad, get him to bring mazota :)

    be nice to get to know some of you.

    and race the odd klze :P

  • exactly, the costs of my last trip was about 300 in petrol 300 for the ferry then camping/booze/santa pod etc came to 200 but it was and unforgetable weekend

  • so are people up for this?!


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