MAZDASPEED FRONT BUMPER - Corksport offer - 640USD

  • Hey Guys, I emailed POTN being cheeky and asked if we got a Group Buy going on the MazdaSpeed Front bumper

    This was my positive reply…......

    We can do a lot better deal if you want a group buy for 5-10 bumpers
    we can do them for £325 and for 10 or more we can do them for £300. If
    you want to discuss option and pricing for all MX3 body parts please
    call us on 0845 3459755, as most MX3 parts will be imports the more
    orders we take the better deal we can give you.

    Who is interested as £300 is high, but much better than £400. Im sure if we got 5 peeps together we could blag a £300 each price, who is interested as i think its the only front i like.......

    Also remember that it may not have to be the MazdaSpeed front bumper, i guess the message is that any import parts that they buy in bulk they will pass on a share of savings to us,

    so click this -

    MS front Bumper,

    1. Tom

    Do we even have that many members yet? lol

  • admin


    I am up for gettin the Mazdaspeed bumper.

    I think i worked it out to be like £400 to get one from the US! (Still a replica) So the price is good!

    However is it a good fit?

    That is my only worry!


  • I'd be interested in Drift front and sides.

  • the fitment on the erebuni kit should be fine as i THINK its abd plastic and not fibreglass

  • I have been looking at this bumper for a while so I may be in. (No promises yet tho!)
    Just wondering whether the £300 includes postage?

  • admin

    K, im in - providing it fits!

    Yeah how much is delivery?


  • Right i called Austin at POTN, he is the guy in charge of the import side which is expanding at POTN.

    He explained that it wouldnt even have to be 10 bumpers, it can be a mix match of things and so long as the container in California is filled up it will drop the costs for us. He did also say if we cant quite get 10 peeps its not a problem and he will still do a good price.

    The Container leaves California in 3 weeks - and if we want to get the delivery for 7wks we would have to put in in about 2 wks. The fitment is supposed to be good, if you have any more questions cotact Austin and ask away as the number is in the original post, seems a good chap.

    You will also be pleased to know that the £300 INCLUDES DELIVERY 8)

    What are you waiting for? Some ebay bumpers are 200 plus deliv etc so with the stretch you can get something with much more quality, Erebuni.

  • admin

    Right, in that case im checking that site for other stuff!! 8)


  • Thats great buddy, spread the word around as the sooner we get enough peeps the better, Summer is coming!

  • admin

    When you say includes delivery you mean to the door right?

    10 Weeks should be just when I need it!! :D


  • Yes buddy, it is to your door….....

    They ship the stuff over in bulk in a POTN container with your address marked allready and it gets dispatched direct to your door when it arrives..

    Id like the Bumper for Japfest,

    Its not 10 weeks, The Arrivel time in UK is 7weeks away, the Ship leaves California in 3 weeks, its a 4-5week trip for the boat, ouch!

  • erebuni do the same kit for 307 dollers! ex p&p

    check em out!

    maybe its just the dealer page i have that gives me that price but worth a try!

  • If you buy from the Yanks its around $250 - $400 on shipping, it takes weeks to arrive, if anything goes wrong you cant afford to send it back, when it arrives at customs you have to pay £50 - £200 to pick it up, yes you can always try and scam customs and get them to write on the box/forms that its a warranty replacment and cost nothing, but that wont deffinately work.

    Talk to rsroadkilla he imported his kit from USA.

  • buy bulk off em and they will send it in a container

  • Changed my mind, will go for the Mazdaspeed front for 300 but only for 300. And that's a definite.

  • admin

    So that makes 3! only 2 more right?

    Also I agree with Phobea about the cost!


  • Ok, so we have some desire, sweet…...

    Is there any one else that wants to sort their MX3s out????

    You, reading this, Buy something! lol

    Come on Peeps, you reading this, everyone in your town is laughing at your standard MX3! Even the granny next door thinky your OE bumper is for Bongo Players, Buy a Bumper, or something from
    POTN and be as cool as Me, Phobea and Jono!

    Garfy, your cool, you in? lol

    Ok, on a serious note, if you do know anyone who is thinking of starting a modificaton process, this could be a good opportunity.

    The more peeps that want something the better and more the cost can be cut......

    so click this -


  • if i get something when do u need money for and also will one of ye send it over t me?

  • Idealy we will have enough peeps to get the bumpers sorted in 2 weeks, ill call POTN and place my order as will everyone else who does. The delivery is free, you pay and give your address, then the parts come over in a container, and are shipped to you

    Done :D

  • im looking for these

    in kph


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