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  • Hi i'm a newbie to MX-3 so you'll probably get loads of questions over the coming weeks, so sorry to start!! In the short time i've been driving (2 years) I've had 5 cars now and seems to fit my bill. I've had a vw polo, 2x 100nxs, a Saab 900 2.0l turbo SE and now the MX3.

    I picked up my MX3 1.8i V6 (SE i think)
    Did travel 209miles to get it and it has got a few probs and high mileage.

    Here it was the sale on ebay:

    Car made it the long way home! Going 270miles on the way back!
    Car runs very nicely, idles nice and uses no oil! Got 36mpg on the way back too.

    Car is in a major need of a clean, tcut and polish. Interior is filthy, but nice with the half leather.

    I will be looking to deal with each problem one at a time.

    The first major one is that their is a gap in the sunroof seal, can anyone suggest any temp fixes that look better than a bit of gaffer?

    Next is the dent/rust treatment. What do people think would be the best treatment for the arches.

    I'm very happy with the car and when my mechanic gets back from hol i'll get it on the ramps and check it over 100% Cleaning will commense on sat though!!!!

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    Welcome to the UK MX-3 community :)

    Any questions you have then just fire away, most of us on here have had quite alot of experience with the MX-3.

    It looks nice, will take alot of looking after tho being white? lol

    As for the sun roof, it depends where the seal has gone… really you will be better off buying a new seal!

    I have some rust on one of my rear wheel arches too, one of the many projects over the summer this year.. Best advice I can give is to strip it back, clean it up with something like Krust, once that has gone off sand it down - fill any holes with body filler and then repaint!


  • Lucky you!

    It is actually a Special Edition. Only 100 ever made for Europe. You can tell by the leather and suede interior. Just so you know, some of the lads here would give an arm and a leg to get there hands on that interior!

    Oh, welcome!

    It looks decent for a 93, a few knocks but what doesn't?! the engine bay looks clean as well which always helps. and for £450 you cant go wrong! if your willing to put in the effort, she'll turn out an absolute beauty.

    watch this space lads!!

  • Where can I get a sun roof seal from then? as it really is just the seal. There some rust on it where the water has got under the paint from where the seal is I assume. But that'll only take 10 mins to sort out, sand finish and spray up.
    Glad its white, makes spraying/painting so much easier!

  • also you can see its an se by the dizzy and inlet all slightly difrent from the normal k8

  • not the se thing again. lol (have a look about what i mean in previous post) also that dizzy looks excatly the same as mine.

  • well my cars got a difrent inlet and dizy
    mine a 95 plate but made in 93

  • not saying yours not an se at all. just saying mine looks excatly the same as the pic. from what i can work out. the main SE is classed as being white and leather interior. of which mazda has confirmed to me there were only around 100 white ones made.

    however when i asked them to check what mine was as i was getting confused by the dooe infomation they confirmed that there was a number of green and other colour SE's made with the same engine that puts out 143bhp bucket seats etc but not including leather. as the white ones have (around 93-94 plates). thus they said this is why most people think that the white with leather are the only form of SE because there is alot less of them made in production. when there are other forms of SE hope that made sense

    following that no matter what mine is its just being used as an A to B for 9 months now as starting to look for something else. considering a RX7

  • mines not well dont think so its white but no lether in there
    not to botherd ever coz im going malana turbo with around 320 bhp lol
    think my red one i striped was an se felt more powerful untill it went round a conren and mucked up was blase red and there are blase red ses about

  • Straight of Wikipedia:

    Special Editions

    In 1993, Mazda Canada offered a limited Special Edition model of its Mazda MX-3 GS to celebrate the company's 25th year in Canada. At the same time, Mazda USA offered a similar model as a Special Edition as well. Only a total of 2,000 Special Edition models were supposedly made. The special edition MX-3 featured the V6 engine, leather interior (including seats, steering wheel and shift knob), heated seats (Canada only), and custom Enkei manufactured 15 inch alloy wheels. Most special edition models came in the color Raspberry Metallic; however, there were also Blaze Red, Brilliant Black, and Laguna Blue colors available for the Special Edition.

    In 1996, Mazda Europe produced 100 Mazda MX-3 V6 SEs. These had a leather and suede interior, and all had the Clear White body colour. There were also a limited number of Mazda MX-3 V6 Equipes, with Sparkle Green Metallic or Noble Green exteriors.

    So am i right in presuming the white SE has 143bhp?

  • yep SE's have 143 bhp. and as lee said bout other mx3's SE's i driven an 96 mx3 and that had less power from what i felt to mine also. think the SE in other colours were used as like a test for the white versons etc

  • Heres some photos after a gd clean and polish!

    Looks alot nicer after a clean! I'm amazed at how the seats have come up.

  • I really like ya seats, ya did a good job :)

  • wow that is my favorite interior! nice!

    but what happened near the fuel tank door? did you run into something?

  • i am really gathering some money to change my Noble Green MX3, to a white MX3 8)
    I think our car is awesome in white :oops:

  • looks really nice, i had the chance to buy an SE, but it was a piece of shite….

    i want them seats..... lol

    how did u clean your seats?

  • Cleaned up really easy with cheap interior valet spray, brush and cloth!
    Going to get some leather treatment for it too.

    Cars started being a bit hesitant on starting, what could be the problem?
    Once the starters going, it starts going but hesitantly and then kind of builds up and starts properly!

  • Possible low battery voltage or the starter solonoid is sticking and drawing power but not releasing the starter.

    I would check battery voltage first.. :!:

  • well the starting issue has solved itself!
    But I have got another problem :? One that could be abit more of an issue!

    The gearstick is literally falling out of the bottom of the car. It then sits on top of the exhaust. But it you pull it up hard it then return to the original and correct position.
    I think the two rubber L shape mounty things inside the gaitor have worn. Can I replace them - should there be four of the little rubber things?

  • grate time to replace it with a short shift kit


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