Stephen-mx3 - 1993 MX3 V6 Special Edition

  • A little bit bored so i thought i'd setup a project section for when i collect the new car. Im not giving anything away at the moment, but i can confirm, it is an mx3. A rare enough one at that too.

    So what i'll do is give you the plans:

    A new 1.8 engine, For a year or so, only temporary ;)
    Leads, Plugs, Oil change, Engine Flush etc
    New manifold leading to already modified exhaust
    BMC CDA Filter (Just bought off ebay)
    UD Pulley
    Thermobloc Spacers

    Rear strut bar
    Decent Tires
    Green Stuff Pads
    Vented Discs

    Gonna leave it fairly standard. Am going to get a White overspray
    to bring it back to life

    Thats all im gonna give at the moment, give me a few days and ill have some pics up

  • Engine flush wtf, my boss makes me put these in customers cars. Would never do it to one of my own… :?

  • really? how come?

    Maybe i should change the status back to Newbie!

  • Are you getting vented rear discs????? been dying to get them, never trusted Solid brakes.

    Also heres one for you, ever thing of doing a bremo upgrade…..on the rear brakes.callipers and brake lines.... Think it can be done with a bit of heavy welding what you think?

  • sorry, i meant drilled discs, i dont think they're vented.

    i think a lot of us have! apparently the easiest big brake conversion for the mx3 comes from the mx5, please correct me if im wrong lads.

    i dont think ill be going fast enough in the 1.8 to need that much stopping power tho!!

    well, no yet :wink:

  • nice plan cant wait to c what you do to it :wink:

  • On the bottles it says wonderfull things, but in reality when you drain the oil from a car a small percentage sits in casting and oil ways, oil coolers, heat exchanges and other little pockets around the engine. So when you refill with fresh oil you still have a small amount of flush in ya engine, not alot but enough to keep braking down the oil.

    I suggest you buy another gallon of oil instead of a flush, run ya car up drain the oil, refill with new take for a 20 min drive then drain again, you will be surprised of the colour even after this short amount of time.

    We cant put flushes in certain german cars as the flush reacts with the silicone in the gaskets and causes them to swell and leak.

    A friend put one in his car and drove it for 20 mins, ended up putting new bottom end shells in.

    Scares the hell out of me.. :shock:

  • Holy s**t!!

    Makes sense when u actually think about it.

    Thanks for that Mechanic, any other tips would be greatly appreciated!!

  • ya, iwouldnt like to know i did that to my own car, prob feel so guilty ha ha.

    Just about the brake conversion, i know that the MX3 has a trapoizal….spelling not sure off, but it'skinda of a seim lock diff. does the MX5 have the same?

    Is the conversion fromMX3 rear axel to the MX5 rear axel difficult?
    Really want vented in the beck after engine drop...

  • @8d84d51b5d=MDM_MX3:

    Are you getting vented rear discs????? been dying to get them, never trusted Solid brakes.

    solid discs all around is the best braking setup for the mx-3. Unless you have some type of turbo setup with crazy power then there is no need to upgrade to bigger brakes. :roll:

  • I have these with standard pads and they are great…

  • I finally picked her up!

    Flew over to Manchester from Dublin on saturday just gone, did the deal and drove to Holyhead, got the boat back same day. Some experience! She's still on english plates, i have to get that sorted soon enough i suppose!

    And can i say, any of those out there driving the 1.6, thinking i wish i had a bit more power, get the V6! Pulls like a train and keeps going! Because its the SE, it has a bit more power and it definitely knows how to use it!

    Needs a good bit of cleaning, especially the inside, but i like a challenge! Oh, and can anyone (probably Mechanic!!!) tell me if using a Coolant Flush is a good idea or is it the same result as the Engine Flush? Would just using water then changing it again after a day or so make more sense?

    well, here she is:

  • Thats a hell off a ride you got there i'm jealous :cry:

    Coolant flushes, yeah well same principle as the engine flush, but it's easier to remove your entire cooling system of fluid using a hose. I do use em with great effect, flush the system following the instructions then drain and i would suggest just refill with water and run around for 10 - 15 minutes. Again you will be surprised of the colour of the water you drain out, then just re-fill 50/50.

    Good luck and good work +++

  • white MX3 … can i go and clean myself now ? :roll: :lol: :P

  • that looks fricken awesome! Very clean. THose Rota wheels?

  • thanks lads!

    hold onto yourselfs for this one! they are standard Mazda wheels!! i have the wheel caps to prove it! Martin (da_1sane) that sold the car to me told me he went to mazda to get a replacement cap but they had never seen them before. the dealership even sent them to the main office and same story!

  • Those look like my wheels just sprayed black, looks good!!!

  • cheers, thanks!

    oh, one more thing, it has the power folding mirrors! when i found that out, i knew it was the car for me!

  • been a while since an update. not much done to be honest, havent really had a chance. but goin back to college so hopefully that will free up a few more hours!

    install of some ebay gauges in the central vents (needs to be finished)

    some night shots

    putting in the CAI today and still working away on the rocker cover. trying to get it super nice! put a 4 gauge ground wire kit in. well worth it. only took about 45 mins to do and the difference is definitely noticable. getting headlights, brakelights, front clears, front bumper and a "special" spoiler on thursday so some new mods are on the way including modded OEM bumper, black housing headlights with HID and LED's all round!

  • I like how those pics look! oh the mx-3 looks nice too 8)


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