KLZE Swap Technical SI*!

  • You are correct you can use the K8 g/box on the KLZE.

    Start my swap on thursday..

    Good luck with yours.. :D

  • Just to clarify, you do not have to swap your wiring harness even with ODBII*. It will run with your OBDII k8 ECU. There are a few problems, the biggest is tuning it, as kl31/36 ecus are OBDI with 3 connectors, OBDII has 4 connectors on the ECU. You will then need to get a piggyback eg megasquirt or a custom chip/reprogram on your OBDII ecu.

    *if it doesn't work don't blame me :P I've read about 2/3 people on mx-3.com doing it to their USDM OBDII cars, with no wiring harness swap etc. For years everyone thought it wouldn't work but some people went ahead and did it and shattered that myth. OBDI is easier, but OBDII can be made to work just as well with the right approach.

  • Dude you have to continue the tradition and and take step by step pics,
    Best of luck me,


    I have the OBD1 connector. Does that mean the LKZEengine ill get will be fine. If not how will i find out what obd connector my engine needs before buying it

  • I'm quite sure all KLZE engines are OBDI as the japs didnt prescribe to the whole OBDII thing with any KLZE cars.

    So yours has 3 separate yellow connectors? If you PM me your VIN I can look up what model year your car is as a double check if you like. Sounding promising to me though.

    And also good luck mechanic! I'm sure it'll go sweet :)

  • u are right marco but to be honest hes got a perfect excuse just to drop a megasquirt in the car and get rid of that god awfull VAF that robs so much of klze's power.

  • hey lads,

    Thanks marco, but can ya tell me lol What is a megasquirt??????
    Heard it and saw it a few times, dont have a clue…
    An dill send you that tomorrow Marco Cheers

  • To be honest its better to Chip the K8 ECU than get a KL31 or KL36 ECU if you are using the milenia curved neck manifold because then your VRIS points will be spot on. The KL31 / 36 ECU's have VRIS points on them for the straight neck manifold and to fit one of those manifolds you have to do a battery relocation to get it to fit correctly.

    Probinators chip is supposed to be pretty good. Don't buy one off Ebay! Best to check in with the guys at MX-6.com and see who is doing chips at the moment.

    If you are not very clued up about cars sell your MX-3 and buy an OBD1 MX-3.

    Megasquirt is a DIY standalone ECU, and believe me if you are up to building your own Megasquirt system and getting it up and running on your car and then dialing it in properly then you should be capable of swapping the loom over and its a lot cheaper.

    As far as I am aware there are no Chips Available for OBD2 MX-3 ECU'S.
    It would run like crap on the stock K8 ECU.

    Marco: Just so you know an engine is neither OBD1 or OBD2 it is just an engine. It is just the ECU that is either OBD1 or OBD2. But you are correct the MX-6 in japan never came with an OBD2 ECU.

    Nippon: The KLZE I bought from them last, had everything on it but the Dizzy. Cost me £450 delivered.

  • Spot on about the chipping, cheap and better, but doesn't work with all k8 ecus.

    Megasquirt can be cheaper than you think, mine was second hand prebuilt at £100 but can be obtained for £150ish new. Not to mention the rewards for your efforts will be greater- more hp, removed vaf, better economy, launch control, turbo ready etc etc. But yea it's no walk in the park for someone who has never worked with aftermarket systems.

    By that I meant the engine is designed to work with OBDI ecu, my bad! As for it running like crap, it will run rich mainly, what do you think Jono? :P Could probably make it run fine with fine tuning an FPR. We'll see how the americans get on!

  • This is turingin into some conversation lol.

    right so i get this Mechanic Says i can keep my transmittion(gearbox), admin gave me anumber for a place in england for an engine(nippon) and all pumps and dizzy from the K8 will work on the KLZE engine.

    I have a OBD1 ecu port which means i can keep my K8 ecu and just remap it to get the max power out of the engine.

    Now i think ill be getting a ford phrob 2.5 V6 will that have any affect on my installation??

  • yep keep your gearbox
    you can probably get the solder in probinator chip £30
    But incase you didnt know the ford probe 2.5 klDE is not as powerful as klze 2.5
    -lower comp ratio
    -less agressive cams
    -but very close in torque

  • Oh Marco im getting giddy lol. I have a garage to work in now and an enginer avaibable…..Giddy Bang lol

    The lads at Nippon said it to me that there are two engine with the 2.5 cc V6 and one has more power than the other.
    They also said that to identify which is which there are certen markings on the engine to look for, do you know which markings i need them to confirm and where the marking will be.
    Also do you know what type of manifold i am to expect on the engine if it is the KLZE 200bhp?

    AND.................... god lads i've never met a more helpful bunch, Everyone in here are seriously good bunch from Admin and his courtious emails asking if we need anything to chatters dropping their know how bit by bit. This wouldnt be happening so quickly if it wasnt for ye lads.
    right no more Gay sh*t lol


  • How to spot the correct KLZE engine for Engine Swap:

    1.) Check the head codes between the intake runners, one should read KL31-101 and the other KL31-1A1.

    2.) On the top of the throtle body there should be a code stamped, it should read KL68 or KL31.

    3.) It should have Square intake runners not Round ones.

    4.) Most of them have a Straight neck Leading to the Throttle Body. Or Milenia Curved neck. Curved neck is better as no battery relocation needed.

    5.) PISTONS: Pull a spark plug and shine a light down in there to see the top of the piston. Make sure they are flat.

    MARCO: Fancy doing a few How to guides on the Megasquirt, it would really help us all out.

  • admin

    Lol, I havnt been around much and was just browsing this thread when I noticed:


    As for it running like crap, it will run rich mainly, what do you think Jono? :P

    Lol thanks Marco :lol:

    But yeah he is right the ZE + Standard K8 ECU = CRAP!!!

    I have the probinator chip which will I will fit when I get a spare ECU then let everyone know how it works.

    You will LOVE the ZE once installed :twisted: and what these guys say is true, its really easy, everything just slots into place.

    One other note about OBD I & OBD II is that there is a slight difference actually on the engine - I understand that the OBD II cars have a few more sensors which you will need to find homes for.


  • Hey Jono.

    is the prohinator chip like a piggy back ecu?????

    Also lads can i use the distributer fro my K8 1.8 V6 for my KLZE???

  • The probinator chip actually replaces a chip in your ecu. As far as I know you just unsolder the chip put the new one in and solder it back up.

  • spot on admin solder out solder in the new one.

    Megasquirt guide, I'll do my best, I'm still reading up on it atm. It'll be a long guide I'm sure, but the megasquirt manual is in desperate need of simplification. So hopefully it will go well and I can write a minimalist guide, which takes only the info we really need. Hopefully get some maps done too…

  • Anyone know where i can find specs on these ecu's?????

    Also as above can i use a K8 diz on the ZE motor?

  • I did my swap 2day and used the K8 dizzy on mine and its fine..


    Is the probinator chip only for the ZE or can it be used on the DE and K8 with a desirable outcome?

  • @c4cf585d30=Stephen-mx3:


    Is the probinator chip only for the ZE or can it be used on the DE and K8 with a desirable outcome?

    I would say only use probinator for the ze since it matches up the vris points - you can also use a kl31 or kl36 ecu with the ze but it tends to run rich since the vris points are not matched up… the k8 ecu is correct for the k8 and for the de, the kl01 ecu and kl02 vaf is the correct combo

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