• mornin all:) … kinda lookin 4 a manual on the 1991 1.8 v6 model . tried a few places but they tellin me ther isnt 1. any help wud b mostly appreciated :)

  • You need to search for the Chilton manual mate, it's the only one I know of! Haynes never did one but the Chilton is 'Haynes Approved'.. you can find them on eBay or Amazon!

  • dudes. might be able to help with the manual thingy in about two weeks. a mate of mine should be getting one of the offical mazda repair guides. that they actually uses at their service centres. depending on how much i have to pay for this and if i can copy it to other cd's i should be putting them on ebay. for a small fee.

    following this will see if there is any way i can post it somewhere on net requiring password to get it for us lot on uk-mx3( sod the yanks) lol

  • :D good stuff troops.. u wer right about amazon. ill wait n c if these cd`s get up n runin 1st tho lol… thanks 4 the help. its strange that haynes dont do the manual tho dont ya think. i was in halfords and they hadnt a baldy... they told me that i should contact mazda lol... eejits. neways ta u lot :)

  • i wont know about for theses cd's for two week till i get home from uni for easter. but will let you know as soon as i find out.

    however somewhere on here there was a pdf was a manual of some sort sort. that appears to be scanned in to pc.

  • I'm pretty sure that the one they use at the garages is the Chilton one in the link I posted before. It's very comprehensive. Might be different with Mazda Dealerships maybe but all of the garages I've spoke to mentioned the Chilton.

    I guess the reason Haynes never made a manual is because there weren't that many MX-3s sold in this country, probably couldn't justify the expense of putting it together. Do Haynes do one for the MX-6 do you know? If they do that would be fairly similar. Steer clear of the MX-5 one though.

  • :idea: :D good shout phebea, chilton do 1… retails @ £17.99 +pp. not sure about the mx6 tho... orderd it there now... cheers :)

  • sori bout the mispelt name lol… its earli n am tired :oops:

  • yea, i'm ment to be gettin the mazda dealer one

  • i think posting the cd`s on ebay is a good thing too tho… seems 2 b pretty hard 2 get the haul onmanuals if ur like me n dont have a clue. id still buy it like! :wink:

  • Yeah I'd much rather have the book though personally, I wouldn't like to have to refer to my PC every time I needed to check the manual.

  • The chilton manual covers lots of cars. MX-3 MX-6 Ford probe 626 and 323 I think. I have a copy and it's pretty vague. Not comparable to a haynes but still useful to have.
    The computer copies I've seen are what's called workshop manuals, which are very useful so-long as you're pretty competant with cars. They're more of a reference guide rather than step-by-step instructions for certain tasks and they're more maintainance focused rather then how to remove the interior etc.
    ( a copy can be found on under the technical information heading on the left side of the home page)
    Found a copy of the '93 wiring diagrams which are different to that of the workshop manual (seemed more accurate for my car anyway!) which I could email to a couple of people but it would be better if it could be hosted on this site??

  • Is there anywhere you can buy those Workshop Manuals? Viewing them on the PC seems a right pain.

  • I know what u mean but they're 1000+ pages so if you can get hold of them, they're not gonna be cheap! Good luck tho mate!

  • admin

    Buy a cheap printer & lots of paper, or print it at work!! lol :lol:

    Seriously tho, I have a copy of the service manual in PDF, if anyone wants it give me a shout and we can arrange it. (It is over 45Meg!! :shock: )


  • I'd love it mate.

    Send it over to my email (phobea AT via DropSend if you can:

  • admin


    Will do when I get some time… :)


  • yup same here jono… i`ll take ur 45megs lol. got my chilton 1 orderd last week but all info is good info. :) ..... need 2 use some of my 500gigs anyways lol

  • 1993 wiring diagram
    (I found it very useful for my central locking)

  • 1995 Workshop manual


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