Project az-3

  • Decided to start on project mx-3 today , so I (tried) to clean the engine to the best of my abilities , even tho it hailing and thundering like crazy !

    lets start with the car as it is now: Its a AZ-3 1.5 dohc

    I'm hoping to put on a veno design kit

    and change the tail lights to black lexus lights
    also I plan to get a paint job of either grey with an orange fade coming up or black with a dark blue fade coming up.

    so far I've changed the dash from this
    to this
    which include all new speakers, dvd player with 3" screen, standalone 7" flipout monitor and 500 gig media player.

    I attempted my first engine clean today and heres how it went
    half way thru
    and finally with some kind of shine

    I'm gonna buy some new leads for the engine tomorrow and clean it up some more .

    My plans for the future include custom all leather interior, painted dash, new 19" alloys, carbon fiber hood and boot, and eventually
    a 2.5 KLZE swap.
    Its going to be a VERY long project, but I cant wait to finish .

  • Fair play, it sounds deadly,
    but i cant see!! pictures aren't coming up for me

    (is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?)

  • i can see the pictures and u putting a KLZE in it???? i would source out a BP-T its a hell of alot a cheaper as u got a 4cyl engine. doing the v6 swap would be a nightmare.

  • sorry if people cant see the pics, don't know why that would happen, I can see them on here even if I'm not logged in.

    above is (hopefully) a link to my bebo page with all the pics on it for anyone that cant see them on here

    @ kami the engine swap wont be for a Very long time when I can afford to do it and afford the insurance cost as well.

    (it prob should be noted that this is my first car, well my second really but I only had the other car for about 3 weeks so I dont consider it counted)

    so I'll be learning as I go along , sorry in advance for any stupid questions I may ask.

  • the images for some people will be blocked if their PC has bebo blocked like many unis and office networks - which is hosting your images.

    And yea man get a BPT! or just another mx3 when you feel like swapping. BPT put out crazy power. Or turbo your k8, good for 200+bhp, almost wish I went this route sometimes!

  • And last but not the very least the man with no plan it's DAN

  • Cheers for the pics Rob, (spot on Marco i'm on office Pc)

    Fair play Dan she's looking real clean,
    The paint work looks spotless

    Did you get rid of your stock airbox??
    you seem to have plenty of room that side of the bay

  • do you mean the filter? its halfrauds shiniest induction kit. lol.

    the paintwork is in bits. I'd like to thank the good people at auto glym for selling a product that allowed me to make it so shiny . thanks to rain and an overhead tree that night tho, the car was filthy the next day.

    rob I'm gonna kill you for putting up that last pic. :evil:

  • Our cars must have been brought over from japan at around the same
    Mine's a '94 Az-3 Reg 43757 (with the shittiest painwork no amount of autoglym could make look good)

  • looking real good dan, good job.

    Some photography rob!

    Are either of you 2 going to prodrift sat or sunday?

  • no I'm not, take lots of pics tho. where's it on? how much to go? I've got nothing to do for the weekend , but I'm broke also :(

  • @3108ae62c7=daauneal:

    OH WOW you have the most rare of all mx-3/eunos/az-3 HVAC controls!


  • Mr eggs please explain

  • Mr eggs, hvac :? what :?

  • awesome car looking great!

    and i'm confused on the hvac controls also they look like the normal 92-93 ones i thought the pushbutton ones are more rare?

  • heating ventilating and air con

  • would also like to point out his fuel gauge….....

    ITS FULL!!!

  • i have push buton controles

  • @dccda1930a=aiden:

    would also like to point out his fuel gauge….....

    ITS FULL!!!

    I do drive it, dont worry. :lol: if it makes you feel better its only got a 1/4 tank left now. but I'll fix that at some point today.

    actually, seriously tho the temp gauge beside the fuel one has never moved,
    so I will have to get that fixed.

  • Both mine have push buttons. Seem pretty common!


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