White Fog lights?

  • Hi guys, is there any way to make our fogs white instead of that yellow colour? I saw an mx3 with fogs on and they were not yellow. I unscrewed it to clean up and there seems to be a yellow film inside which doesn't want to come off. Awkward to get to aswell.

    Also whilst on the subject of lights has anybody tried those LED head light kits off ebay? They look to be a bargain but doesn't everything on ebay!

    I like my lights (Xenon pure ice white) they look blue until when on and then they are white but one of mine keeps going. It will come back on and then go again. The connection is fine but the filament is broken. They were £20 a pop. I never ever have to use high beam and I live in the sticks. I basically want the same power, still white but LED so they last longer. Don't fancy paying hundreds for halos though.

    Im also considering one of those stick on, flat 3 LED's for under the door handles. My MX3 is red and that would be the obvious colour choice but I think blue might be affective aswell. Cant see where I would run the wires though and I would want them to come on when I unlock the car not just when I put my lights on. Just incase they are illegal Im thinking I should wire a switch aswell so I can turn them off if plod asks.

  • hey,

    can you post up a link to these headlights?

    i put in a strip of LEDs in my headlights, on the bottom of the lense.

    ill be putting up pics when i get a project topic up.
    They look mint!!!

  • These are them on ebay:- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/XENON-SIDE-LIGHT-LED-MAZDA-MX5-MX3-323-626-RX7-8-121-W_W0QQitemZ260217407967QQihZ016QQcategoryZ72233QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

    There are a few sellers with them. Only white are street legal. I think they are what wizzbit is talking about over in the general discussion here:- http://www.uk-mx3.com//forum/viewtopic.php?t=1090

    For under a fiva and only £2 shipping I think they seem a steel. I think I got it wrong though. In the pic they show a renault clio and the lights are all in the same headlamp our sidies are seperate.

  • the lovely MOT chaps failed my brother on having those white leds for sidelights. Though said if he went round to the garage and put bulbs in and came back and showed him theyd pass him. and they did…

  • I can't see what the problem is so long as they are white. Red tape galore! So its worth keepin me old bulbs in the glove box then if I decide to swap.

  • @0250464377=mafadecay:

    So its worth keepin me old bulbs in the glove box then if I decide to swap.

    I thought that's where we are ment to keep the one random glove! :lol:

  • I actually dont like anything much in my glove box & I don't have one random glove but lots of odd socks I could stick in. I think Ive got a pen that doesn't work, a pound coin - if the kids aint swiped it, some sparky tape & a mcdonalds toy in mine. I will keep the bulbs in the small compartment to the RHS of steering wheel. I got a few bulbs in there already. I figure there is less room for them to bash about and brake.

  • i keep my standerdsidelights on that litle shelf in the arm rest box thing

  • mine are still in the lamp holders. I must get my finger out and do stuff :oops:

  • That little shelf in the arm rest thing is pretty useless. I used to keep herbal tablets in there until all the sugar came out the pack and caramelised in the bottom. Now its pretty much redundant. I wouldn't be able to have my spare bulbs on show like that. I like all clutter locked away bechind a cupboard door. Pretty much like my wardrobe, I can't fit any clothes in it though.

  • Mine are nicht the same as them there foggys!!! The seller says they are sidelights. They look like fogs to me. I got no bracket thing on mine unless i have and can't get to it behind bumper. Im just gonna drill my own rivets out and take off yellow lens so mine will be white. Thanx all the same. Can't see the point of buying new when I can do mine for freebies.

  • oi!

    stay away from those! im the highest bidder at the moment!!

  • ommmm just to say been watching this for last few days before was posted up on here. good luck!!!! :D

  • i won them!!

    hard luck valley! I wanna put 2 different sets of LED's in them.

    Yellow: For when i feel in a Japanese mood

    Blueish/Whiteish: For when its foggy!

    I really should put some pics up of my car, i havent even set up my project page yet.

  • lol its ok actually missed the auction as went to look at another mx3 today. still in two minds about either buying and stripping. buying tart up a lil and sell on. but if neither of these happen bloke said i get first dibs on parts. hehehe white non rusty fogs 5 :D

  • ooooh!!!

    just you wait till im finished with those bad boys!

    they will b officially the most bad ass foglights known to uk-mx3!!!!

  • from waht you said erlyer they sound prity cool
    cant wate to see them

  • lets just hope it works out.

    ill be scouring ebay for sets of cheap yellow and white LED's! but its cool, cause ebay is brilliant for LED's!

  • if these fogs work out with how you want. with up a how to post it up as a sticky and ill move it to correct section


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