Getting headlights apart

  • right then I have a cunning plan but I need to get my headlights apart! what do I Need to do to separate the lense from the housing?

    and do any nice souls out there have some going free (they don't need to be working)?

  • ive only done this on vectra fog lamps but i guess its the same…

    you need a heat gun and something to cut the glue, warm up around the edge of the glass then start prising/cutting the glue away. be carefully you can brake the glass if you prise too hard :wink:

  • hmmmm I've not got one of those but a friend does. sadly he's 170 miles away grrr.
    guess its going to have to wait a bit longer

  • ok, im going to patent this idea before someone steals it on me!

    i plan on putting in an LED strip in each of my headlights a lot like the Audi A5 and aston martin AMV8.

    Feel free to copy though!!

    Oh, and if anyone knows of anyone selling the glass headlights, i would happily purchase them. mine are yellowed up to the max!

  • lol just as a teaser…...

    .......I'm not doing that lol :wink:

  • waht are you planning ?
    some type of projecter / angle eyes ?

  • not something so simple :twisted:
    what I need is a set of lights a few weeks with some tools and some thin wires two glass tubes filled with some gas about 10 inchs long. oh and some thing to keep it all in place when done :P

  • aah, some neon tubes? very nice.

    i cant wait to get started on mine. im thinkin of putting some amber leds in the silver corner of the headlight as well. it looks like there is some room there. could look cool.

    then im gonna put an led conversion into the fogs.

    if you cant tell, i like leds!

  • good answer

    but neon tubes are to thick and not bright enough for my plans but good guess though :D
    its not going to be happening till after my mot and tax end of april.

  • you might be better doing the honda civic projector light conversion and then attaching your leds to the glass of them.

    as by placing items on the inside of the glass of the lights we have now will certainly mess up the beam and spred of the lights. of which would be mot fail. i would say its like if you have a crack in the glass. if it hampers the beam and adjustment your screwed.

  • so glad I'm not doing leds to glass :wink:

  • maybe.

    but im just not a big fan of the civic projector conversion.

    but thats just me. well, im buying (hopefully) a seperate set of lights that im gonna put the leds into, so i can just swap the old ones in when it comes to the NCT(our MOT).

    I dont think our NCT is as strict with the lights as yours, as long as it points at the kerb, its all good. ill do some research tho.

  • there is a method to heating the headlight in your oven to break the seal around the glass - I've been too scared I might melt the housing.

    I was going to paint the inside of the lamp black and keep the back chrome part chrome of course….

  • i did this a few weeks ago, worked out fine.

    I was told it would only take 7 or 8 mins in the oven at a very low temp. to make the bond pliable enough to seperate the lense from the housing but it actually took about 12 or so at about 110 degrees celsius.

    worked perfectly in the end. i didnt even need other bond cause i just heated up both parts again and squished them together!!

    been a few weeks and still working perfectly, pics to follow

  • i'm sorry Stephen but i'd rather play it safe and bein honest i forget about it most of the time!!! but it does look nice man!!!!

  • well when my brother changed some lights on his 300zx, he put them in the oven for ten mins, it works!!!

  • oh and if you look through ebay you can get some audi led things…..

  • @20a0e72384=aiden:

    well when my brother changed some lights on his 300zx, he put them in the oven for ten mins, it works!!!

    just don't do what I did.
    I got distracted by my dogs and the lens melted. grrrr

  • why dont yo do it with the proper glass lights ?

  • mine wasn't an mx it was a buell :P


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