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  • Hey all i have been scanning this forum for over a year now. Decided to sign up and share my project with ya all.

    I have a K-reg 1.8 gs.

    First of all i fell in love with the reverse plasma dials so i grabed some of e-bay, but what a pain to install as the needles are non removable.

    Then it was an induction kit, fitted new belts and plugs.
    New sports brakes on order…Should be here next week.
    Installed mesh over front rad as i did not like to leave it exposed to stones etc. Removed those horrible yellow lenses out of my front fogs. Oh and fitted spare bonnet for track days.

    Stripped out the interior and welded a rear strut bar acroos the top suspension mounts, put in 4 point harneses.

    Custom rear exhaust, currently making de-cat pipe.

    This is the day i got it, will post some pics later of what i have done.

  • sounds good
    as for pics up load them on photo bucket and coppy the img code and paste in in a poast
    looking forword to seeing it
    and welcom to forums buddy

  • looks like a nice ride 8)

  • looking good:) Nice Reg too for the engine :D

  • Yeah the reg kinda ties in nice dont ya think lol.

    I have been looking about for an oil cooler, but can only find very expensive ones. Do you know if you can use one of a different car ie an MX6.

    Cheers.. :)

  • wow how often do you take it to the track? do you autocross?

  • I take it as often as i can, well when i have the money lol. I used to have an Impreza but sold that a few months sob sob :(

    Fitted my performance rear brakes today, also changed the fluid to DOT 5.1 so less chance of fade.

    Put a couple of new tyres on the rear, and removed my front fogs as i dont want to have to buy any more.

    Next track day is in April, this one is on an airfield near Norwich, with a 3-4 mile track and a 1 mile straight.

  • gota custom made rear cage that would look good in that :lol:

  • are those the full lether seats ?
    i want some :(

  • No unfortunatly they are only part leather seats, goona fit my my new front brakes today so should have dam good stopping power…

  • would even like half lethers

  • @67f5919a3b=james:

    would even like half lethers

    like my half leather seats back ones have a bit of leather and the fronts don't lol its a bit bizarre

  • My brakes are all bed in now, stop very well but they are bloody noisy.

    Had a slight exhaust blow on my rear can so decided to weld it up, so put the car on the ramp and noticed that my centre section had also fractured so i went ahead and repaired them both.

    Looked at my CAT and it had melted inside and had blocked most of the flow, which i used as a good excuse to knock the monolith out.

    Sounds really nice a peek revs now..(rev counter revs over 8000 rpm sure thats not right, got 70 out of second?) will have to try and post a sound clip.

    These are the discs i ordered very good +++ Just incase any one wanted a cheaper option.

    Also diagnosed rev problem it was a ECU fault managed to get one off e-bay for £1.50 so hopefully be here soon…

  • Fitted ECU and it behaves it self alot better, had to replcae my PCV valve as it was worn and casuing funny idling. Only a few more works till track day will try get some good photos

  • Done me track day had a great time, i thought my MX3 was good on the road, but on the track it is awsome.

    Had a few good battles, overtook on the straights VR6 Golf, 2.5 vectras, xr2i's, 3.0 Senators. To name but a few but it was in the bends that it really shined. :twisted:

    These were nearly new at the start 250 miles of track time and they were a bit scrubbed. :lol:

    This was the layout of the course a little over 4 miles long.

    Had to tape up me headlamps didnt want any stone chips, looks like a bug…...

    Me on the track, had a few more but they were blurry, got a couple of vids just trying to work out how to get of me digi cam.

  • that looks like a completely different colour in the last pic!

    you did a good job to overtake a VR6!

    how much did the whole day cost including track time, petrol etc.?

  • is that still with the k8 engine or with a 2.5 ltr swap

  • I followed the VR6 round the corner and managed to overtake with exit speed, luckly my girl friend was my co-driver who was showing me what lines to take.

    It cost £70 for the day got about 4 hours on the track with open pits. Used 60 litres of V-max.

    Still the standard K8, but in negotiations with wilko for his lump so hopefully in the next couple of months should be running a KLZE. :D

    At 4.20 you see me on the left trying to keep up lol.

  • wow that skyline is FAST! once you get a klze you will see a huge improvement :D

  • @8e2571cf4c=Mooneggs:

    wow that skyline is FAST! once you get a klze you will see a huge improvement :D

    There were a pair of works supras there both running massive power they were doing 180+ on the straights. They sounded like jet engines when the turbos were spooling up.



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