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  • Have done loads over the past two years…...

    Started with the K8 1.8 and loved the sound, due to a worn valve stem i decided looking around and found Nippon Spares...They had never heard of a KLZE so i got a guy there to look it up. If you call Nippon ask for Ian as he is the guy who knows the engine. I said i wanted a J -spec 2.5 (KL-31) ZE so 2mths later i got it. I also found contact on ebay and he supplied me with the KL31 ECU :) As for the rest it was a trial and error learning curve. Things have realy taken off with the MX3 in the last year or two so lets hope things keep progressing......

    Here is a list of what i have done......

    J-spec engine (KLZE) 2.5v6 10:1cr (200bhp)
    K8 (1.8) 16Lb Flywheel
    running 1.8 (K8) gearbox - B&M Shifter
    6 paddle clutch
    Underdrive Pulley
    MS8 Inlet Manifold and KL61 T/B - not yet fitted
    T304 - twin 3 branch manifolds, Downpipes, Full SS exhaust, 5" slash cut exit
    Taipan closed carbon Fibre Induction kit, exiting to a scoop on the wing
    2 x Mocal Oil Coolers - 7row P/S and 13row for engine oil - recent
    Iridium Plugs and Leads
    Koni Adjustable Coilover setup
    EBC discs and pads
    H.I.D Headlight's
    17" O.Z Superleggeras
    RPI Shogun Spoiler
    My self modified Rear lights - one off's i made - see pics......
    Customised Bonnet with vents - My one off design......
    MOMO Millenium wheel
    Velour Interior
    7" DVD on dash
    Alpine 9812 and Infinity sounds :D

    Im also awaiting the complete 2.5 ZE BB Turbo Kit..........

    Id recommend the ZE convesion to anyone with an MX-3, it transforms the car to how it should be and sounds great like the K8 but deeper and more throaty. See below.......

    Here are YouTube Vids of the car 8-)

    (MX3 v's TVR 450) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_qIXvzk58g

    (0-100 dash) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvi1j_zYjSM

    Here are some pics, firstly the rear lights i modified, looks great in the pic they are just singles on each side but i rewired them recently so i have twin's, better pic coming soon.....The other pics are just the car as it is now :D If any of you have any questions fire away, thanks, Tom

  • about time you arrived!!! lol

    Lookin cool as evcer dude :)

  • Very nice mate, love the ferrari style rear lights and obviously massive props on the ZE. Got any more photos of the engine bay? Curious to see what manifold you've got and your air intake looks very interesting.

  • nice lookin motor you ve got there, not too sure about the bonnet tho.

    may i ask how low yourcar is and where you got your setup from?

  • One other thing, where'd you get your Koni Adj Coilover setup for and how much it knock you back in total? I can't find coilovers in the UK for the life of me.

  • Hiya Guys, the Bonnet is one that grows on you,

    As for suspension its a custom job, ring any company for anything over 40mm drop and you are wasting your time.

    After much research i discovered Koni do 15point Adjustable Damping Inserts for the MX3. So with cutting the originals open, and drilling the retaining bolt hole in the bottom of the shock housing, I had the inserts in.

    I then bought a Dropzone Coilover setup. On the standard shocks this will be absolutley pants!!!!! The kit comes with an Aluminium topmount bearing for the front and some grub screws for holding the coilover sleve in place…DO NOT USE THOSE!!!! As they are no good. Instead weld in a collar to support the coilover sleve and tack welds to stop it rotating. Use Metal weld as a packing hardener to stop and vibration as the rubber rings perish.

    It is a very easy thing to do but dont rush and just use the kit supplied as it is creaky and nowhere as near safe as should be. I did drop my suspension 4" and it looked great, but due a bashed sump i raised it again untill i get an aluminium sump guard down there...

    I have done so many things to the car, any more questons or help wanted fire away.......

    My intake isnt fantastic at the mo, i have still got MS8 I/M to fit, but may be going with 6 x GSXR T/B's soon with standalone.....

    Hopefully be done for Japfest but if not im sure ill be in attendance :)

  • nice motor, love it! i am putting 17" alloys on my mx3 with 215 45 17 tyres, will they fit or would i need spacers?

  • as long as the offset is no more than 40, you shall be fine!

  • Hey, Update, Iv stripped the interior, got rid of all interor stuff from behind the front seats and backwards. Even taken out the rear washer bottle, Yeaaa Extreme! lol

    Next are doorcards and also to replace windows with Perspex ones, im going to weigh everything so i can say exactly how much weight reduction my efforts have lead to….

    I cant find anyone that will do the rear window, its so heavy!!! At least 20kg alone!!!! Ill get some figures asap

  • For a new rear window piece of glass its over £900, so keep hold of it as their very hard to get hld of should you ever need another piece of glass!!! lol

  • Cheers Bruce, there are always hatches going on Ebay so no biggie…..Im just doing the side windows for now and if feel the need ill look aound further still. I didnt know but Mazdaspeed did do a rear window some years ago for the MX so im looking into that. Its a bonded rear window so wouldnt have to be too accurate as the trim would loose in-tolerances of +/- a few (mm)

    Here are some pics of the rear stripped out 8)

    Seriously need a rear strut brace, looking for a nice chunky polished Alu one in the next few weeks, any links?

    Im going to cut flat sheets of carbon fiber for the doors and just have a Flat piece covering all the holes etc 8)

  • I don't usually like stripped interiors but you've actually made it look quite good somehow, nice one!

  • http://corksport.com/store/category/53g3/mx3-suspension_misc.html

    Third down and its canadian dollars again! :lol:

  • seriously stripped :P

    How ya find it? I used to love it when i had my colt gti. Was completly stipped and caged and you could hear every stone hitting the underside of the car! lol

    Have you thought about maybe battery relocation and a fuel tank in the rear?

    Battery relocation is pretty easy to do but is uber cool when its sat behind the drivers seat! :p

  • I want the battery behind the Passenger as it will even out weight. I have bought the Front and Rear Corksport Strut Braces, they look lush… Just got to wait for them now 8)

  • let us know what the fitting is like on the braces when you get them esp for the front. as once my swap goes ahead i will need extra support there

  • Where'd you get the braces mate? Post some photos I'm looking for some nice meaty braces myself.

  • Thanks to Micromark!!


    They work out at £101 delivered to UK i think with Air Mail 7-10day

  • No bother mate. Just ordered up my set aswell.

  • Cool, they are out of stock until the 24th of this month :( so will have to wait a while….....


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