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  • This web site is getting a bit lonely,I occasionally check it out ,and find it rarely visited,I know us mx3 owners are thin on the ground,but the few of us left ,need to communicate,via the web site .
    Perhaps there aren't as many of us as I imagined , checking the DVLA web site there a few left in existence,I think that my special edition is only 1 of three left on the road ,I hope this website can survive for a few more years ,

  • Hi Mushman
    I agree with you and like yourself i occasionally check it out.
    I also own a Mazda MX3 SE which i cherish. Its only used during the summer months.

  • I am still keeping my 1.6 auto on the road all year round. It is only used for pleasure but I can use it anytime and ensure I do so at least once a week!!

  • Hi guys my MX is only used in the summer months ,it's wrapped up during the winter .I know that's probably not what they were intended for ,but living in rural Norfolk where the winter roads are horrendous,muddy wet , deep surface water sometimes icy ,it's not the place to drive a cherished possession,if you want it to last

  • Just an update, I fitted a new battery this week and replaced the coolant after a thorough flush and clean of the system. All good and now I am happy to use it on dry days for local routes. It currently has 68000 miles and I don't want that getting out of hand but still I use it regularly to keep it up to spec!!

  • @mushman Hi Mushman
    How many miles has your SE done. Out of 150 there,s not many left!
    Mine is kept covered for the winter then out in the springtime to enjoy.

  • @mickthemaverick Hi Mick
    Nice to see your looking after the MX3 there getting a rare car now.

  • They certainly are, there are more V6's around but my 1.6i Auto is becoming quite a rare beast no doubt. I wish I still had a covered home for it but it has to live under the cover in the road as the other half has her Celerio in the only garage we have. I also have a Subaru Legacy which is my daily driver and that doesn't even get a cover!!

  • @special-edition
    Hi my SE has done 140k and runs like a dream ,I did have an ignition problem,which turned out to be a faulty relay,only after buying a brand new distributor,It has passed the last 5 MOTs without a problem.It loves Lucas petrol additive

  • @mushman Their wonderful engines and with regular oil changes it helps with the higher miles.
    I wonder who got the third SE that,s registered.

  • @special-edition
    I have not seen another mx3 for years ,My mx3 has the SE on the model plate and has full leather upholstery,but is silver ,I thought that there weren't many or even any silver ones made .

  • @mushman You may have the Mazda dealer SE where they offered the new owner with optional extras such as full Connolly black leather interior.
    Possibly upgraded Clarion RDS audio system with CD.
    Some put an SE badge on them.
    There was also the Mazda MX3 "Equipe" built in limited numbers finished in Noble Green Mica.

  • @special-edition
    Hi thanks for your reply,There is manufacturers plate riveted to the car with all the details engine number chassis number,and model SE ,it looks genuine.the car has ABS brakes ,aircon ,all leather interior, including steering wheel gear leaver and hand brake also the original tape player ,
    I assumed it was an SE

  • Hi that,s interesting.
    On my Chassis/Engine number plate screwed to the bulkhead in the engine bay there,s no reference of it being an SE.
    But there is a Decal on the drivers side door pillar stating the words"Special Edition"
    It,s a 1993 model.
    Make,s an interesting debate and maybe someone else in this club could share more light on it.

  • @special-edition
    Thanks for your response,there is the usual plate in the engine bay ,but another plate riveted on the door sill ,I didn't add that it is a 96 model and I guess it could be towards the end of the production run ,it also has airbags and the Mazda immobiliser system .It was originally purchased from a dealer in Yarmouth by a lady ,and its stayed in Norfolk all its life

  • Hi
    It,s been great having a comparison discussion about our "Special Editions".
    Im hoping to attend a show with it during 2024 as i have never seen one being displayed before.
    Best Regards!

  • @special-edition
    I did a local motor show last year ,the guy who organised it said when I arrived what is it ,then later when I parked it and opened the bonnet,the same guy said to me "it's got a V6 engine did you fit it ? "
    I am not going back next year .
    I bought it 5 years ago off eBay very cheaply ,the guy who advertised it put a buy now price on it ,It was local so I rang up about it ,and the guy said I have someone coming to look at it today ,I said so what if I or anybody else buys it now , obviously the guy didn't understand how Ebay works .The prospective buyer didn't turn up ,and I got a call from the seller ,I said I'll buy it right now .I picked it up and drove it home ,it was MOT'd and it had some tax,there was full service history,Two weeks later the seller and two friends came to see me and asked if he could buy it back.Last year my wife drive it to Yorkshire to assist my sister in law selling my late brother in law's Mini,a guy arrived in a Jensen interceptor ,saw the MX and enquired who's it was .,my wife said its my husbands ,to which the guy replied I'll give you 5 k for it now ,I still have both .

  • @mushman What a great story!
    You had enough foresight to realize a bargain of an underrated modern classic.
    The Mazda MX3 range can never be overshadowed by the rivals. But it,s certainly out numbered.
    I often look at the "Classic" glossy magazine,s for reviews or comparison test,s but have only seen one group test around three year,s ago!
    And it came out top!

  • @special-edition
    I had originally the 1.6 automatic mx3 but it got written off ,I liked it so much that when this one came up I grabbed it .I have become a bit of and addict ,I have a very rare diecast model of a mx3 ,I also regularly trawl through eBay and have bought some parts that are almost impossible to get easily,I have a pair of mirrors,a pair of rear lights,a headlight,a spare distributor,and two rear calipers ,and other bits ,I replaced the rear shock absorbers and rebuilt the front brake calipers as one was sticking,and replaced the distributor ,apart from that its ok I do get the occasional sticking tappet but thats down to not getting nice long runs.

  • @mushman Ive owned my SE for nearly ten years now and also have a healthy NOS Mazda parts collection.
    I was so lucky to get as new headlights with the chrome reflector base as fitted to the early MX 3 rather than the normal silver base headlights.
    Finding NOS parts on ebay now is getting a bit thin on the ground but my local dealer is pretty good at getting what i need.
    Looking forward to getting out in it again when spring arrives!


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