Jamess new mx3

  • sidelights much better. rear lights look great! Black altezzas really suit white mx3s.

    I wonder does the opposite apply to black… I still cant decide whether to get chrome or black or CF altezza for my black beast. Some photoshopping may be required!

  • dont get the chromes for a black car i think they stand out too much, if i had a black one id get the smoked alltezzas

  • as james said chromes for a black one stands out too much and i think the cf ones are a bit tacky so go blacks or smoked then rewire them so you get all 4 lights i think they look much beter
    killed a vw corrado vr6 on bypass this morning lol

  • hay hypnoticstoat with the help of marco found out its a 93 so klze is going in woo (when i can fined one thats in my budget)

  • ok i might be able to get my hands on a ze
    30000 miles imported from japan engine and dalivary for £800 good deal ?

  • for just the straight neck engine? think jono got his for 750 with round neck manifold, but not sure if that was delivered. Im sure he can answer that. Seems ok price, is that nippon?

  • no not nippon some guy in london who imports stuf
    whats the straight neck or round neck manifold ?

  • well straight neck is what's normally on a klze. This mean the neck/throttle body pretty much runs straight into the battery, the ms8/curved neck/millenia? neck curves to the front more like our k8 engine.

    Tommy D managed the straight neck fine as have others with the battery in situ, it's just a bit tight. Personally I'll be going with the curved neck as I think it will flow better, allows more room and I like the look of it 8)

    Remember your k8 ecu isn't ideal for the ze, but can be chipped or you can use different jap ecu…

  • im not shore waht manifolds are on it
    if allelce fails i can use the k8s temporealy looking to get a millenia at some point
    and as for the ecu will use k8 till i can fined aford to get a ze one
    but will get ecu befor i put in the ze

  • cool manifolds now on but coz i have 2.5 probe manifolds weork was needed so i cut out the middle silencer and put the cat back there under the heat shiled and made a pipe to conect the downpipe to the cat will put up pics when i take some exhaust note has changed and now has a lovly rasp only thing in my system blocking gasses it thte cat witch will be changed to high flow at some point as i beat out the baffles in back box to make it a litle louder ages ago
    dose sound lovly thow

  • ok polished ally front and reat strut braces now in looking good and got rid of that annoying boot seel squeek

  • new allys got them today woo now i have to fined a some new nuts as the 21mm that are on there are to big to fit the wholes lol

    pic agen when there on but what do you think ?

  • make sure you get some locking wheel nuts as they are more sexy that my first wife :shock:

  • lol just been to halfords and got some

  • okits been a while and i havent had a cam but tiny rhino just took some pics for me
    i now have a polished rocker took a while but if you look closly you can see us takeing the pic lol good old mirror finish

    and a pic of my wheels on my car

    and my nice lights and rear spliter witch need to be smothed in at some point

  • damn thats a nice looking car.

    if i had more time id of taken some better pics for ya :cry: :oops:

    always next time tho :mrgreen:

  • ok been a wile since i updated just finisheed my guage pod
    so hears my fancy new interiour

  • wat a beauty.

    did you play around with a universal gauge pod or what did you use?

  • yeh started with a universal gauge pod
    but t6hat was such a bad fit i ended up hacking it to peaces trying to make it fit ended up with a big gap at the back with the best fit so filled that in after you ever hit the window or it hands down thers no nicwe place with a universal one and if you go with 3 pods like i have then you can open the sun viser propaly onless you unhook it and slide it down and clip it back on evry time you put it up or down
    third blank for now but will house my boost guage

  • boost gauge??!!

    Please elaborate!


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