Info - Is it possible to make a RWD mx3?

  • i've been thinking about this for a while now, although im far too lazy to do anything about it, but when i first got my mx3 after gazing at it lovingly, and checking out the way its built and looks, i've come to the conclusion, that the MX3 would have really suited being a rear wheel drive car by the way it looks, does anyone think this or is it just me? :oops:

  • When I first got mine a lot of people asked if it was rear wheel drive and were suprised when I told them it wasn't because it looked like it should be. Are there many 2+2 rear wheel drive cars? The only one that comes to mind is the Supra.

  • I knew it weren't just me that thought it, its like it was designed to be a rear wheel drive car, but they ran into budget cuts or something :lol:

  • i agree with you on that it should be a rear wheel drive car, so are there no conversoin kits for it?

  • not that i know of, unless theres someway of using the rear wheel setup from another mazda?

  • ive seen a vid on you tube of a black mx3 drag car, that was rear wheel drive.

    cant find it tho :cry:

  • it should have been rear wheel drive,it would have suited the car
    The mx 6 is front wheel drive too,…

  • ill have a look to see if there are any cars that could be converted too fit the mx-3 ill let you know what i find

  • It looks like the mx5's have rear wheel drive on the later models, saying they're based on the same chassis and have the same engines, surely the drivetrain would be a straight swap? :?

  • Are you sure their based on the same chassis? When I park mine next to my brothers MX5 theres a coniderable differance in the dimensions.

  • from what i've seen, i've parked mine next to an mx5, unsure of the year, but it looks exactly the same apart from its a soft top and got different bumpers, but it was a FWD one :?

  • Odd, I thought all MX5's were rear wheel drive. I learn something new everyday. :o

  • the only problem with that is how would you get the power to the back end, well thinking about it i guess you would have to re mount the engine unless you could find a trasfer box to fit

  • There is are a couple of guys in the US who have done an AWD conversion.

    QUOTE: (

    "well seeing as i have done it, its defiantly plausible. it requires front end work. custom front engine cradle, custom motor mounts front and rear, you have to modify the trans. then to make way for a custom drive shaft, either the Protege drive shaft has to be shortened or the GTX one needs to be lengthened, as well as mounts for the carrier berrings. then that brings us to the gas tank, if your not going to put a fuel cell in it you need to find a GTX or AWD protege gas tank. and hope you can mount it, as it will need some work too. and they use two fuel pumps so a little wireing as well. then the rear end needs to be completely refabricated. new sub frame rails, mounts, strut placement, and you have to make sure everything is aligned perfectly or your car will drive down the road sideways. (this isnt even all of what you will need to make it work)

    its defiantly not easy, but if you have some time and about 2-2500K to throw at it assuming you do all the work yourself, or at least know someone who can weld. cause if your welds don’t hold it will fall rite out from under you.

    end result: its fun as hell to drive, threw snow and ice with ease, swamp it in the mud, 4 wheel drifts and burnouts. but you cant cut yourself short when doing the swap, as it really messes with the integrity of the car, and if not done properly, it could be fatal. thats why you will find no write up on the swap, at least from me. lol best of luck."

  • :lol: Hey, i never said i wanted info…but yer i guess its turned into that, i merely gave my opinion, to make a 4wd you'd probably be better with a write off GTX, GTR's use the same stuff, but has had alot more work so cost alot more.

    so looks like alot of people agree with my rear wheel drive theory? :D

  • yea i was told when i became a part of the site to do the drift and rwd conversion… found info about it on some web sites. but omg translate from japanise is required.

  • google toolbar is your friend :lol: it can translate pages

  • owww looks like im looking for the site again…. was also wondering on the subject of cars could be used... would rx8 work... as there are so many written off ones around now

  • i was thinking the same, but its a rotary engine, so it might be completely different

  • about this time last year i was looking at shipping over a rwd mx3 from the states with a rx7 turbo engine in. would have cost about 3.5K. So it can be done.
    Unfortunately the owner never made a write up on any mx forum that i know of.
    But it can be done, but remember you put all this money in a mx3 and you will never see it back, think the most your ever sell a mx for is 3-5K and thats with atleast 6K put into it. Ie mine, tommy d,rsroadkilla even jerone at jtl have all had this problem!.
    But i will keep plodding along with my mx because i love it 8)


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