Spitze Inlet Manifold - For KLDE / KLZE

  • HI GUYS FOUND THIS TODAY!!!!!!!! tell me what your thaughts are????


    its surposed to give a klde the klze performance and the ze even more. it bins the vris system and is even more benificial if boosting!!!!!!!!!!

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    This manifold poped up on mx-3.com some time ago….

    There was quite a bit of discussion about it, I personally am not sure about it, to start with Mazda put a lot of time and money into developing the IM's that we use on k8's, KLZE's, DE's etc... and they have been designed to do the job the best way!

    Also im not convinced that the square plenum chambers are going to be any sort of advantage.

    I can see how it might be considered for boosting as VRIS is no longer needed, however I did notice them talking about power gains but they dont have any proof on the site!!

    If you want to buy it and test it then thats kool, but I personally wouldnt go near it!!


  • There is dyno proof on a standard klde probe with normal down pipes and we know how restrictive they are! also the virs was mazda's way of getting good mpg out of a powerful engine. getting great power and good mpg is a hard task. this new box intake will probably get bad mpg which mazda didnt want but when in want of performance mpg is not on your hit list. this is race tech and will be rev happy. will post about mpg and price to import and if all goes to plan then i will fit and dyno. i intend to dyno my car before ze swap, after ze swap, electric super charger run and finaly with new intake (if cost effective to import).

  • yep, the VRIS is to help with economy, after around 3500RPM is where the fuel economy is lost, it looks like an ok system, but im not convinced by the square ports, they should be round or oval :roll:

  • yes the bell mouths are round, they use the standard manifolds bolt on bracket to the head but only the manifold case is square. look!!


    and here is the inside view. the shorter the bell the higher the power is up the rev range. if you look at the dyno chart you can see they have got it about right perfectly smooth.



  • hhmmm looks to me on the second pic although the ports are round, the main manifold is square, which isn't good for aerodynamics, but i guess it'd depend on how much it costs if its worth paying the money :wink:

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    Something does'nt seem right about that picture through the TB…

    It looks to me like that is one big chamber not 2 split!!!

    Also the fact that the "manifold case" is square is a bad thing, as this is one of the most important parts!


  • it only needs to spliy so it can feed all the cylinders

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    it only needs to spliy so it can feed all the cylinders

    Yes, but the pics are not consistent of the product.


  • so they aint :lol:

  • still waiting for priceing!

  • I would not touch that with a barge pole!

    When did you last see a square exhaust? Gas flows in a linear motion and for a start, there is no progresion between the ports and the base. The Venturi effect is what they are trying to harness but the difference is that the ports are not facing the directon of the oncoming air, therefore after the closest cylinders have drawn their pulses of air the cylinders behind will get a turbulent airflow.

    If you want to get a custom inlet, there are much better options out there, not just this science fair project. The two supports in the middle will affect the airflow. I would challenge them to make one with a perspex top cover and show us how he manifold works under a stem draw vacuum with smoke so we can see how well their "inspired" trumped design works….

    DRD Tuning has a design i would recomend.

    If money was no object, a 6 seperate branch inlet would be a welcome work of art

  • just add 6 bike throttle bodies ! even better. :D
    something ive been looking into to make that NA sound even better!

  • Yea gareth, only problem is the GSXR 600 TBS will seriously have to be shortened as the front bank was too high up even after the ports modded.

    It could work and would truly sound great. My frend and i worked out that you would need to mill down the ITBs by nearly an inch and there would definatley need to be some bonnet work or Custom cowl to get cold air to them so close to the inner surface of the bonnet.

    I can send you some measurements i took if you like, it could be done all in including map for around 1k. Not sure of potential power inc? 15-25bhp with map, including removal of AFM maybe

  • Heres a pic of the recommended Inlet guys…...thought a few may think its a tad more suited for the Job...... 8)

  • and how much would that cost? :?

  • here you go tom, I wont go on too much and steer this topic off direction but….

    a throttle bodied KLZE in a mazda mx5, est 250bhp.
    I want to boost the power of the ze some how and im not decided what path to go down yet. im 30% throttle body 30% super charged 20% NOS and 20% Turbo charged. What ever i end up doing it will have a LSD gearbox first and ecu set up ready.
    I know turbo is the cheapest and prob produces the most power, but im thinking that its been done and adding more heat to a hot NA engine will end in tears !!
    So theres supercharging and throttle bodies, as i want a track car throttle bodies will be lighter and offer more instant response. Im sure i figure it out in the end, I keep you posted 8)

  • Got a link to info about that mx5 garfy? I wouldn't mind looking into that setup myself.

  • sweet as… weird seeing the ze that way round!

  • yep heres a good link to open your eyes into the world of V6 tuning so make sure you add it to your favorites.

    oh i made a mistake the engine is a KLDE hence makes 180whp. But im sure if it was a ZE it would make 250bhp at fly.



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