My project think i have figered out how to up load pic`s

  • pic`s from when i first got it till now and still not finished yet lol

    just got to cut the holes and fit the mesh then the bonnet will all be done satin black then will be on the look out for some bigger wheels 8)

  • just need to smooth a few bits off then the bonnet will be finished :) :D :) :D

  • Bonnets coming along nice, need to come to some local meets and hang out as I see you are near me :bigok:

  • Yer definitely ur have to let me know when one is and will come along what do you think to what I have done so far lol

  • Love the green and white look.

    White is the best MX3 color.

  • Yer I like them in white and does stand out abit with the green lol

  • Nice project!Car looks really well.Love the bonnet.Any mods under bonnet?? :respect:

  • I can dig everything apart from that grill mesh. But its different I'll give you that!

    White is defo best colour :D

  • It's only the 1.8 v6 with and induction kit and full powerflow exhaust with a decat and the mesh was just tempory it's till I find a body kit front bumper for it lol have found a couple on eBay but the ones I want a're not in this country :(

  • Heya gimzo , the colours are working well I have a great front bumper if you are looking to mod, not seen another in the uk its an erebuni front bumper, repaired and sanded ready for paint
    had a great Idea that i was going to do before the mazdaspeed one came along that i wll happily share with you
    £30 if you want it as I have done the work already
    I also have some side skirts and an erbuni rear spoiler too and may sell my genuine mazda RS spoiler if interested.
    got loads of parts even a full set of struts with 40mm lowering springs as I am just down the rad from you


  • Hi I will definitely have the bumper off you at the weekend if that is ok I did buy the springs off you think I still have ur number will give You a ring Friday to arrange to come and pick up :)

  • Got my New number on

  • wow you have ben working fast, that wasnt even primered last week lol

    Loking great, when you get some new stainless mesh in there that will loook the nuts or try what i suggested lol

  • It's got black mesh in at the moment but it's the alloy one and don't like it that much so am gonna try and get a better one :)

  • I have always wondered on those bumpers what it would look like if you removed the mazda badge from bonnet and put a new flying wings mazda badge right in its mouth for that sort of jag look.
    Wanna put my mind out of its misery ? :)
    Love the white and green combo

  • "Like a 'Koi carp' takin some feed pellets!" :shock:

    Just sayin! (my opinion only) :lol:

    Each to their own and all that?…......

    kev b.

  • N.a. That's fine every one has there own preferences I I like it as its different :) might have to try that with the badge in the grill aswell ;) did try putting the green lower spoiler on the bottom to keep with the green and white but need to make a bit up for the middle as its not wide enough :lol:

  • Very true sir! very true….. the 'Mexy' design needs some work at the front it's a weak point in the overall look (again my opinion only) its too 'fish like'.... it rolls in too much below its waistline apart from the rear which in my opinion is the best veiw of it?

    When I saw the rear of your 'WHITE ONE' :mrgreen: with the light conversion I nearly had a full-on 'funny wee' :oops: (Why oh why didn't I wait for a white one to show up?).

    :respect: to you fella for making it 'YOUR' car, X that's what life (and car ownership) is all about! pay no heed to this '40' something who bought his car based on a "Slowish but sounds fast" mentality! :P

    Are you too young to remember the minty 'Opal fruit' (Now Starburst) alternative?...........'PACERS' ? ..... that's what your colour scheme reminds me of ? :lol:

    kev b.


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