• I need a working distributor for my MX3 V6, firing order 4,5,3,2,1,6 (clockwise). I have had the car in three garages now the last one being an ex mazda technician and no one can pin point what it is.

    Mazda man says it could be the distributor but I have changed so far the ignition coil, cap, rotor arm, also ht leads spark plugs and crank sensor.

    I am based in Oxford and will to travel a bit to pick one up so please let me know if anyone can help.

    (please see previous page for history of this problem)

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    Hi dazse,

    So as mentioned at the bottom of the other page, try to pull codes from ecu, this might tell you there's an issue somewhere.

    Secondly, its a long shot but have you checked the vacuum lines? I had an issue with a weird idle some time ago and it was down to a bad hose.


  • The mechanic at the first garage did say he tried the codes but nothing was showing. I'm gonna get the car back later this week and will try it myself to make sure.

    When its back I'll double check for splits in the pipes etc but its now been to three different mechanics and I would have hoped they could have sorted it by now!

  • Is there anyway you can get the car to Banbury ?

  • I got it back to Oxford from Bicester and the problem started to show up so it may make it to Banbury if I take it easy.

  • You are welcome to bring it to mine in Banbury Sunday after lunch and we can try to get to the bottom it if you like. I have plenty of spare parts here too.

  • Hi MasonX3, thanks for the offer, I have tried to pm and email but neither seem to be getting through. The offer sounds good, I have been buying spares bit by bit and its getting expensive! If you can let me have your address then I would like to pop over Sunday, many thanks.

  • Just pulled the codes and there are no codes showing, the led lit for a second or two when the ignition was switched to on but went off after that.

  • Cracked it! Ignition Module in the distributer was failing when hot.
    Thanks to all those who have contributed ideas and I do believe the ignition module was mentioned as a fix (blackmexyv6) but trying to get them is near impossible for the early distributors. Money is a bit short otherwise a new distributor would have sorted it straight away but hey I have learned a lot with this one - thanks again.


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