Muttsnuts - MX3 V6 Project

  • Finaly picked her up on Friday, It was obvious that the last owner did not look after her at all but for 770 quid you cant moan. Chassis and engine were in a realy good condition, nice set of fox alloys on her though.

    Cosmeticly she is fading and the rear spoiler was almost white.

    Quite a few electrical faults but easy to fix by cleaning contacts, replacing fuses. No ICE fitted so Pioneer systen installed yesterday and holder for the ipod.

    I think im going to have a busy few days with the T-Cut and wax.

    Before- Rear spoiler.

    Removed spoiler, cleaned up, 4 coats of paint, looking better.Back end of her looking almost normal now.

    The front fogs were rusting away.

    Removed, wirebrushed, sprayed (pic before refitting) they now look supprisingly good.

    I will post more pics of her as the work progresses, I think getting her cosmeticaly perfect before i start modding is the way forward.

  • Todays stuff…....

    ICE fitted, new pedal covers to replace the tatty ones and gear knob, starting to look remotely tidy inside now, all I have to do is hoover inside and sort out some decent mats.

    Induction kit fitted, bracket made and pipes tidied

    Next job is T-cutting the pink paintwork and getting her very shiny.

  • looking good. like the air filter. … following your t cutting there is a mention of it in someones sales page in uk only. best products etc

  • Spray the spoiler your self? Looks well in the picture. Did you use cans or airbrush or what?

  • Sprayed the rear spoiler from normal can (mixed at halfords, paint code SQ) 4 layers then finished with 2 layers of spray laquer.

    WARNING, do not spray rear spoiler in kitchen as floors turn pink and wife gets very irate.

  • haha good job for a can. I wasn't too impressed with the Halfords cans, kept getting dodgy caps/nozzles on them!

    I think I might give my car's little pink ears a blast this weekend.

  • if your paint is fading to pink on your red cars, use G3 polishing/cutting paste with a polisher, the G3 is like a tougher t-cut and will bring back the best shine your cars will have seen since they left the showroom.

    when using the G3 add a lot of water to it to stop it burning the paint. it'll look awsome and any body would think you've had a re-spray!

  • An MX3 is born!!!!!

    I decided to use some red colour T-cut, lots of it, followed by Zymol polish to make her look like new. Auto Glym alloy paint to make the wheels look nice and a drop of red caliper paint.

    18 Hours polishing, painting, spannering, sweating and swearing…....

    And here she is..............

    Muttsnuts, a VERY happy owner of a shiny MX3….

    :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • looks great!!

  • @b8c17b45bb=Muttsnuts:

    WARNING, do not spray rear spoiler in kitchen as floors turn pink and wife gets very irate.

    LOL I learned my lesson about that too! my newspaper didn't cover enough of the floor!

    Your polishing job looks fantastic! :o Anyways have you thought about lowering your mx-3?

  • Thank you…..

    Was thinking of getting her lowered but got a few more niggly little faults to sort out first.

    Since the last post on here had a locksmith come out and remove half a key the last owner managed to snap and glued into the ignition barrel (I had been starting her with the left over stub of the key). Mazda garage wanted £250 for this but the local auto locksmith did it for 100 quid including a new set of keys.

    I have a groaning sound comming from left hand side whenever I turn the wheel, this happens if the car is static and moving. After lots of wheel turning and listening the noise is comming fron the suspention strut, it seems to be turning and grinding somewhere above the spring. So todays job is to take the strut off and see what I can do with it.


  • UPDATE..

    Taking the suspention strut off was straight foward enouth, It looks like the source of the noise is the thrust bearing at the top of the strut so its shopping time to get that and a set of spring compressors to allow me to change it.

    Putting the strut back on was a bit of a drama as the drive shaft popped out, however a bit of wiggling, swearing and sweating later it all came back into place.

    Last night was removing various bits of the engine bay and spraying them up red, was dark when i finished and reinstalled them so photos to follow.

  • hi man nice pedals got the same ones myself. where did you get your paint code from was there a pannel on the car some where?

  • @ffc4e75bff=CHRIS211083:

    hi man nice pedals got the same ones myself. where did you get your paint code from was there a pannel on the car some where?

    Should say on the driver side door where it locks to the car SQ for red I think.


    New back box fitted (sounds damn good)
    Rusty bits on wipers painted.
    Complete interior clean.
    All electrical faults finally sorted...

    So far so good…..

  • Stage one of the engine bay clean up.

    Stripped off the front rocker cover.

    Placed in dishwasher (dont tell the wife!!!!!)

    Dried, rubbed down polished and refitted, looking good.

    Next engine bay jobs- Red Ground wire kit and Red braiding for pipes and cables. Piping from the air filter to a scoop.

  • lol! Dishwasher - fantastic! Looks well ;) I think you should paint the mazda letters red or black

  • Now thats a damn fine idea Marco…...

    Also got rid of the now unused air intake box that supported the bonnet holding open thingy. New brackets made for the support and air filter.

  • looks good man!!!!! ru gonna get a cold air induction kit??? looks the dogs and improves the power!!!!

  • Cheers Chris :)

    Ive got a plan for the cold air induction kit. Going to get some Metal flexi tubing and install it between the Air filter I have fitted now and an air scoop at the lowest point on the engine bay to be made from aluminum plate. I can only find 120mm flexy metal tubing in silver at the moment, what I really want is red. Also I will have to move the coolant header tank, so looking at how im going to do that.


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