Problem - Car caught in a Floodand won't start.

  • what you mean the air intake had no air in it?

    I hope you let it dry out before reconnecting the battery?

    if the water came to the gear gaitor, id say the ignition spark will be fine, is the fuel pump going? the relay is behind the console at the bottom, if its not that it could well be the ECU as that is behind the dash actually bolted to the floor :?

  • depends how bad you think it is, strip the mx3, engine etc all out strip em all just to make sure…

    water is very abrasive belive it or not..

    other hand u can say uve got water injection lol

  • Cheers for the help, sorry, I meant there wasn't any water in the air intake, but i'm sure there is loads in the exhaust, so I need to somehow get it out :?

    I never disconnected the battery and considering how much water has gone into it I'm very supprised the electric windows, sunroof etc still work! I stripped the interior out today to dry it all out, like the seats etc.

    When the breakdown service tried to start it, the engine would almost start - it would fire occasionally, but just never started. I agree that the ignition spark is probably fine, how do I check the fuel pump?

  • turn the ignition on and you should hear it make a noise then stop, or take the left black panel of the bottom of the dash, you should see the ECU connectors, also in the same part there should be a relay, with wires coming from it, i cant remember all the colours, but there should be one red/black wire and a red/white wire, i think theres a green one too, check to make sure that relay kicks in (it should click once on, then once off) if your unsure take the relay off and put a wire directly from a live, straight to the black/red wire, you should hear the fuel pump come on continuously, then try starting the engine.

    It sounds to me the fuel pump wiring, as the engine nearly starting indicates any possible fuel going into the cylinders, then as there isn't anymore it stops

    water in the exhaust will soon disappear when the engine starts

  • disconnect your back box and cat mate the baffold of the exhaust while have collapsed inside due to the weight and pressure of the water….

  • So there is not any water in the engine right? Dont even try to crank if there is.

  • Sorry I suddenly disappeared for 5 months….I was in Columbia and some other parts of South America!!

    Just got back and my car is still sitting in the garage damp :(

    I charged the battery up first thing and now I when I try and start it the starter motor doesn't even turn, it just clicks a few times per second...anyone know whats wrong with it??

    I would like to hear the car at least try and turn over before I start taking the back box etc off - I know its a slim chance, but it is slightly dryer now and I reckon its worth trying.

    Its killing me not being able to drive it though, cant wait to get back on the road!

  • mine did this after i hadn't started it for a few days when it was freezing, i got mine started by…

    taking the wire off the starter, the one that connects to it via a spade connector, then putting jump leads from the battery positive, directly to the spade connector on the starter, then took it off when it started :wink:

  • Cheers Unicorn, I might abandon my plans to save the car, as I have a feeling a lot of the electrics might be broken :cry:

    I was about to check the starter motor when I decided to check the other electrics, which I probably should have done to start with… Anyway, when I tried to turn the lights on I just heard lots of clicking and no light. Then I tried again today and the battery is completely flat again, so there is obviously a short circuit somewhere, but after all the electrics were soaked in water Im wondering where the hell to start looking! It might just be better to give up...

  • that REALLY sucks man. Have you no insurance that would cover this?

  • sounds like its still shorting, id suggest getting a heater in the front footwell pointing towards the dash (the heat rising will mean it goes behind the dash) and close the door and leave it to run for a few hours so inside the car gets hot enough to help get rid of water, the cold weather wouldn't have helped with it at all

  • Cheers, insurance was only 3rd party, so no luck there :(

    I have already put a fan heater in there for a long time, but will give it another few hours tonight, then recharge batt tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.

  • don't forget to do what i said above about putting a live directly on the starter terminal

  • OK, I put the heater there for a good 8 hours! So hopefully thats most of the moisture gone!

    I tested the starter today, after recharging the battery and all I get is a loud click, even when I connect it directly…anyone know whats up with it?

  • grab a large spanner or hammer and give the starter a good wack! it may just need freeing up a bit

  • ahhh good call, I should have thought of that!

    Cheers, off to try it now!

  • its just something someone told me once…

    hope it helps

  • Doh! still wont turn, just repeated clicking noise… Anything else I can quickly try?

  • have you tried bump starting it? take the starter out play..

    if it starts by bumping it then you'll know the problem is with the starter

  • Well 6 months ago just after it got flooded and before the battery drained in my garage, the starter motor was fine, but the engine would not start. The recovery people had a go and it sounded like it was gonna go one time, but just cut out again, so maybe there is water in the CAT like someone said…

    However, I thought it might be worth trying it again, unfortunately the car is in my garage, at the bottom of a hill, so there is no chance of bump starting it :(

    Is there any way to check if water got in the CAT?


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