K8ZE - Colt Cams

  • I bet your gearbox will explode before rods go on a turbo k8.

    Does anyone have any source for evidence of K8ZE cams? My K8ZE has regular lift cams, no ZE about it. Main gain I can see is a better designed Y pipe and no pre cats. Haven't cracked it open yet to check for piston shape/compression. EGR OEM block off plate too. I'm pretty sure the Lantis type R KFZE had higher lift cams like the KLZE, but I'm not so sure the k8 did.

    There was a USA guy ran 12+ psi for 2 years on a k8 before his car got wrecked by someone else. I think you can be beating on ZEs reliably with a k8 turbo.

    Colt cams, check out probetalk for used sets.

    Even KLZE KL31 cams would be a reasonable gain. 200bhp NA without ITBs will be hard work though. Turbo you will exceed that with relative ease IMO. Get a KLG4/KLDE or port out to straight neck/millenia ZE shape your heads, another few bhp plus the KL throttle body is a very easy gain.

    Vernier pulleys are a bugger on these as there are 4 cams, I've only seen one set where a guy custom made adjustable gears for the 2 inside the engine driven cams. The ones I have are for different reasons.

    M62 eaton /SC14 /rotrex etc
    or you're not making it to near 200bhp IMO.

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear. The idea is to get as much as I can n/a and then turbo it to get it over the line. I figured I could get to around 170 and then a small turbo, like a T25, to get up to the 200 mark. Its pie in the sky thinking to expect 200 break without a turbo, ITB, sc etc…

    As for the K8ZE cams, I haven't seen any real specs for it. Supposedly the extra ~15bhp the ZE makes over the K8DE is mostly down to more aggressive cams. I wonder if Rob still has his set of KF cams.

    On the adj. cam pulleys, would the CDF ones not be able to get the timing right on these?

  • Ah ok cool. Well that'd be interesting to see what you can get out the k8. I'm pretty sure I measured my k8ze cams vs the k8de cams and they were the same. Unless the duration is different, but I doubt it.

    CDF pulleys correct timing for each bank, you can't change ex VS intake for each bank. If we had 4 pulleys we could do that, but 2 cams are driven inside the head, so it's very hard to alter the timing of each cam.

  • Interesting. I might see about KF01 cams from a KFZE. There's a KFZE mx6 in a local scrapyard so I should be able to get them cheap. Its hard to get solid info on these cams though. Some guy said he measured them and they had less lift than a KL01, I'm dubious though.

  • hmm that'd be pretty poor! Well bring some vernier callipers. You don't even need to take the cams off to measure. Just take the valve cover off. My KL31/ZE cams are 1.730"ish or 43.95mm. So that or greater, grab 'em.

  • I wonder if not having much of a lift would be much of an issue as long as they're more aggressive/longer duration than the k8 since I plan on turbo'ing it, less overlap and all that. They seem handier found than kl36 cams.

  • A KL boosted with ZE cams, will make more power than with DE cams. More lift is still good for a turbo setup. However more boost can make up for this. I don't think you need to worry about cams much for an end goal of boosting. Only pay for what you can sell on for if you do play with cams etc - IMO.

  • @2eec8ea032=Marco:

    A KL boosted with ZE cams, will make more power than with DE cams. More lift is still good for a turbo setup. However more boost can make up for this. I don't think you need to worry about cams much for an end goal of boosting. Only pay for what you can sell on for if you do play with cams etc - IMO.

    Good advice and that is the beauty of boost, normal N/A tuning goes out the window> not that it wont help, but isn't necessary, unless you are planning on N/A tuning first of course.

    You had any more thoughts Jay?!

  • Yep, I see Marc's point, but the aim is to get it to a point where I only need a small amount of boost to hit the 200 mark. Ideally I wouldn't want a turbo at all but that isn't going to happen.

    I was going to get a set of KF01s today but I've been admitted to hospital this morning!

  • ah crap nothing too serious I hope?!

  • Thought it was the appendix but apparently not! All tests back clear, very mysterious!

  • Weirdness indeed!

    Have you seen how rear mount Turbos work? no need for expensive exhaust manifolds and good for where space is at a premium..

  • No man I don't, reckon I'll do some research while I'm laid up!

  • Hmm not sure how an air filter set up like one on a rear mount would hold up in Ireland. Lag would be a killer on a k8 too I'd say.

  • I've pondered rear mount turbos thought about chopping out tyre well and sheeting to make space.
    No need for intercooler either.
    But you need to rig up a remote oil feeder tank and pump.
    But I couldn't work out where to get the feed back to the engine bay.
    Would make for good weight distribution

  • So, picked up the KF01s today and got my caliper to 'em. I can't remember for sure which is intake and which is exhaust (anyone know the visual differences?) they measure

    Exhaust - 43.45mm max height and a base circle of 35.21mm

    Intake - 43.55 max height and a base circle of 35.20mm

    Anyone know how to calculate the lift off of that?

  • Hi guys! I couldn't help but think this is a bit like the discussions in the US about KLDE and KLZE. Here, you can get a used KLDE for $3-400 and have 165 bhp immediately, with excellent mid-range, which is what street driving is about anyway. The turbo guys talk about 250-300hp with otherwise stock KLDEs. You might give some thought to this, as a 170 hp 1.8 is going to be a revver, with very little low end power. The KLDE has at least 10 ft/lb of torque more at 2500rpm than the 1.8 has at a peak of 4500. It makes a huge difference.

    BTW, Lift = Height-Base Circle. That doesn't tell you much about overall specs, but it's a start.

  • I agree finding a KLZE is more difficult these days.

    But KLDE's are easily available and often quite cheap.


    One thing I have found is that alot of engine importers are not clued up on what a KLZE is.

    So I normally just go and have a poke around, the last time I went to Nippon who "Had no KLZE's in stock" I found 3 of them!! they thought they were just standard Millenia engines...

    Some times places don't like you looking round so you have to talk your way in. The reason they don't like it is because they generally treat engines like crap while they are waiting to be sorted and they don't want you to see that!! often left open to the elements, often in a pile, yes a pile!! and often covered in all kinds of crap.

    When they sort them they steam clean them and make them look nice before they give them to you.

    The more you look like a dirty mechanic the easier it is to get a look round. Ask to look at all their millenia and MX-6 engines and just check for the right intake manifold and head codes, then pop out a sparkplug and check with a torch that the pistons are flat topped and your in.

    I've got a pair of overalls that I keep for occasions like this, never washed em in about 5 years. They just assume your a mechanic and it keeps the prices cheap.

    If your only after 200 ish bhp and don't really want a turbo i'd keep trying to find a KLZE.

    or if you really can't wait i'd stick in a KLDE and turbo that. It would be easier and cheaper than trying to get a K8 up to the same bhp as a DE then fitting a small turbo.

    or just fit a bigger turbo to the K8.

    The cheapest / easiest route to 200 ish is still to fit a KLZE though.

  • you guys are so lucky to get the K8ZE. When I had my presso the "butt dyno" felt that the car could run laps around my MX3 (K8DE) and my MX6 (KLDE)

    I just swapped in a KLZE in to the MX3 and the "butt dyno" was wondering why i didnt ditch the K8DE a LOOOOONG time ago..

    The car even feels faster than the presso did…...

    Ditch the K8ZE and get a KL anything!

    Or just wait and see if you can find a KLZE. Your Rx7 will hold you over till then lol.

    Its cheaper and more bang for your buck!

    Im speaking from experience of years of wasting my time with the K8 power plant...

    and just take logic into consideration. If it was beneficial to squeeze more power from the K8 people would have done it by now.......

    Just my 2 cents :rofl:


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