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  • I'm pretty sure I'm going to try stick with the K8ZE and see what power I can get out of it. I know its not exactly logical, but either is spending a few hundred quid on a set of used sideskirts. :rofl: But it really comes down to the fact that I can't get my hands on a decent KLZE and I'm only really after 200-210bhp, which I reckon the K8 is capable of.

    So, I was thinking about upgrading to more aggressive cams and came across Colt Cams (thanks to an old post by Marco). There cams seem like a good upgrade against the KL cams, which I presume are more aggressive than the K8ZE (I can't find the specs for the K8ZE, only the DE, and I know the ZE were more aggressive).

    Has anyone heard of these being put in a K8 and what the end result was? There site indicates that they still idle well on a KL ECU so a piggyback wouldn't be needed - but I'm wondering -

    a) Would a piggyback be necessary on the stock K8 ecu?
    b) Would I see the real benefits of more aggressive cams on a stock map?

    I'm thinking no. Anyone have any insights?


  • I would go down the route of turbo as theres plenty of parts to do that in america

    or if you can find a decent engineering company and be the first to custom fit the xedos 9 supercharged lump

  • A turbo is definitely on the cards, but I'm slightly worried about how the conrods will handle the boost. So, I'm thinking about trying to get as much power as I can without boosting it, and then stick on a small turbo.

    Isn't Famine (I think?) working on fitting the SC?

  • this is a great idea, i wish i could get 200ish HP with a K8

  • High lift cams are mega bucks Bro plus there not really that well suited for boosted applications either > too much overlap!

    But yeah you will need something to tune timing and fuel curves and probably vernier pulleys too.

  • The cams are $440, so not too bad before fitting.

    Yeah, overlap is something I was concerned about but don't Teg Type Rs have high lift cams,right? Boosted Rs are pretty sweet when set up right. :-) The piggyback (or standalone) will come before the boosting, so I'm just trying to figure out how the cams will behave before that.

  • $440 for four lumpy sticks?!

  • Nice lumps, though. :mrgreen: Seems reasonable enough going by the price of cams for Civic's and the like.

  • indeed very reasonable I would love to see this happen :D

  • Me too ;-) I've to buy those brakes off Marco first, then I'll get moving on this. Hopefully I can shift the kl36 and the silver Presso soon.

  • Just remembered that they've actually got cams specifically for a turbo set up. I wonder how they'd perform on an N/A for a short period, not well I'd imagine! Maybe just doing this all in one go (turbo, cams et al) would make more sense.

    EDIT -

    Also looks like I may have overlooked that Colt Cams regrind the cams you send into them. :oops:

  • Ah that makes more sense pricewise, easy and cheap to get hold of a second set though?!

    You could go:

    Turbo then try to dial out some of the overlap with the vernier pulleys.

    Plenty of rolling road sessions needed too!

  • Sounds like a master plan ;-) I should be able to pick up a set from a KLDE handy enough.

  • I bet your gearbox will explode before rods go on a turbo k8.

    Does anyone have any source for evidence of K8ZE cams? My K8ZE has regular lift cams, no ZE about it. Main gain I can see is a better designed Y pipe and no pre cats. Haven't cracked it open yet to check for piston shape/compression. EGR OEM block off plate too. I'm pretty sure the Lantis type R KFZE had higher lift cams like the KLZE, but I'm not so sure the k8 did.

    There was a USA guy ran 12+ psi for 2 years on a k8 before his car got wrecked by someone else. I think you can be beating on ZEs reliably with a k8 turbo.

    Colt cams, check out probetalk for used sets.

    Even KLZE KL31 cams would be a reasonable gain. 200bhp NA without ITBs will be hard work though. Turbo you will exceed that with relative ease IMO. Get a KLG4/KLDE or port out to straight neck/millenia ZE shape your heads, another few bhp plus the KL throttle body is a very easy gain.

    Vernier pulleys are a bugger on these as there are 4 cams, I've only seen one set where a guy custom made adjustable gears for the 2 inside the engine driven cams. The ones I have are for different reasons.

    M62 eaton /SC14 /rotrex etc
    or you're not making it to near 200bhp IMO.

  • Sorry, I wasn't clear. The idea is to get as much as I can n/a and then turbo it to get it over the line. I figured I could get to around 170 and then a small turbo, like a T25, to get up to the 200 mark. Its pie in the sky thinking to expect 200 break without a turbo, ITB, sc etc…

    As for the K8ZE cams, I haven't seen any real specs for it. Supposedly the extra ~15bhp the ZE makes over the K8DE is mostly down to more aggressive cams. I wonder if Rob still has his set of KF cams.

    On the adj. cam pulleys, would the CDF ones not be able to get the timing right on these?

  • Ah ok cool. Well that'd be interesting to see what you can get out the k8. I'm pretty sure I measured my k8ze cams vs the k8de cams and they were the same. Unless the duration is different, but I doubt it.

    CDF pulleys correct timing for each bank, you can't change ex VS intake for each bank. If we had 4 pulleys we could do that, but 2 cams are driven inside the head, so it's very hard to alter the timing of each cam.

  • Interesting. I might see about KF01 cams from a KFZE. There's a KFZE mx6 in a local scrapyard so I should be able to get them cheap. Its hard to get solid info on these cams though. Some guy said he measured them and they had less lift than a KL01, I'm dubious though.

  • hmm that'd be pretty poor! Well bring some vernier callipers. You don't even need to take the cams off to measure. Just take the valve cover off. My KL31/ZE cams are 1.730"ish or 43.95mm. So that or greater, grab 'em.

  • I wonder if not having much of a lift would be much of an issue as long as they're more aggressive/longer duration than the k8 since I plan on turbo'ing it, less overlap and all that. They seem handier found than kl36 cams.

  • A KL boosted with ZE cams, will make more power than with DE cams. More lift is still good for a turbo setup. However more boost can make up for this. I don't think you need to worry about cams much for an end goal of boosting. Only pay for what you can sell on for if you do play with cams etc - IMO.


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