Trevor (Ice Man)'s V6

  • Going to pick this up, hopefully Friday :D

    99k 96p 3 months t&t - bit tatty!

    Looks like some tlc will be required, but its half the price of a decent one…

    Looks like I'll be getting busy with the meguiars too!!!

    watch this space...

  • Looking forward to the work log :)

  • Congrats Trev!!!

    Will be seeing this in the flesh very soon I hope


    Was nice to meet you yesterday and let you have a good nose round the MX!!


  • Thanks Guys :D

    Special thanks Hammy!!! it was really good to meet you and the MX. (sorry for having to dash off….)

    Contact with seller - Check!
    Insurance - Check!
    Train ticket - Check!
    Day off work tomorrow - Check!
    Cash in Pocket - Check!

    in 27 hours from now, I will own my second Mazda (96P in red again) and my first ever V6!

    Cant wait! :D

    I do understand there will be work to do.... but I'm going to keep everything std. for now....

    Watch this space. :P

  • One of the better MX-3's I've seen on eBay. Defiantly a nice little project for you Ice. I hope your not keeping the pink pedal set up :P.

  • Actually Bazz I quite like them….. NOT - either way Tesco insurance wont insure it with the pedals as they make the car 'more desireable' ?

    soon to be on the 'for sale section if anyone is interested... unless I paint them black...?

    Anyhow, here are 2 photos taken from ebay before the ebay links break...

    I knew this was the car for me, as it has my sirname (England) on the back bumper!

    any advice on what tools to take with me would be appreciated… I am packing 8,10,13 mm spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, electrical tape etc... any odd things I should take ie inverse torx or something obscure? I have to drive 135 miles back taking an ebayer's nephews word for the condition of the car...

    If it is seriously not as described I have an 'open return' train ticket so I can pass and just commute home. I hope not because it looks like there's a nice little car in there waiting to get out :D

  • ps this was my last car - regret selling her last year when money was very tight :x

    spot the difference (apart from extra doors!)

  • Going through the description on the ebay ad…..

    "REAR SPOILER HAS FADED ( CAR COULD DO WITH A POLISH)" Its a red car... notorious for paint fade.. a bit of elbow grease should see it right.

    "INTERMITTENT ABS LIGHT FAULT ( CAME ON AROUND THE SAME TIME AS HAVING THE FRONT BRAKES DONE)" ABS Sensor has more likely than not been knocked when brakes were done. Sensor can be had fairly reasonably.

    Looks like it may work out nicely for you Trev.. have fun driving home today!!! :wink:


  • Well, I got back safely in the end, the mx3 didn't miss a beat and the engine sounds amazing. oil level was a bit low, ie just on the end of the dipstick… and the steering was vague and pulling left, but when I put some air in the tyre, it was great. mechanically sound, cosmetically challenged LOL needs more than polish before japfest! Seems very quick and did about 38 mpg driving home. pics to follow...

  • Got £480 :-)

    Decided what to do with it!

    Sorry - couldn't resist that one!

    The train journey was much harder than the car journey, after someone unfortunately passed away on the main trainline just before my first train arrived, missed connections and running to various platforms ensued and I got there 90 mins late… the only thing the train ride had that the mx3 didn't was generous leg room!

    off topic, but the toilet had a door open button, a door close button, a lock button and a flush button. It was easy pee-sey :roll: … then I witnessed 8-10 people on the journey go in, and ALL of them were confused and had to ask what to do... LOL is it difficult or are all rail commuters thick???

    anyway, I put 19l of petrol in (4.2 gal) and it looks like i used 3.2 galons in 122 miles... roughly 38 MPG.. at a steady 60-70 all the way back...

    Of course I opened her up a couple of times… 70-90 in 4th is great! :D

    cant really see in teh dark but the bodywork is no where near as good as it shoed in the pics, i think theye were old pics. but I've been around and I was expecting that. LOL

    I'll get some pics up over the weekend, but for now I'm smitten, the car drives superbly and the issues all seem to minor at the moment..
    So glad I went for a V6 in the end :D :D

  • Glad you are pleased with it, you should have tried to knock seller down for be a lying bastard about bodywork

  • To be fair it looks like the ebay pics in daylight. Garage forecourt lights pick up everything at night. Thee is one dent I didn't see. Anyhow, for .£480 I'm still pleased :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
    Picked up a key today from the local locksmith £25. Just got to disconnect the aftermarket alarm and remote cl because I don't trust it.

    Oddly, it has 205's on the front and 195's on the back… weird.

    Central locking locks the car by itself.... problem in the divers door...

    There are no sounds of any play in the suspension / bushes etc. And everything works. Slight tiny amount of blue smoke on start up. X1 noisy tappet for a couple of minutes when cold (sounds like 1 on the rear bank.)

    Took off the induction kit this morning and put the standard air box back on. K&N panel filter will be going in next month.

    Loving it!

  • Actually, slight blue smoke issue may have been my imagination??? exhaust was clean today…

    Gave her a bit of a wash...

    The wheels are in good straight original condition. Absolutely filthy though. I got to work with a bottle of wheel cleaner I found in the garage and an old toothbrush… after 5 mins it was clear that multiple soakings are going to be required and a lot of elbow grease!!!

    Only problem I now have is the friction material has come off one of the back brake pads :shock: need new brake pads and disks!!! also brakes are a bit spongy… old fluid, air or sticky caliper sliders ??? to be continued :D

  • Next project, learn how to use photoshop properly!!! meantime, I think i'll keep everything standard except for a 40 mm drop. Sorry about the poor editing! but you get the idea…



  • dont be afraid to push the V6 mate, mine has taken a whole heap of punishment! 61mph indicated in 2nd gear, 91mph indicated in 3rd gear (changing literally just before the 7.5k rev limiter). havent pushed it that hard in 4th and 5th but my old one was good for about 130-135mph topping out (private roads of course officer ;) ). forgot to ask, you were worried about headroom if i remember correctly, did you have any issues?

    oh and nice looking 3 you got there bud keep the log updated :D

  • Hey Dan, this is the best car I have ever had! I'm well chuffed.:) engine is sweet., loves revving… before bidding on feebay I had a quick sit in Hammy's car. It's a bit snug tbh but the mx3 is bigger than it looks. I collected a treadmill in it last night! Turns out it is an inch longer and wider than my old 323f...

  • yeah i know what you mean, its pretty snug for me and im only 6ft but because of the low down driving position it can still fit a big lad lol. yeah i got a washing machine in the back of mine with the seats down. they are surprising little cars that just love to rev :D

  • Update, got the car washed professionally today, wheels didn't come up too bad with a jet wash… still a bit of work to do... then I went to machine mart and bought a polisher, some spare mops and a wire brush attachment for the chassis. Got a week off work - will be getting her up on x4 axle stands and having a good look around. replace the back pads, clean the wheels and rub everything down underneath and jenolite all the corrosion. if its not to bad I will then spray it with some stone chip guard... then I need to get the arches to bare metal, treat, paint, fill and paint them...

    Once polished I am going to try some 'bodyshield pro' - also on order.

    Plan is to get everything good and as standard and get through the MOT in May (just before Jap-Fest! ) after that I want to get a cat back stainless exhaust (£300), or even full exhaust incl tubular manifolds and a sports cat (£650 ish..) lower 40 mm, (would love coilovers but again, £££!) white dials and a carbon dial surround / polished rings, smoked rear lights and new front twin hao lights maybe. Leather interior would also be a bonus. This is going to take me years...

    I absolutely love this car. best car I have ever owned :D :D :D

  • Buy coilovers forget the exhaust for a while :D

    Glad your feeling the car mate 8)

  • Every time I go to my dads, he comes outside to listen to me drive off! :D

    I loved my 323f… - this MX3 is even better!

    Forgot to mention, leaky cam covers... I want to clean them up and get them annodised .... :P

    I should have about £100 per month budget for improving the car... reckon in 2 years it will be how I want it.


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