Josh95mx - KLZE 94' GS / Update 5/9/12

  • Well for months I was on a search to find a white 94-96 GS. Well I became extremely lucky and came across this Thank you Whisper

    So to date this is what the car has in it.

    -A 2.5L KLZE 31 motor with a curve neck IM
    -94 MX6 ECU and VAF
    -ACT Stage 1 clutch (think it has a light flywheel, but I don't remember which)

    • Reactive strut tower bars
      -Whiteline Swaybar
      -AST coilovers, fully corner balanced
      -K&N CAI
      -2.5" all the way through, high flow cat, ceramic coated headers
      -HEI ignition module
      -brand new distributor
      -SuperPro urethane suspension bushings with custom rear LCA bushings
      -Shifter bracket (keeps shifter from falling through - known issue on old MX-3s)
      -AWR urethane engine mounts
      -Interprep valve springs, KL-DE retainers/locks
      -Cusco camber plates in the front
      -949 Racing wheels with some Hankook RS2s melted to perfection
      -Brakes - Axxis Ultimates in the front, and EBC Greenstuff in the rear - still plenty of pad
      -Braided SS brake lines
      -I have just recently replaced the shifter bushings with Corksports bronz bushings (A MUST for anyone who has not).
      -92-93 bucket seats

    minus a couple of minor interior things this car is amazingly clean and well maintained

    What she looked like when I first got her :love:

    The day I brought her home

    My first MOD, the swap of my MS wheel from the RX-8

    clear corners and EDM signals

    Out with the old ratty speakers and in with the new, Infinity Ref components (I have had them sitting for the RS for like 6 years)

    Whoops… Dumb @$$. this is why you dont put your finger behind a piece of plastic your drilling with a hole saw bit...

    this is a good picture, if i were to flip the flap open you could see the tendon on the side of my knuckle, and the end of a blood vane was sticking out the side of my finger. I tucked that back in there…

    This is what happens when one (I.E. ME) leaves his component module on the ground and he rolls his car. I did not realize the board was broken until after I installed it..

    All Fixed and working perfectly

    Final product

    JDM power folding goodness in that last pic, that mirror is a wide angle passenger mirror too objects are larger than they appear

    Old Skool Razzo pedals I have had laying around for ever

    Debadged the car, and the start of the new look

    3rd eye mod - installed Lexus LED 3rd eye into MX housing

    That's it for the time being. But I have more to come. Some of the mods done on this car will eventually be swapped onto my AWD RS.

    There is a face lift to follow soon, with the addition of the MS spoiler I have laying around, and larger brakes, and a different rear exhaust tip. You know, good stuff..

  • Took a few pictures this weekend :) She wont look like this for too much longer…

    BTW - The AST coilovers... this is as low as they will go in the rears... the collars are only grabbing threads half way through. I lowered the car 1/4" in entirety all the way around, I was hoping for a full inch, oh well. I guess I could always pull out the helper springs :twisted:

  • Loving the car fella nice work

  • I always did like the MX3 in white, sweet ride.

  • @f2b2fdb876=josh95mx:

    Took a few pictures this weekend :) She wont look like this for too much longer…

    BTW - The AST coilovers... this is as low as they will go in the rears...

    In my opinion, go back up 1/4" on the back and the car would be sitting sweet! just right (for my taste) and still ok over bumps.

    Either way that is a very nice MX3 all day long :D

  • Picture from the other day…

    Starting the repair on the MS spoiler, damage from shipping :(

    The start of the Battery relo. I went to probably 5 different stores with copper cable and everyone wanted 7 to 9 dollars a foot. I said F that, I know copper has gone up but damn. I couldent seem to locate a place online to find what I wanted either. SO, was strolling through the Lowes and on the clearance rack found this… 25 feet 1 AWG gas and oil resistant direct burial copper wire... 15 bucks! Better than a 100 -140 dollar amp kit... Copper is copper and 1 awg is 1 awg, though it has fewer strands it will do the job just nicely.

    Picked up a can of plastidip too :D

    This weekend I will have the Spoiler, USDM sides and rear flaps painted :)

    BTW Duplicolor sucks, they discontinued Mazda PT white… they say they still sell it in 5oz cans but no bueno. I found a ford color that is very similar but it is still off, I painted my rear mud guards with it and cant stand the minor difference. So to NAPA Paint for an 18 dollar pint of Mazda PT. Wesco, which is where I usually go for paint wanted 80 bucks for a pint...

  • Slight Update

    soon to go on with the USDM sides, MS rear spoiler, and new rear mudguards :)

  • … and that bumper is almost the right colour :lol:

    Fully standard on the mudguards?

  • @70f29d6262=youdirtyfox:

    … and that bumper is almost the right colour :lol:

    Fully standard on the mudguards?

    Almost, on the guards yes. The goal is to keep a factory MazdaSpeed look. So body will be done, minus wheels. Then looking for a couple of other key parts and it will be complete :)

    Then I will only focus on engine and drivetrain.

  • sigh… one day that bumper will be mine. I can't believe I passed one up years ago. I like this car a lot. So eh what manifold you thinking? I heard ZE heads flow better :lol:

  • @e90a98b498=Marco:

    sigh… one day that bumper will be mine. I can't believe I passed one up years ago. I like this car a lot. So eh what manifold you thinking? I heard ZE heads flow better :lol:

    :lol: I am going to go with a reported G4, not sure when but probably next month some time. I will port match the heads when I change the IM.

    Right now I am in love with this car, not as much as the RS but it is close :) The added MS front with the rest will make it near perfect for me.

  • Hey Josh what width are those 6UL wheels you have on there?

  • a couple smaller updates :)

    Some rattle can Ford Probe paint (as duplicolor no longer sells castle white).

    Wiper Arms…...

    I forgot to snap completed pics of the blades… Well here is the plastic grommet for the rear wiper. I applied 3 coats of Plasti dip. the other rubber pieces I soaked scrubbed up and then soaked in conditioner and tire shine. :)

    Since I decided to buy new MazdaSpeed Miata door handles why not try out the vents -_-

    Keep in mind that only the right side vent is a direct swap. I dremeled the vent to make it fit :) I have two more to go so I will take progress pics on it.

    side Projects

    mmmmm 2.5" of mild steel goodness

    I did just replace the 2 3/4" CIA with a proper full 3" but it is nothing fancy, yet… I will be done with the KLG4 IM soon and then I am going to do a proper 3" from the TB to the VAF and 4" from the VAF to filter with ram air... should be nice.

    I got a KL36 ECU for the ZE... It can be viewed here :D

  • what the doodleflip is that interior? never seen one of them, its all wibbly wobbly and cool…tell me?

  • It is the North American 94+, it is a Left hand drive only thing :)

  • Looks lovely I will admit. Interesting thing is only the White MX-3's here in the UK are our Special Editions. Odd to see a white one in the US without the half leather half suede interior.

  • That would be nice. I swapped in a set of 93' seats I had laying around for my RS. but I think I may go back to the 94's they are in better shape :)

  • A few more updates :)

    Just the lip..

    I have not finished attaching the weather stripping to the garnish lip but I will.

    and the MS spoiler…

    With the Mud guards…

    Kind of get the idea with the rear wiper

    The new toy

    haha NOT, I wish, was in the parking garage so I had to snap a pic. Red is so pompous… but its still pretty hot.

    Next to come is the full length usdm sides and the MS replica front.... I was worried about the paint but the color match is pretty close maybe I should just roll with it rather then spend a $h!t load on some Castle white.

  • Looks kool and the gang! Can't help thinking that garnish would be better in black so it melts away into the rear window, but the colour match does look spot on from the pictures, keep 'em coming :D

  • Color match is ok, under the florescent lighting you notice it more I think. I originality had the garnish painted black, but it did not look nearly as good. It almost blended in too much and looked out of place. I figured white was the way to go for now. I am going to try to wrap it in CF eventually.


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