Team-RealSmooth's Project EUROPE

  • If anyone wants to donate…. Wont we all like that! Lol
    Nice project though.. ;) Another sticker fanatic! I think I'm at over 40 now, even though i removed some.

  • Has to be done!

    Lol…... :lol: :lol:

    Will get some better more detailed photos this weekend.... if there's any companies wanting to sponsor i will for a small donation :)

  • That pinking looks pretty bad, if it was me i'd use a buffer doing it by hand would take forever. Just don't buff through the paint or your in the shit.

    That didt looks like it would push out if you could get to it and just push it out by hand, or get an innertube behind it if you cant get a hand on it and slowly blow it up and push the dent out.

  • get some rims on there too, those old eunos enkeis look a bit tired :wink:

  • got some UK spec alloys (5 spokes???) they are in the garage atm - shotblasted i just need a new gun (used to do bodywork)

    Cant get to the dent unfortunately, going to drill, splice and pull it out then weld a little patch to cover :) unless a pro can get it out without damaging paint, will see

    Ye they are a bit tired, will be refurbing them though and keeping as spares as tyres are not too bad!

  • No real updates im afraid :(

    Friend came round with a few problems with his coilies so got them sorted and then emptied my car from a car boot the other day.

    Managed to get some clean fuel in the beast and left it running for a while :) WOW the engines so sweet on this even after not being run for 6 months :D

    Need some new HT Leads aswell now so will add to my wanted thread :)

  • No awaited update! ermmm not alot haha

    The europe trip was cancelled for several reasons so stopped caring for it :(

    anyway a bit of history plus a little update :D

    This was bought for me a project when I was 15 to be used as my first car!

    We spent time and money on it to get it running right and put a new clutch in etc.

    It has also had the leather interior upgrade (bought an import mx3 for £185 off the bay - took the interior and some other parts then sold it to the scrappy for £200 - WIN WIN)

    When it came round to insure it I was looking at 2k! NO WAY PEDRO.

    Anyway its sat on the drive ever since (now 20) and not really done anything with it!

    So Dan came down today and after a chip butty he decided while it was raining that we would go out in the rain and clean it….. Ermmmm ok!

    When fully sorted (needs new dizzy + rad and just bits touching up/sorting it will be my new daily as my brother will take mine when he passes (probably around dec-jan time)

    Anyway hes some before and after photos.

    It consisted of a wash & wax, full clay barring, polish, wax then used muc off quick detailer (I LOVE THIS STUFF ITS AWESOME) and it looks mega! you would never think that its the same car :D bearing in mind it has not been cleaned in around 6+ years at least!

    Thanks again Dan (MrCypher)

    For 911 (David) Thumbs up in reflection!

    More soon when we now carry and get all the rest sorted!

  • quick pic in the sun :D

  • You could be cheap and fill the dent on that rear quarter panel.

    Looking good so far. Be amazed what a simple buff and polish does to some faded red!

  • WOW what a difference that makes! nice work.

    you can get a little suction dent puller and it would probably pull out that dent in the rear pretty easy.

  • have already tried a dent puller :( its too big! my mates going to try using PDR :)

    and cheers! will soon be back to show standard 8) I hope! I hate driving non clean cars lol

  • fired the old girl up today and she purred like a good en!

    Putting a few hours into her this weekend! want it on the road for mid september :D

  • Nice polish !! That really made a big difference

  • Yep it did :) Cheers mate!

  • Now broken - All parts available including the leather interior

  • Well that didn't last long, whats wrong with it?

  • Didn't last long? Been sat on the drive for over 5 years haha!

    In the state it was (no mot/tax) to sell it I would get £300

    To get it on the road and up to a spec that I would be happy with would cost me £300-400 and then the car would still be worth only £600-700 so its not worth the time effort and money for then something to possibly go wrong within the future. Could possibly turn into a money pit?

    Saying that I have now bought a V8 Toyota Soarer haha

    If it was worth then it would have been a different story as I loved the little coupe :)

    Couple of pics I suppose as you can't update without pics :D ?

    He then picked up an hammer and this happened


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