OBD II connector locations

  • Does anyone have a photo of where the interior obd connector is as I cant find it, it may not be there but atleast if I know where it should be I can rule it out and assume my car is actually OBD i even though its a 98, also, if anyone knows anything about a K862 / K861 18 881 ECU thatd be great, the ECU has 3 Yellow connectors going into it, but has space for 4 connectors, one connector is missing but the harness isnt missing it, ie, it hasnt been cut out or dislodged, the harness only has 3 but the ecu has 4.


  • I read a post on here a while back about someone having the same thing. the thought was that the car is OBD1 with a universal ECU (for either obd1 or obd2 usage). only way to tell i guess would be to find someone with an MX6 and plug your ecu in and see if it starts ;)

    you thinking about an engine swap then?

  • nah, just want to buy an obd scanner, can get a bluetooth one that you can link up to my smart phone, which would be awesome to just pop out my phone and see how everythings running

  • ooo get you lol. does the phone you have begin with the letter I or is it running the software beginning with A :lol: I have a good old fashioned windows mobile phone so none of that for me unless i port android to it

  • htc sensation, running latest version of android, my phone is about half as powerful as my actual computer, which is insane, 1ghz processor in a phone with a huge screen,

    this shows someone doing it on a phone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8w37ICwnmPg

  • i think you may find that the sensation is running a 1.2Ghz dual core processor with separate graphics :D makes my little 800mhz (overclocked to 900mhz) seem obsolete pmsl. I would love to get some software and hardware like that (in the vid) but im obd1.

  • check the updated link for a better review, thats why im trying to find out if mine is odb2 before I buy the scanner and app, my car should be obd2 based on its age, but i cant find an obd port except the one under the bonnet, if my car aint obd2 i wont be happy, not just cos I wont be able to get this, but cos thatll mean its not what appears to be on the outside, and no one has any ideas or knowledge on my ecu, so maybe ive got something completely random or maybe I have a really late updated ecu, which would explain why theres not much known about it, but still doesnt give a definitive answer to the obd status :'(

  • you can get an app for megasquirt like that, using a serial to wifi convertor

    It's only at early stages, but they'll be adding the ability to tune the car from your phone! Also datalogging etc. Just get megasquirt, obviously the cost effective answer… :roll:

  • Do some digging on mx3.com the clues are there:

    It's right next to the stereo/sunglasses hole, facing down, parallel with the length of the car, just slightly behind the center console trim next to the glove compartment (on LHD cars); you can't miss it… so if you don't see it something very strange is going on. Maybe someone else converted to OBD-II and forgot to install the port or something.

    Me and a mate were chatting about sinking a netbook into the dash for changing maps etc on the AEM :D

  • I look all up under there but cant find anything, plus thats LHD, could be anywhere on RHD.

    I cant believe out of the whole forum no one has any photos or actually real life personal experience of this thing.

    Whats megasquirt? Seen it mentioned, never cared to find out what it is as its usually used in conjunction with 'my KLZE project log' which is something I really care nothing for.

    After about an hour of searching through VIN decoder websites, I cant get anything on my car, the best Ive got is that is a 3 door built in Brazil, which is pretty unlikely especially since 00 denotes Hiroshima, I cannot find the year at all in any of the decoder websites, plus, some say 9th or 10th digit is the year, neither of which works as 10th is the start of the Hiroshima code, ie 0, and the 9th is C, which is something like 2002. DVLA website says manufacture was in 1998, but thats most likely just going on the reg date, GAH! why is this not easy?!

  • We didn't get a proper OBDII port in the UK like they did in the USA.

    You can just read codes the same was as with OBDI instructions using the diagnostics box in the engine bay.

    Technically no UK MX-3's are proper OBDII, they did change the loom in 94/95 but not to a proper OBDII one as we were not given an OBDII conector.

    So you can stop looking for the connector as it does not exist on our cars.
    If your ECU has the space for a fourth connector it definately has the newer loom, so is no good for a KLZE swap.


    I had a black 94 with the same loom and often wondered what the missing plug could be for? I could only guess that it was for something we don't have in the UK or an optional extra perhaps the missing OBDII connector? or for 1.8 automatic stuff? cruize control? who knows....

    Anyway I hope that clears it up for you.

  • Welcome back! and thank god your back! I finally have an answer! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D are you able to tell me anything about the K862 ecu as google and forums are turning up nothing. Dont really need to know now I know its not proper OBDII, but Im still curious as to why no one else seems to have one of these ECU's whats different about mine that needed it to have a rare ECU.

    KLZE aint no problem, didnt want to do it anyways :) I just wanted to know which OBD reader I needed to buy before I spent out on one, what do you think, since the electrical system is OBDI but the ECU is OBDII, thats what your saying right? Id guess OBDI but having 2 seperate criteria kinda jumbles it up again haha. Thanks Daryl, btw, feel free to visit, Ive moved from Yeovil to Wincanton now, are you setup as a garage down here (im guessing thats your job since you know more than anyone one else) be great to leave it in the hands of someone who knows these cars inside out.

  • Took it to the garage to see if there was any codes on as can get it read for a measley 10 quid, garage confirmed its OBDI and had no faults, yay!

  • You should learn to read them yourself, takes a little bit of head scratching the first time you do it, after that its easy.

  • I planned to, but I didnt want to spend money on an OBDI reader and find it was OBDII or buy and OBDII and find it was OBDI, especially as you said that it wasnt so straight forward as OBDI or OBDII and could be a weird mash up of the two, so I paid a tenner, found out I have no problems and it read fine on an OBDI reader, which means for my birthday in April, Im getting an OBDI reader :) Im also hoping for a timing light unless I can find one second hand for cheap enough, dont seem to be alot on ebay, theres the chinese ones, and its a simple enough device, but it the device isnt spot on in its own timing delay or rather a lack of one, then I could end up adjusting the timing when its not necessary, only problem I have is that the K1 leads are 10mm, which by anyones opinion is a large HT cable, their also meant to be very good for induction shielding, so I might not even get a reading, and thats if I can first find a timing gun that can fit on the cable

  • hi,Jesta!i have the same ecu with four ports but only 3 connectors.hopefully mine is obd1 aswell. :?

  • Is yours K862?

  • yes.

  • Yours will be the same as mine then, which is a confirmed OBDI, looks like its just you and me with these ECU's.

  • Hope,that this ECU will be allright for KLDE swap :?


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