Marc's ridiculous new project idea

  • Well I'm a restless kinda guy. I've decided it's time for a drivetrain change. Neither practicallity nor economic viability is a primary consideration. I'll be doing all the work myself where possible. Josh's AWD on has been a big inspiration to show this can be done properly without massive resources.

    Basic spec:
    AWD turbo MX3
    323 4x4 GTR/GTX rear end
    Celica GT4 AWD gearbox - using clubprotege adapter plate. Figured I may as well avoid the gtr trans due to G(lass) series problems, cost and availability.
    323 GT BP engine built with forged rods and pistons
    Custom intake manifold
    Aftermarket/ebay turbo manifold
    GT30 turbo or similar spec
    Use existing megasquirt2 v3 for management - running coilpacks/wasted spark

    End goal is 300whp minimum reliably in an mx3 on all 4 wheels. It'll be an experience. I'm condident in my welding and fabbing ability, so now it's just a matter of time, careful planning and spending. It's going to be tough but fun. I normally like to just do the work and appear with it done but this ones a longer project. I'll probably appreciate the feedback as I go to keep me motivated.

    Big parts sale here

    Wish me luck :lol:

  • Wow, sounds like a whopper project. Besta luck!

  • marco, your crazy ideas normally take off really well and i cant wait to see this project. good luck bud. i am guessing this is not in the purple car lol

  • thanks guys. lol no the eunos is just too far gone, it is destined for the scrapyard in the sky!

  • its such a shame as the car looked so good. I guess these things happen. so is this going into the black beast or is it going in a new one?

  • This is not a ridiculous idea. It just sounds like the next step for you into the cave of MX-3 obsession… You'll find me down there :D

  • I love the idea!!, is it easy to get hold of a 323 4x4 parts ? normally they go for a few grand when on ebay as they are quite rare now.

  • i love your ideas, never the simpler option

    If i had time and money on my side i would be going down the V8 rear wheel drive route or rotary conversion

  • Definately a good exercise in engineering this one! albeit expensive? but fun! Do worry that getting hold of good 323 parts will be quite a challenge as alot of them got rallied, and as Garfy mentioned quite rare intact ones nowadays fetch decent money, not that I want to put a downer on things you understand :)

    Not tempted to go the whole hog and build your own exhaust manifold?

    Will be a beast no doubt, so good luck and if you need anything spun shout me up :wink:

  • Thanks y'all. I've already sourced a GTR and GTX rear, I just need to decide which. GTR costs more but is 5 stud and stiffer sway bar. Cost is acceptable. My KL partout should fund the majority of this project.

    Dan probably sooty yea, may as well. Least rust out of my 3, and apparently better the devil you know sometimes!

    Foxy, yea that was a concern, but now I've 2 rear assemblies to choose from! I am a bit tempted, but they're cheaper than I could make them for in many cases. I'll probably buy a cheapo and mod it for whatever flange I want. I'll make my own downpipe though, 3" hopefully. And thanks, it's good to have a spinner contact :)

  • cool I can stop worrying now then hahaha.

  • Holy fook you're one crazy man! This'll be awesome!

    What'll you be driving until the project is complete?


    "Your crazy man, i like you but… your crazy"


  • is it a 50/50 power split? I bet that first 4 wheel power drift will be fun :lol:

  • Yep 50:50… oh you've no idea how I look forward to seeing an mx3 go sideways, without snow, rain or trays under the back wheels :lol:

    I'll be driving my old red mx3. So long as it hangs together.

  • Marc could you not bolt the fe3 engine to the awd system? Could could target 400hp then!.

  • Haha already looked into that. You have to tilt the fe3 at a fair angle to mate it up. Pity seems like a sweet engine, I even found a donar car on eBay! However parts for the BP are so much more common and cheap. So forged bottom end is good for alot more than 300 ;) should be sweet!

  • whats 200cc between friends anyhow!, cant wait to see start of project. ( hint make sure you keep me dibbed on the lsd box if you dont use it :D )

  • haha yea, plus it'll be bored 40/60 over so near enough 1.9 :lol: Weird downgrading in displacement to make more useable power, but I think it will work out :) Yep no problem, your dibs is noted!

  • Eh up - this isn't barry. this is someone else. I need to ask:

    What are the advangtages of fitting the 323 4x4 rear end as opposed to something like mx5, 200sx etc? do some components already line up like the strut towers or subframe mounts?

    Also, why not forego the gearbox adaptor and keep the 3sgte? they aren't pricey and have huge power potential.

    Do you reckon this is gonna need an iva/sva - especially considering the trans tunnel you'll have to cut in the floor pan?

    Lastly barrys youtube comment was hilarious.

    Over zealous use of smilies that the sxoc don't have:
    :D :o :? :lol: :evil: :twisted: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow:

    Cheers, snippyt (sxoc)


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