HELP!! cant re fit brake pads!

  • Hi Chaps,

    I finally got round to fitting my new discs and pads today (MOT due in a couple of weeks)
    didnt have major issues removing the caliper other than it being a bit tight with the pads. Now, I have had a clunk for a while which I thought was a sticking caliper, it may well be but I found the rear of the brake discs SCREWED, i mean eaten to bits. The rear pad is unevenly worn-more worn at the top, less at the bottom. So, when I come to fit my new disc and pads, I cant get the new pads in, it appears that if I turn the disc, it acts like it is warped. The caliper bolt fixing actually touches the disc at one point during the discs revolution, then pulls away with plenty of space. Obviously I dont want to fit every thing as is, because its going to screw the discs up again and i will be back at square one.

    can anyone please advise me what the issue could be?? Braking worked, but it was great, and i often got a clunk on hard braking (looking at the disc, it must have been that) the hub itself looks ok, but im at a loss right now as my expertise doesnt stretch this far-fitting the discs is a new one for me (have done pads and calipers before though)

    am i fitting the disc right>? its just when I fit the disc, then the caliper, the nearest pad simply wont fit in, where the rear has loads of room and is fine….


    destroyed disc

    hub again



  • That isnt as bad as you think, new set of pads and new pair of discs and she will be fine, I see this quite a bit, the pad has become damaged and is not contacting properly and that is why you have a clean band around the disc and you can see the disc is badly delaminating because it has been excessively rusty.
    If that is the front set it could be the pads have worn unevenly, look at the pads side on you may see they are angled slightly or the pads are just a very cheap set and some of the pad material has come away.

    To make sure everything is ok and guarantee you fix that, you need new pads, new discs and a pin kit to replace all the sliders and then cover everything in copper grease (except pad front and disc) so it will move easily

    Those brakes wont pass the MOT but its quite normal to get them like that on MX-3s that have sat around a while

    PS if you are painting them, do the whole of the top of that caliper and not just the outer edges, you can still see all that through alloy wheels :wink:

  • cheers Marco!!

    yes, I was half way through painting when I thought, hang on, these pads dont fit!!

    anyway, the sliders, is that the two parts the bolts go through? if so, how do I get them out, and where can I get a new kit from (Andrew Pages??)

    I was able to use a g-clamp and slide back the piston easily, but as I say, when I put it all back, the disc, when turned, looks like its uneven, so the inner part of the disc ends up touching the caliper holder lower fixing point….??? somethings not right,,,,

  • sounds like something defo aint right, the pin kits for the sliders are the metal pins you have to feed through the pads themselves, they are about 50mm long pins with a round head and a hole at the other end

    Sounds like they maybe the wrong parts, squeeze the piston in and remember it will start to push back out slowly, also make sure the lid of the brake fluid reservoir is off so the fluid can be pushed backwards through the system
    The pads will be very close to the new discs and can be an arse to get onb there, they will make a rubbing noise until they bed in anyway, also you may find the disc looks warped as its not actually held on with anything until you put the wheel on so it may go round wonky until you have done it all up :wink:

    heres a link to what the pin kit should look like

  • cheers Marco, perhaps youre right, perhaps its just me. Its just when I first refitted the caliper to test everything was ok, I could get the rear pad in no problem, loads of space, but the nearest pad I couldnt, just no space to fit on. I'm worried that the turning of the disc is going to hit the caliper mounting, but i have no idea what the issue could be. Could it be the hub perhaps?? the pins i have, look ok, is it still ok to use them??

    if its not wanging it down tomorrow, i will have another bash….

  • i thought you had to put the pads in the callipers before you put the callipers back on?

  • erm…

    no idea to be honest, this is my first attempt with MX3 calipers, bit different to mx6's!!

    i will try that tomorrow though, although I still fear the problem of everything getting pulled out of alignment, and the rear of the disc getting destroyed again....

    is it possible there is an issue with the hub being uneven or something??

    tomorrow i think i will post a pic/video to explain things better... :D

  • i might be completely wrong but i am sure that is how i did ny old ones, but that may have been a different car, i have had so many lol

  • well, best way I can describe my predicament withpics or video, is imagine me fitting the pads to the calipers as you suggest, then attempting to bring the caliper back over the disc, and it creating a "wedge", by pulling the disc inwards and out of alignment….

    ill doa video tomorrow!!

  • ok mate we will have a look see lol. i know how frustrating it can be

  • ok peeps, learning curve!

    the issue is (im fairly sure) seized caliper sliders! Im fairly sure, because i had to use a hammer, to get them furthur out in order for the pads to fit.

    I have ordered a new set, but at least this explains why my brakes have felt so crappy lately!

  • Concur! They need to float freely on the sliders to centre over the disc. Sorry thought I said that in this thread, said in this one instead :lol:

  • Having just read though this i was gonna suggest have you looked at the sliders for wear,..had this issue on wes and he needed new sliders before i could replace the discs and pads on him….

  • cheers guys.

    so, just so im 100% clear, the sliders that are fitted into the caliper top and bottom with the rubber bits either end 9that the bolts go through), they should actually move, right? because if so, i need another set for the drivers side as well, i cant move by hand…..

  • IIRC there is only one sliding pin in each caliper which acts as a hinge, the other hole is a bolt which is removed to allow the caliper to open. But yeh the sliding pin can be removed if you take the rubber cover off the end. As said order some before you do it from somwhere like "fordprobestore" cos when removing they are very easy to damage :)

  • @fad1d18f24=barrywhite21:

    IIRC there is only one sliding pin in each caliper which acts as a hinge, the other hole is a bolt which is removed to allow the caliper to open. But yeh the sliding pin can be removed if you take the rubber cover off the end. As said order some before you do it from somwhere like "fordprobestore" cos when removing they are very easy to damage :)

    ah yes, I did notice the lower one was different in that its darker and shorter, good job you pointed that out otherwise id have bashed that out too with my hammer!

  • Hi,
    I've just replaced my pads and found the sliders well and truly rusted in.
    After teasing up the rubber end caps, carefully putting WD40 under the rubber and then using a bolt to pull the slider tube through one way then the other I managed to get the sliders moving (after a fashion) but I clearly need new sliders.
    Any idea where I can get them? (My front brakes are I believe Sumitomo -the square brake pads with 3 holes at the top)
    Thanks :D

  • Ive got a front caliper dragging so assume its a sticky slider and breifly looked into a replacemtn. There is a company called Bigg red ltd who remanufacture parts like this so might be worth a call to them.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the lead. Odd that you should have suggested Big Red as I looked on ebay earlier and found some sliders (not MX-3) and some complete caliper refurbish kits (including MX-3) so I emailed them and now wait to see what they can offer. I will let you know when I get their reply.

  • slider kits are out there, nearest stockist to me is

    new forest auto factors marsh lane southampton

    the rubbers on the other hand are a real pain in the ass and USA only, big red sent a kit out and most didnt fit


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