I hate Greece. First they eat all our money, now this…

  • not greece…....RICERS

  • We have them in this country, however, they go by the name of park bench

  • Oh lordy!

  • and the owner has taken a photo because he/she thinks it looks good? WTF!!!! hahaha

  • and about the bailout thing, did they not get something like 20 BILLION euros (on google it ranges fro 20bn to 110bn!). I mean surely 20 billion is enough to solve world hunger, poverty, make a cure for aids, cure for cancer etc etc, what the hell did one country do with all that? and now they want more????

  • @f540fbac49:

    However, the banks estimate that the total cost to them by 2020 will be 135 billion euros.

    Population of Greece: 11,283,000

    How much money each greek would get if divided out fairly:
    11,964.90 euro

    Or the elite could make themselves richer…

    The joys of a fiat currency, let's all ask for our money as silver :D

  • surely giving everybody 10k is going to make a bigger impact than what has actually happened. if they gave everyone 10 grand, they would start to spend it, which would keep people in employment, which would keep businesses open, which would end the cycle…. who is the brains behind this operation? i think they have stashed it in a big offshore account, untraceable.

  • This money lending crap has just been on the new's they got loaned 109 billion euros and they still welched on their private debts to the providers..what a joke…

    its also came out we lent 3 billion to ireland....

  • you could buy ireland for less than that! (sorry marco lol)

  • didnt mean to offend you marco i was only joking lol

  • I bet marco wouldnt even sell his mx3 for that much :lol:

  • I quite like the place, they think im a local 8) :lol:

    defo park bench its look to be made of wood, extend the top over, and youve got a bread van mx3!

  • :lol: I'm in Northern Ireland! My taxes go the same place yours do! Only benefit is when I goto dublin they have nice roads south of the border to get there now :lol:

  • thats good, i thought i had offended you lol. guess i will be seing you tomorrow mate. all paperwork is waiting for you with 2 keys (one splitting as usual) and 2 immobiliser fobs. i dont think the ignition key is immobilised so getting a key cut should be easy enough

  • Haha no I'm not easily offended! Good stuff, cya midday I expect after all the arsing about with buses :| Oh well! We can't decide whether to stay over somewhere around south west england or just gun it up to Bolton where we have a friend having us over. Any must sees? Newquay, wsm, plymouth, bath, bristol?

  • Plymouth is not really worth a look unless you wanna go shopping, newquay has some beautiful sites. bristol is just as boring as plymouth but smaller lol. the torpoint road is a nice drive but 5 bikers have died there in the last 5 years so its also pretty dangerous :( nice bends though. would offer you to stay here but its a one bed place massionette.

  • Thanks, though not looking for a place to stay, it's more like we're over in SW England, so there must be somewhere worth checking out! Won't be raking my investment, it needs to get me home :lol: Maybe check out Newquay then, thanks :)

  • i started it up today and i will be honest, when its cold it really does sound like a bag of nails lol. i will check the oil for you if you like mate.

  • Lol it just needs to get me home. Intrigued to hear this! Yea sure, I'll be giving it a look over before I set off mind you. Hopefully just sticky lifters.


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