Too many mx3s

  • Are you putting yourself forward as a dealer now DJ? LOL

  • @50bdfb0e0e=mx3gulf:

    Are you putting yourself forward as a dealer now DJ? LOL

    LOL feels like it, I have learnt something recently though, DVLA get funny if you have 5 or more cars a year, they check you out as a dealer but a bit of blagging and charm or an extra £20 gets the previous owner to sign the documents and leave the new keepers details clear so its not recorded :wink:

  • i was led to believe that its only if you sell over 8 cars a year. they cant do you for owning 5 cars can they? surely that would make all rich people dealers lol

  • So what u thinkin then marco? DE, Standard, ITb's lol

  • AHhh I still haven't decided. I'm casually rebuilding my KLZE atm, so I may put that in the new car and turbo it and put the DE in the black one.

    I should really sell the red car to start with, but I'm a little attached with it being my first car. However, I had to weld some patches in the sills for the MOT after it had sat unused for a while, so logically the black one should be kept over the red for it's cleaner underbody.

  • Agreed, i understand the sentimental value but if you really need to sell one it obvious which has to go, poor lil red :( lol

    What ever happend to those ITB's by the way they just sounded awsome!

  • Haha yea I know…

    The ITBs reside in the house atm. I've had quite a few people after them even though I never got them running quite right :lol: They're just hard to balance. I need to get a bike tuner/old skool tuner to set them up. It was all a bit much for me. That and get some known injector sizes.

  • ^^ sorry to hijack, did you get the tax sorted marco?

  • Yea thanks Dan, I texted you about it… absolute fiasco! Spent about an hour there, 3 different staff, several forms, alot of arguing it got sorted :lol:

  • thats good, sorry its the misses mobile i was using and she has gone sleep lol. cool, well i will see you on saturday then mate


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