Too many mx3s

  • I'm about to have 3 mx3s… :lol:

    So I need to sell at least one. I will probably sell the black one first. Seems I have three options with that:

    1- Put all the running gear from the eunos into it, k8ze + gearbox etc and sell it on as a pretty much standard mx3. I will need to change the v5 and it's actually trickier going 2.5 to 1.8 as I think you have to prove it's smaller. I need to check on that though as it doesn't change the tax band anyway.

    2- Put a KLDE into it to help resale. It is a 2.5 on the V5 (same tax band anyway). This way I can advertise it as a 165bhp car, 0-60 in 6-7seconds. Negatives of this involve cost of parts, I'd have to do timing belt whilst I'm at it etc

    3 - Break it, but only the standard parts will be sold really. I'm not that keen on that, as it is in better condition that a fair few mx3s about.

    Any thoughts?

  • i say DE it, it will make it more saleable and you dont have to mess about breaking one, also i dont know if you would get much for the effort just selling standard parts.

  • DE it bud.

  • Strip the shit out it de and track it you wreck it you still have your main 1 there. Good practice

  • DE it for sure

  • @c6a1136b58=DaveMc:

    Strip the shit out it de and track it you wreck it you still have your main 1 there. Good practice

    Plus you have that spare charger serious fun no?

  • I would just swap the engines, if its standard car with standard engine its more saleable and appealing to a wider market

    PS I have 4 curtently lol

  • Ahh tough choice… Much narrower market here unfortunately, if I was on the mainland I'd definitely DE it and sell it on, or sell it for a discount price to someone here.

    I kinda like the idea of a track slag but it'd be awkward deciding where to put the effort/money into!

    :lol: DJ that's ridiculous!

  • Well its your time and money mate, i understand what dj is saying but there is a lot of mx-3 drivers in ireland you must be able to sell a DE'd mx3 there.

  • Yea I was thinking about down there, but then remembered that they have to pay a fortune to import a UK car into ROI :/

  • Sometimes my friend, you just cant win!


  • also with the south insurance is almost 3x the amount we pay in the UK although I think it applies to the north too, another way is do the work and bring it to the mainland and someone will sell it for you here to get the best deal back on it

  • Are you putting yourself forward as a dealer now DJ? LOL

  • @50bdfb0e0e=mx3gulf:

    Are you putting yourself forward as a dealer now DJ? LOL

    LOL feels like it, I have learnt something recently though, DVLA get funny if you have 5 or more cars a year, they check you out as a dealer but a bit of blagging and charm or an extra £20 gets the previous owner to sign the documents and leave the new keepers details clear so its not recorded :wink:

  • i was led to believe that its only if you sell over 8 cars a year. they cant do you for owning 5 cars can they? surely that would make all rich people dealers lol

  • So what u thinkin then marco? DE, Standard, ITb's lol

  • AHhh I still haven't decided. I'm casually rebuilding my KLZE atm, so I may put that in the new car and turbo it and put the DE in the black one.

    I should really sell the red car to start with, but I'm a little attached with it being my first car. However, I had to weld some patches in the sills for the MOT after it had sat unused for a while, so logically the black one should be kept over the red for it's cleaner underbody.

  • Agreed, i understand the sentimental value but if you really need to sell one it obvious which has to go, poor lil red :( lol

    What ever happend to those ITB's by the way they just sounded awsome!

  • Haha yea I know…

    The ITBs reside in the house atm. I've had quite a few people after them even though I never got them running quite right :lol: They're just hard to balance. I need to get a bike tuner/old skool tuner to set them up. It was all a bit much for me. That and get some known injector sizes.

  • ^^ sorry to hijack, did you get the tax sorted marco?


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