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  • Okay so heres my car…..

    I bought the car about 2 years ago now and she's been out te bodyshop since the 14th May. Over the 2 years i've owned her, ive gone a little bit mad and changed a few things... lol

    Anyways, heres the spec list and a few pics of the transformation!!

    Body and styling
    Drift front valance- Customised
    Drift side skirts
    RPI rear splitter smoothed into OEM rear valance inc. customised rear corner splitters
    RPI shogun spoiler- Customised
    Fog lights converted to indicators
    Extended bonnet
    Bonnet badge smoothed
    Washer jets smoothed
    Side repeaters smoothed
    Door handles smoothed
    Aerial smoothed
    Boot lock smoothed
    Rear washer jet smoothed
    Full re-spray in 2 part motorbike colour
    White l.e.d under car kit

    18'' chrome wolfrace asia-tech warriors
    Full 4 corner hydraulic suspension
    Ecsta 215/35/18 rubber all round

    Engine and tuning
    1.6 DOHC
    4 speed auto gear box
    K&N 57i induction kit
    4'' slash cut back box
    Chrome air filter heat shield
    Polished heat shield
    Polished rocker cover

    Interior and ICE
    Full white leather re-trim with black piping
    Colour coded centre console
    Colour coded dial surround
    Brushed alluminium dials
    MOMO gear knob
    Rickbrook white leather gear gaitor
    JVC KD-AVX1 head unit with built in screen
    7'' Liliput screen mounted in centre console
    Infinite front component speakers
    Infinite x-overs
    Infiniti tweeters
    2x 12'' Directed subs
    Genesis P1 amp
    Phoenix gold wiring kit
    Reverse camera

    But it still wasnt no where near finished, so over these last 3 months, i've also added a white leather interior… :)

    And a handy set of hydraulics…

    This post barely touches the surface of the work put into it, but i thought i would keep it short and sweet, but if anyone would like to see or know any more about the car, just ask! :)

    Heres a few pics of it doing what it was built to do!

    Redline Rumble 06- Day the car come out of the bodyshop!

    Max Power Live where I was in the top 100!

    If you go to any of the major shows this year your more than likely to see the car. Was also asked to enter best of the south at Donny South this year, but unfortunatly I was away on holiday so i couldnt enter. Next year though!!! :D

    Still got lots of plans and extra things I want to do, but this is just the beginning!!!!!

    I'l keep you all updated! :)

  • Looking fucking gorgeous mate.

    Think I saw it on the SussexCarz forum when it was still red and white?

    Think you might even have inspired me not to get rid of mine and do mine up a bit.

    How much did some of the mods cost ya? Mainly the airbags and the bodywork?

    Look forward to seeing future developments.

  • cheers dude!

    I got a sponsership on the bodywork so i paid just over 2k for it, and just under 2k for the hydraulics aswell!

    Put some pics up of your car man!!! :)

  • There's no point mate she's pretty much a completely stock V6 with alloys. I can't really justify spending a shitload on her cause she's done 160k and I'd rather put the money toward an rx7. As gorgeous as yours is looking I just can't help but be put off by how little you can upgrade the mx3's engine. I'd drop a KL-ZE in but that's still slower than the rx7 even after bolting a turbo on and etc. I love my mx3 but I just want something a bit faster to do up.

  • thats fair enough tne I guess, but you lose the individuality with an rx7. Thats what i built the car around!!!

    The turbo'd klze still sounds the better option to me! :P lol

  • got her booked in for a new zaust saturday!!!

    Dunno what im going to have yet though!!! lol

  • heres a lil vid my mate donw of the hydros in action, and i also got a new cat back system on there which i will post some pics up of soon! :)

    Enjoy x

  • i got my exhaust…

    it deffo marmite, but so far more people have loved it than hated it! lol

    Heres a couple of pics... and yes, the do all work!!! :lol:

  • Wah?:shock: Bet that gives a nice sound. I got Powerflow to do me an exhaust with the same tips only I went for the standard two instead of four. Any chance of recording a sound bite and posting / linking it on here so we can hear what it sounds like?

  • well in true powerflow tradition, its blowing at the mo, so i'l try and get one in the next few months whilst the car is havin more work! :)

  • Started a bit of engine dress up this week. So far have only managed to do a couple of pipes, but i managed to rig up some washer jets which im well happy with!!!

    For the first time in 8 months i can clean my windscreen!!! YAY!

    I'l post some pics up when it looks a bit more admirable :)

  • Heres a lil soundclip of the zausts!

  • Hows things?

    Your car looks great, your custom front Grille and bonnet are the best looking mods I've seen on an mx3.

    I'm putting together an guide on exterior modding guide and would appreciate some help if you have the time.

    It would be great if you could put a few articles together for it:

    1. Buying a kit from the states - where you got it from, how much you paid, how long it took, anything unexpected that happened, anything else that you think would make it easier for someone else to do it.

    2. Fitting a kit

    3. Getting a spray job

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    PM me if your interested.

  • Couple of small updates!!!

    Got my white leather steering wheel, steering wheel boss, white dials are in and also finished my boot build. All that is left to do now is trim it!!!

    I'l put some pics up when i work out how to get them off my phoe! lol

  • Recently came round and decided to go for the KL-ZE MX-3 instead of the RX-7 after wrapping my MX round a tree. Completely totalled and lucky to be alive but just bought another and plan to go all out on this one.

    Look forwrd to seeing those new pics - that exhaust's fantastic. Still an absolute inspiration.

  • still waiting for the new show season to start before I put all the bits on, bt also bagged myself a set of 18'' wire rims 8)

    They look the absolute nuts!!!!!!!

  • Awesome.

    I've been wondering mate, you use this as a daily driver aswell don't ya? If so, d'you get away with not having a front plate or d'you have to pop it on top of the dash?

  • That's a point, I've been wondering for a while whether it's acutally a legal requirement to have a front number plant. Some bikes and quads I've seen only have back ones.

  • yeah use it everyday. I got a very very small one on the front, but dont get any trouble unless im at a cruise or something.

    Usually just a £30 on the spot fine…

  • they look well better with no front plate. That exhaust sounds well good, i want a jap style one from the cat back, how much did you pay from power flow?


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