• @4c1b3af413=Garfy1981:

    Believe it or not these are the following bushes

    15 or more complete sets sold: $300ea + shipping

    These prices include everything. Paypal fees, forum donation are included in these prices.

    A complete kit includes:

    4 @ Front Lower Control Arm, Front half bushing
    4 @ Front Lower Control Arm, Rear half bushing
    8 @ Rear Lateral Link Common half bushing
    6 @ Rear Lateral Link Short half bushing
    2 @ Rear Lateral Link Long half bushing
    4 @ Rear Trailing Arm, Front half bushing
    4 @ Rear Trailing Arm, Rear half bushing

    yeh these are the ones garf, where did you find them?

    Also does anyone want to group buy if possible?

  • The last group buy fell through. It needed 10 orders, only had 4 deposits. It might kick off again this year who knows.
    Unless there is a way of getting a set to powerflex to see if they can match them. Like you said they must have been used across other ranges of ford / Mazda. It doesn't make sense to limit manufacture of bushes just intended for one car.

  • Well i agree im pretty sure that there is a universal bush for every one we need, its just getting them together in a set.

    Im gonna ring around and see what i can do, i might start a gb depending on price etc, its something useful for everyone future.

  • Well heres one for you,, i took the time to call Powerflex today and explain we have members here that would like a set of bushes for the mx3…it appears that to there knowledge there is no interchangable bush for the mx3 from other models on th mazda range and they dont do any for it, i then asked would they be prepared to undertake such a job and i got a big fat NO..
    Next question was could they Please offer some kind of contact for another company or provider of bushes and i got a No again Sorry all i tried...

  • What about super pro ? Guys who do probestore versions


    Unless it's a division of same company :-(

  • @be237c09fe=Garfy1981:

    What about super pro ? Guys who do probestore versions


    Unless it's a division of same company :-(

    No mate they are independent from them…

    Now i have just spoken to them and its sort of good news, if someone here is prepared to or has spare arms etc with the bushes in or can get them out without destroying them and let them know dimensions /measurement then they will look into helping us, they are prepared to help cross ref the items in question and see if Mazda were unique in the design of the mx3 bushes or did use bushes from other models.. they have indicated they would be interested in a group buy but this depends on info supplied to get the bushes sorted first..ie do they make some from scratch or can they utilise others already produced..if you can understand me lol...

  • i get you bud makes sense, wonder if mazda will be able to help. Someone must know the dimensions, im concerned that if i took mine off they would perish in my hands :shock:

  • you can't take them out really. I had to burn mine out to replace the fronts! Haven't done the rears yet. Need to order obscure mazda only bolts to replace ones that will no doubt be rusted to sht.

  • @645f0236fb=barrywhite21:

    i get you bud makes sense, wonder if mazda will be able to help. Someone must know the dimensions, im concerned that if i took mine off they would perish in my hands :shock:

    Been on there site too mate no luck at all, they show no listing for a bush just the rear trailing arms as a complete unit…

    Superpro have access to mazda's info and are prepared to do the cross ref for us if we can supply parts or info about diamension/measurments, there guy who i spoke to was very helpful indeed and seemed very willing to get involved in helping our members here..
    Having spent the morning either searching online or on the phone i have to say tbh there is a very limited chance of finding a site selling bushes,.. i havnet found anyone selling a kit just the odd front lower arm bush..
    i think as a collective we should group together and sort this as best we can and get a group buy sorted as soon as we sort what does fit or can be made..

  • Guys is there anyway you can sort pics and measurements of the bushes you want and we can get this to superpro and go from there say…

  • Its a long shot but i was gonna post on http://www.mx-3.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=34 to see what they wre doing, as we could potentially get a set from the usa but might only be worth it for GB, which im sure you know im defo up for.

    But i cant because i cant open my own topics because of lack of posts!

  • drop a PM to wysbishop, he is the guy who sorts out the GB for bushes. Will be able to help you out.
    He is also the only guy who will know measurements etc.

  • We have lift off!

    Reply on mx-3.com from wytbishop


    How many guys do you have? Because there is a minimum order from the machine shop that does the spacers I need to get a certain number of prepaid orders in order to afford the up front costs.

    If you have a large number of members who are ready to pay I can have bushings sent in a couple of months without a problem. If the numbers are good I'll bring the price down a bit.

    I have registered on your forum so that I can discuss it in person. Waiting to be approved.


  • After looking things up i've found out that 323 bushes fit zx2, and have found two mx3's in the states that have had zx2 bushes fitted to them as an upgrade, so by my reckoning 323 should fit.
    May be a waste of time and money, but will have a go and see if they work and let you know! F*** knows how i'll get to work if it goes wrong!! :o

  • yeah keep us in the know pinballwizard. :)

  • Greetings All,

    My name is Charlie and I am the creator and proprietor of Wytbushings Inc.

    barrywhite21 contacted me on MX-3.com aking about bushings so I have signed up here to offer to answer whatever questions you all might have.

    The deal with the poly bushings I created is as follows…I purchased a set of Superpro bushings from a gent in the Southern US who had purchased them in a group buy on ClubProtege but never installed them. As it turned out a few of them were incorrect for the MX-3 so I drew up the necessary corrections, had a mold made by a company close to me whose business it is to do such things accounting for shrinkage etc. and had another plastics company nearby pour the parts for me. In the initial GB I manufactured the sleeves and modified the special washers myself on a dinosaur lathe belonging to the company I work for. However I have secured the participation of a genuine machine shop who will make the sleeves for me at a reasonable cost. This means the quality will be top notch and allows me to make a few tollerance updates.

    In the original GB the kits sold for $370CDN + shipping. I believe I coul dbring the price down to about $300CDN + shipping in order to make it more appealing. As suggested by pinballwizzard there is a solution for making 323 parts fit for the front, but as far as I am aware there is no other good solution for the rear suspension.

    I am willing to sell rear only if there is sufficient interest in that, at a cost of about $220 including lateral links and trailing arms. To be honest I have reverted my own car back to stock bushings in the front for comfort. The poly bushings do their job well but make for a very harsh ride.

    marcdh and Mooneggs whom I'm sure you all know will vouch for my honesty and the quality of the product. Here is a link to the product information thread on MX-3.com and my feedback thread for your interest.

    Let me know your thoughts.




  • Hey Charlie welcome along!,
    I was on your last group buy which failed unfortunately :-(
    I'm still after a set although I'm half hearted in buying a 2nd hand set from
    Mx3.com but the rock hard 90A of that particular set is putting me off.

  • Going down to workshop in devon this weekend, 323 bushes have arrived so i'm picking up a pair of trailing arms of a scrapper in guildford on the way and will have a go at fitting them over the weekend .
    Will let you know the outcome next week.
    P.S anybody going to brands hatch this month? :D

  • Hi guys, just got back from devon. Rocker cover gaskets done, so she enjoyed a pipe opener on the way home(i'll say no more).
    Picked up scrap trailing arms, 323 bushes are slightly to small, but could be made to fit if bush was sleeved as inner collett is correct.
    Decided not to bother to much as had a bit of luck and scrap arms have nearly perfect bushes in.
    Can donate old arms for moulds in a couple of weeks if it's any help :D


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