Plans for this year and your mx-3?

  • Looks
    JDM splitter colour coded
    Custom rear bumper mod using uk front splitter
    Look for side skirts JDM
    RS spoiler colour coded
    Modify front bumper (credit: youdirtyfox)
    Cream leather seats and door cards
    Interior dash surround carbon wrap and carbon look gaiters for gearstick and handbrake

    New exhaust from fanimolds back 2.5"
    Stand alone ecu remap or chip??? dunno which
    Fit new gearbox with LSD

    I Think thats it for now, hoping to have all this done by summer, what is everyone else planning?

  • @19fc8b23de=barrywhite21:

    I Think thats it for now, hoping to have all this done by summer, what is everyone else planning?

    **Finishing Marvin.

    Two words that hide a lot of pain and ridiculousness.**

  • For the track car

    Rebuild se engine and fit
    Fit new rear window when it comes
    Paint inside

    And for the daily driver

    Change front lights to projectors
    And find some side skirts

  • buying another one :)

  • @4bb664f427=daniel:

    buying another one :)

    lol you better :D :lol:

  • Good Lad!

    One word begins in T and ends in OOOOOOoo

  • i will just gotta convince the misses that its a "necessity" to have one :)

  • its easier to get forgiveness, rather than to convince :D :wink:

  • to do….

    Colour code + fit mazdaspeed side skirts
    Powder coat engine bay parts
    Colour code all engine pipes
    Full body dent removal
    Carbon garnish
    mazdaspeed spoiler repair and fit

    in planning
    Mazdaspeed front bumper or rebuilt erebuni bumper
    Full respray

    Coilovers - XYZ ordered
    Fit poly bushings in the rear end and POR 15 subframe
    Swap steering rack - mine seems to be dying, very heavy compared to my red mx3
    16" wheels
    Polycarb rear window
    Move touchscreen to middle vents
    Move head unit to normal location
    Move gauges to pillar pod or elsewhere
    Paint if I can save enough
    Fit sideskirts better
    Maybe 'fox' mod the front bumper, or pick up a mazdaspeed one

    Hit 300bhp - change wastegate spring, fit 3.5" exhaust cutout valve, change boost controller.

    13 second 1/4mile
    Track day the car
    Thrash as many expensive cars as possible

  • @a5bca2405c:

    Thrash as many expensive cars as possible

    shouldnt be too difficult :D 8)

    I think Keith might of upset a few NSX drivers on the way home :lol:

  • @a735b62277=youdirtyfox:

    I think Keith might of upset a few NSX drivers on the way home :lol:

    LOL that first one I rinsed on the sliproad onto the M4 gave us the filthiest look I think I have ever had in that but I suppose I did go for it down that ramp lol

    The aston on the motorway near eastleigh was another goodun, he didnt expect the car to go like that when he was tailgating me hahaha

    I love my KLZE :wink:

  • hehe would've loved to see the look on the face on the aston's driver! :P

    For me, I'm just gonna try fix up the body this year… then once I'm finished with college and making some real money, my 3's gonna get some serious lovin :P

    For this year:
    Remove scratches and flaking paint on bonnet (doesn't look visible but you never know when small things will turn big...)
    And also have the passenger door repainted (paint's been removed near the handle and some rust on it :( sigh curse the previous owner for not taking good care of this car :P)
    And of course, a simple performance improvement, put that CAI in from probestore (or fordprobestore... you know the one :P ) :)

  • think i have convinced the misses that we need one for her for when she passes her test. :) need to save for a few weeks…. well need to get a job before i can save but i will be back in a 3 soon :D interview on monday so wish me luck


  • lol @ winding up the NSX! I was trying to taunt some 300zxs with launch control but they were having none of it. Some souped up Glanza tried it on last night, didn't go to well for him :lol:

    Good motivation for a job right there Dan :)

  • your telling me :) if i buy a manual could i swap the box for an auto after she has passed? (she doesnt wanna take her manual test)

  • Never read of someone doing it that way round! I'd recommend getting an auto in that case, seem to go cheap enough as everyone wants manual! Otherwise you're going to need a donor car to get the ATX ecu, harness, flex plate, pedal blah blah.

  • na i'll buy a manual and just tell her ill have to get her an auto after she passes. im too young to be driving an auto :)

  • Finish the front bumper & JDM splitter
    Refurb the 17's
    Lower on springs -40mm
    Droplinks & CV Joints to be replaced
    Finish Blinging up the Engine bay.. 8)

    Looking at creating a Ducktail Spoiler… (we'll see how that goes)

    After that... who knows... :lol:

  • @96b8cc98ac=HammyGlos:

    Looking at creating a Ducktail Spoiler… (we'll see how that goes)

    I want that. Let me know how it goes :D


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