Quad headlamp conversion

  • Was looking at the Minari kit car online and quite a few seem to be fitted with a quad headlight conversion, like this one:

    They use MX-3 front lights & indicators as standard, so fitting the quads to an MX would be pretty straight forward I'd say.

    These guys do the parts for them:


    Might be worth sending off an e-mail if someone wanted an alternative to the projectors?

  • might be possible but why on earth would you want to? they look ghastly

  • I reckon they would have jumped on selling them to mx owners I'd they did. Looked at the gallery and it looks as if the bonnet curves in alot at the front.
    Does look very similar tho.

  • should go straight on if they use the same headlight

  • Interesting.. Anybody found them for sale anywhere?

  • @3cacc84503:

    Apart from the non-standard coil springs, the 'comprehensive' kit included the (Citroen AX) windscreen, single wiper mechanism, Mazda MX5 front side/indicator lamps and Mazda 121 rear light clusters.
    Many owners chose to use Mazda MX6 headlights (as on the demonstrators), but the quad headlight setup was supplied as standard.


    Oh, and to put all those component-watchers out of their misery, the Minari's headlights are lifted from the Mazda MX-3, the rear lights from the Mazda 121. An optional Hella quad projector headlight set is offered giving the car a modern look, but I prefer the more feminine almond eye Mazda units they really suit the car and give fantastic night vision.

    interesting indeed! quads would be sweet as a nut!

    worth a post on here maybe http://www.minari-register.org.uk/

    I have emailed for a price! most quad conversions are 300 quid upwards though!

  • I have emailed PeninsulaSportsCars.co.uk asking where the headlights can be sourced from too!!

  • cool, if we get no answers from them,
    theres a complete minari for sale on ebay
    so we could pester him :lol:

  • :lol: I know i saw it…..

    Went on to Ebay looking for Minari parts.... well headlights!! :lol:

    Great minds 8)

  • Quad headlights = Awsome cold air intake

  • hellz yeah!
    heres one we made for a mates 205 Mi16

  • ohh have you seen how the bonnet opens


    this would make a very light front end ( fibreglass ) if you could bolt the hole lot onto a mx3 with a bit of modification. :D

    interesting …............... :D

  • @c0a3cf1059:

    Hi Sam, I can't say if the Minari quad lamp housing will fit the MX3 as I have never tried it!!!! The pod housing was moulded from an MX3 lamp, which was broken up then fitted with tubes to produce the former from which the mould was made to then produce the pods. They are handed. Therefore one would assume it is not too far off and may just pop in. It will have to be bonded in the the steel using sikolflex or grp paste and blended with body filler, then spayed to match your car or satin black. The same process fits them in a Minari bonnet. The lamps themselves can be purchased from Car Builder Solutions, Europa spares, Stafford Vehicle Components etc. I charge £50 each pod as they are hand made, plus £20 carriage. If you are handy with the g.r.p you could make your own, allow about a day for each pod and £30-40 for materials, excluding paint and sikoflex. They should look pretty cool. Hope this helps, Paul.

    contact here : pnfh@btinternet.com

  • might have to buy just one to find out
    for sure, as they are made to order
    so no returns!

  • looks like theyll need some mounts making up since the orig mounts are on the shell, those quads dont have that shell as they use spot lights instead, I reckon your lighting will be awful since the lights are recessed, normal quads have an open design so your light output range of discharge lights up most of the road, but those will restrict it

  • projector units will be going in there if anything :D

  • the same still applies to those, ive got bi projectors lined up for when I can find clear lenses for my own, only place i can find costs £80 just for the lense, which sucks when you think how you can buy a pair of dual halo projectors, with clear lense and housing for double that, but atleast it includes all the stuff.

  • were did you source your bi projector units from ?

  • ebay>china, its the EXACT same kit that you get over here, even down to the packaging, except near enough half the price. If you want quality gear, go to the retrofit source, the stuff they got is worth the money cos it will be better, no question, but its having £300-400 to burn thats the problem. As a note, all the projectors are in LHD, even if you buy them from the UK, since they buy them from the guys on ebay china, try asking, youll get told its lhd from china pps, but they wont answer if theyre from the UK

  • am i the only person that really doesn't like this style of lights? on any car?


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