94" weede`s MX-3ZE Supercharged

  • ello, My name is Jerry and I come from Poland ;)

    Here is my 94` Mazda:

    2011 SETUP

    2.5v6 KLZE engine
    Full rebuild mostly on OEM parts
    ECU with KLZE maps
    KLZE straight neck intake
    CAI with carbon box
    2,5" exhaust with twin-loop OBX mufler
    2,5" ss headers
    Gulf Racing 10w60 oil

    K8 gearbox
    Exedy KL clutch

    Full rebuild
    Speedmax rotors
    Goodridge ss lines
    Motul RBF600

    Tokico HP Struds
    Ground Control Coilover Kit with Eibach springs
    Eibach cambers

    Dragwheels DR-23 Rally Bronze 16"
    Yokohama AVS 205/50 tires
    Dragwheels black screws

    323 GTR momo steering wheel
    momo hub

    Some pics:

    Some Parts:

    My YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrAdrenalineaddicted#p/u/3/5pagRhMN4wM

    Best regards ;)

  • Hi jerry and welcome, nice looking car, the interior looks nice without the sunroof up there, you just need the rear mudguards to make it completely oem and I have seen a white pair here in the UK to match that if you need them

  • welcome to the site stunning car fella

  • Hi,
    Your Mx-3 is looking fresh , like a breath of fresh air
    infact, modified in all the right places and a non sunny
    in White! 8)



    Sparco Torino II

    Must clean them and will be awesome

    sparco rails

    Custom seat brackets (without sparco sliders yet)

    And if we want keep a standard seat-belts:

    seats onboard! :mrgreen:

    MEGA RARE (I love it :lol: ) KL transmission with Mazda LSD (option in japan to MX-6 KL). Longer gear that K8 has.

    On the left side of course.

    III gear from PAR Engieneering with straight cut gears

    Full ACT clutch with 6 pads

    …and test after upgrade ;)

    OEM torsen LSD for mazda KL gearbox is just amazing! Speed in the corner is much much bigger. And traction on streight is also better.

    Wheels spins in the same directions with LSD :lol:

    With turbo-friends ;)

    Last local track-day


    It`s high time to add some power for mazda ;)

    Millenia S rods:

    Fuel regulator:

    Millenia S 280cc injectors (will be working with 3,5 - 4bar on rail)

    And more:

    • walbro 190 fuel pomp
    • anodised fuel rail
    • new rubber for injetctors
    • custom fuel rail adapter

  • Good work :wink:

  • love white ones :D

  • nice work :mrgreen:

  • BIG BRAKE KIT - MAZDA 6 - 283mm width and 25mm th. :D

    323v6 spingle (powder coated) + OEM KOYO bearings + new seals

    whole calipers were diassembled and powder coated

    and assembled with new seals

    4x100 CNC drilled

    in action :D

    …aaand ready, back side

    …front 8)

    my setup looks like this:


    • 323v6 spindles
    • mx3 bearing
    • mx3 hub
    • mazda 6 calipers with new seals
    • mazda 6 BREMBO rotors with 4x100
    • custom spacers
    • Goodridge steel lines
    • FERODO pads
    • MOTUL RBF600 fluid


    • mx3 BREMBO rotos
    • mx3 calipers + new seals
    • Goodridge steel lines
    • Kashiyama pads

    And at last, my girlfriend christmas gift :D

  • Great stuff, Jerry, the car is looking awesome. Brilliant work!

  • Very nice setup indeed :)

  • looks good, but surely walbro 190 fuel pump is just as good as OEM, isnt the 255 the common upgrade lifted from the rx7 ?

    love a mx track toy!, hence im building one also. :)

  • Some more stuff…


    MOCAL Take-off plate, MOCAL mount, MOCAL plate with thermostat + Knecht Filter. And yes i bought MOCAL oil cooler :lol:

    IC 550mm

    Soon more updates…

  • Few more things:

    Mocal Oil-Cooler

    Eaton M62 inlet flange

    …and outlet

    And that would be mount

    After tests I gave this for laser-cut ;)

  • Very tasty :respect:

  • hanger project for supercharcher - it has 2cm regulation left-right direction. Still without mounting holes (will be ;) )

    My SC hasn`t this one mount (previous owner cut it)

  • Meantime…

    I took a part with out Poland mazdaspeed meeting with 1/4mile and track attack :)

    And I was 1st in my class on 1/4mile (beat few rx8 and other ZE car ;) ) and 3rd on track.

    Engine is going out in next week and will be complete rebuild on OEM parts with straight neck intake and millenia s rods and injectors. Supercharger will be also under the hood but not clutched.

  • Nice one! What times you get on the 1/4 mile?

  • 14.8-14.9 but surface was poor.

  • Final project:

    Cutted and fitted


    Oil filter relocation adapter :)

    adn fitted:

    Set for additional pulley for supercharger belt

    …and fitted ;)

    Adapter for fuel rail which is necessary to install Turbosmart fuel regulator

    And washed car preparing for engine rebuild :)

    Next stage is remove engine from car and full rebuild on millenia s rods and of course supercharger (still not clutched for time when engine is run in)


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