My mx3 1.8 v6\. chris

  • Hi. Thaught id start this thread as I have recently baught myself a new money pit :D. (so much more willing to chuck cash at a v6 instead of a french shopping trolley, lol) fair few things to do so will post my plans and some pics soon.
    Be in touch…

  • Out of curiosity, is there an mx3 uk stand at modified nationals in peterborough by any chance?

  • Hi and welcome, what bit of French kit
    you used to have then? I defected from them
    too :D

    Dont think there is at mod nat. but there is at japfest
    this year , castle combe 14th may.

    look forward to your plans and pics :)

  • Yes at japfest we will be there will be a stand, if you wish to join us the tickets are £15 through me and your car can join us for free, just PM me for more details

    Look forward to some pics, hope you get the V6 bug like I have and get some mods on it :D

  • @64e965b337=youdirtyfox:

    Hi and welcome, what bit of French kit
    you used to have then? I defected from them
    too :D

    Funny how I'm going back there :lol:

  • At the moment I am still rolling arround in my x reg clio rsi (1.6). Will put a cuple of photos up of it aswell. Thing is…as much as I do actually like it, it keeps eating my wallet so I was lookin 4 somethin a bit nicer to drive that I can feed my hard earnt cash into... A friend of my brothers just happened to hav this mazda sat on his drive going to waste. Does need bit of wrk but not much tto get an mot, mostly paintwork really and my neighbour has already said he will help me with that, legend! Oh, and yeah defo got the V6 bug, at least I hav now since I tuk it 4 a drive :)
    Off wrk on monday so will post some photos then.. Bye for now :)

  • Hello again. Wrk 4 this week is to fit new batteery, induction filter and exhaust mid pipe with spports back box. Also wanting to delete the egr valve from the system. Any help on this would be appreciated. Would a re-map be needed as I think the ecu will prob chuck up a fault code if no egr.

  • I think with the egr, its just remove each end and block it off and its done no need for remapping
    also note the ECU's on these cannot be remapped etc

  • a few pics…

    …in the snow just after id baught the clio...that was a fun weekend :)

    …the clio now.

    …she was quite dirty

    …a quick clean and t-cut sorted that out. (passenger side has some deep scratches tho, driven thru a hedge??? will be getting repainted)

    …note the damaged paintwork on the rear bumper, heat damage by the looks of it. good job i know a re-sprayer :)

  • Nice looking car keep up the good work

  • Clean and fresh Bro good one, like the exhaust :)

  • cheers. i like the exhaust too, nice sound but alas it is very loud and just too much for day to day driving so unfortunately its got to go… :(
    the new one will be quieter but still has a 3" stainless pipe out the back
    (just waiting for it to turn up).

    in response to the posts about japfest, i would be interested in coming along but bristol is a bit far (especially as the car is off the road atm).
    if there are any meets over this side of the country? car should be motd and taxed…etc by late summer (waiting for good weather conditions for painting). let me know.

  • Hiya jarret, if you have ordered a sportex be warned the 3" is louder than the 4" if you want it quieter than what you have if you are fitting it to a V6.

    Japfest is the best meet of the year if you can make it otherwise I hope you will be up for the london tunnel run in late september, that is a must do if you have a jap car and be prepared to stay up late :wink:

  • hi there. easter break over…time to get on. thaught id update on my progress, hadnt realised how long since iv bin here. anyway;

    • engine bay cleaned out, serviced, belts changed, induction filter fitted (air intake in bonnet still to be fitted) and a lick of paint here and there :)

    • rear axle assembly stripped down and overhauled, painted and rebuilt.
    • rear brakes freed off, fronts to be replaced (very very stuck!!) pipes replaced as necessary.
    • new exhaust fitted (sounds 10x better)

  • started work on the front end now…

    new headlights fitted, fogs tidied up and re-painted and some red grill set behind lower bumper vent…

    bonnet vent comig along… lookin forward to getting it glued down and the bonnet painted so i can get it all put back together.

    just waiting on some new whiter lamps for the lights then the bumper can go back on aswell.

    next job will then be to tackle that awfull rear bumper.

    am also thinking of changing the front seats. if any one knows of any decent seats that will go…im after half leather ones really as i only have cloth ones in atm. have seen 306 gti seats that i like but don't know if they will fit. wondered about maybe just changing the runners on the bot.tom. heard that escort seats will go but only like the ones from the later models tbh (escort gti) and i guess they would be bigger.

    any ideas????

  • the escort gti seats ive seen on e-bay…

    the 306 gti seats ive seen (prefer these ones)…

  • Coming along nicely…. 8)

    Seats should fit, as long as you can get the bases off them... it should be a simple swap over.

    Buddy of mine took the whole base off EG Civic seats and transferred to S2000 seats.. took a couple of hours all told..

  • sure i remember reading that escorts seats actually sit higher in an Mx-3
    as a few people fit mx3 seats to escorts to get there seats lower?

    grill mesh looks great mate :)

  • well, it's been a long summer and i'm finally ready to get the mazda on the road.
    insurance just about affordable and i'm happy with the car…for least untill the next mod :)

    Pretty much ended up re-painting the whole car...

    new foglight surrounds
    new black angel eye headlights
    red bumper grill
    smoked side repeaters
    painted engine components
    full engine service
    timing belt change
    new battery
    induction filter
    bonnet scoop
    new mirror
    black alloys and new 205/55 r15 tyres
    new front brakes…discs, callipers and pads.
    new brake pipes and hoses where required
    new exhaust from cat back.
    overhauled rear sub frame
    paint job
    new steering wheel and horn push button
    new stereo, speakers and parcel shelf
    new boot struts
    plus other little jobs done.

    so any way, the other day i decide to MOT the MX3 ready for insurance and tax :) (gettin a litle excited i will admit)
    appart from my lovely headlights being non mot standard the emissions were way too smoke out the exhaust :( now i'm upset..

    have had a little play and it only really blows when warm engine at high revs. any suggestions before i start ripping the rings out...?

    guess i'll be drivin the clio for a lil while longer :)

  • front with bonnet up…


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