• @8b37367e70=cee:

    Have you seen the yellow one on Utube?

    I was thinking yellow with the equipe logo in black

  • I'm rocking a very tasteful 3 tone (could possibly be 4 tone) at the moment but once I have everything I need all will become clear as to what is happening with my dirty little car :lol:

  • KBC10. No exceptions.

  • @efc62a8ef1=Famine:

    KBC10. No exceptions.

    Even before I clicked the link I knew what it was going to be :lol:

    You up for some Bert shaped fun anytime soon? Can't think of anything to do that needs to be done but I'm sure we could stare blankly at him for a few hours and then resort to violence :lol:

  • gulf colours :lol: 8) :wink:

  • @d06079ab76=djmarcopolo:

    I was thinking yellow with the equipe logo in black

    Gets my vote… would be the colour id have if i was looking to change it...

  • sorry if there a bit rough in places, only been awake 40mins and leave for work in 10mins

  • Can you do Black and yellow? down the centre of the car?

    Nice work btw :P

  • I could, but it wouldnt look very good, the yellow comes out a metallic version, might give it a go and see where I can go with it, if all else fails Id do a pic using my car as thats flat red

  • red=ftw :)

  • Nice job :D :D

    Love the last one, BRG is a good look

  • This is the one I was thinking of

    you had any quotes for a paint job yet?

  • had to use my car in the end, took 40minutes so i hope you like it

    and before anyone else mentions it, yes, I do know its still red in the astra's reflection :)

  • reminds me of hazard tape!

  • lol, Im thinking bumble bee from transformers

  • Better then I expected.. I like it :) I think I found my colours.. thanks Jesta

  • was quite a bit of fun, havent used photoshop properly for years, so if anyone else wants something doing feel free to put up a pic as id quite like to spend a bit of time relearning some of what I once could do.

    I would need high res photos though as the amount of editing is ridiculous (try turning a car flat yellow from red or any other colour and youll see what I mean, always wants to go to metallic due to reflections), if you look at the photos of dj's car you can see that were it starts to go dark down the side of the car due to lack of resolution there isnt enough colour data to get decent gradient between light and shadow, all Id need is a good photo, anything 5mega pixels or above should be fine, and shot in a decent amount of lighting.

    I own a dslr and equipment so never struggle for light, but if you think your shots through a little then you can get excellent quality from a normal point and shoot camera if anyone knows how to do exposure bracketing then that would be a huge help, could do colour changes and HDR, if you dont, then just ask, not all cameras can do it due to the over simplification of the user interface, also, shoot in raw if you can. Photobucket wont host raw of high res, but you can email me the photos as I can accept attachments upto 1gb


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