Replacement door speakers

  • Thanks guys for your help. OutlaW666 - can you remember which model of speaker they were? If they do the job I'll just get a pair of these - hate to be a copycat but… :wink:

  • Im at work. When i reach home later today, ill see and post :wink:

  • i got some adaptors shipped from ebay USA for £7 they have done the job for me my pioneers fit them perfectly and the window goes right down too.

  • I'll take a look cheers!

  • Here it is :
    Alpine SXE-1750S

  • Sorry it took me a while but here are the pics.
    Here are the tweeters

    One of the drivers:

    Crossovers mounted between seat and door sill, once I attach them to the carpet there should be enough clearance for the seat to move fully forward to backwards without touching the crossover at all:

    Hole behind driver (just to show that the window does cover this hole when fully opened) however this has not interfered with the speakers at all):

    Depth of driver with the adaptor ring fitted (I was very impressed to find that the adaptors have the shielding around the tops of the speakers to protect against leaky windows):

    Overall I'm impressed with these speakers. They have highlighted parts of my music which have been poorly ripped which I hadn't noticed with any of my other speakers. The only thing to mention is that they will ne top be paired with 6x9s or a sub of some description since they don't seem to have much bass to them.
    Still for £40 with crossovers, I'm not complaining!

  • Bellers - you're a star - great pics! Separate tweeters - interesting.

    Looks like I've got a choice to make :shock:

    Next thing then are the rears :?

    Maybe a sub…

  • I love the separates, the treble is so much more pronounced. I have a spare pair of crossovers so I would love to get separates in the back too but they're harder to find. I'd hate to see the crossovers go to waste tho! Also thinking about getting a little sub. Nothing too offensive, I don't want to make a competition with anyone, I just want a nice fuller sound for me to enjoy.

  • I've found quite a few separates now with 55mm depth.

    I have to say I'm now thinking about replacing the whole system with separates and a sub… bit of a project maybe. Doing 90 down the motorway with the roof open then you do need something a bit meaty! Well that's my excuse anyway :wink:

    Will keep you updated. Need to save some cash first!

    Thanks Bellers.


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