Carbon garnish

  • if some one can send me a garish i can give it to the guys doing my doors and wings to make a mold

  • @393d8f3b0f=nightstalker:


    That is hard work to make any of those listed above, I chose the garnish as its just flat with no interior

    I am working on it all this week and most of saturday so I may have the first one out very soon.

    The problem I now have is Carbon fibre, its very expensive to buy so to get it I have to blag and theres not much around in my boatyard as its very specialist thing on yachts

    If anyone can find it cheap or can get a pile of it I can do a deal for it and make one in exchange for enough for a few.

    The Mold will be finished by friday

    Next flaw is mounting, I may just use hardwood blocks to cut the costs down and then fit it by using large screws into the wood blocks

    Can you not use the mold to make regular garnishes (pleases :D )?

    I can knock out a few standard fibreglass ones dead easy, they will just need painting at the end of it as they will either look poop or I have some very awful blue gelcoat to go on it but plain ones are easy and I can get materials for nowt, its the carbon thats hard work

  • you know i want one

  • Mold is finished and has come out reasonably well, I cut all the edges back today and removed the old garnish, the OEM garnish shattered so thats the end of that so I will try and get the first one laid up this week to see how they come out, then I will do my carbon one the week after, first one is already sold so I will keep this thread updated as I progress

    first look at the mold

    Trimmed and ready for the first one

    one very sorry looking garnish - it gave its life for the team

  • thats fuct now :lol: lucky i gots one 8)

    top work bro!

  • Nice work!

  • I have now sourced some real carbon fibre for the garnishes, it will work out at £15 each just for the cloth for each garnish :shock:

    I will sort a price soon as I am making a test one in plain fibreglass this saturday :D :D

  • This garnish bit is only suitable for the older mx3's isnt it, not like the spoiler bit I have?

  • my garnish bolted straight up jesta.

  • They fit all MX3's any age, just 5 bolts holding spoiler and replace it with flat garnish

  • i want one regardless of finish

  • ooh, then I could think about a spoiler on top! love the side view of the mx but it seems like it just needs an extra 2 or 3 inches of rise on the rear spoiler just to give it some sleekness on the rear end, from the front to the back it looks hella stylish but then is dead plain at the back, like theres a spoiler missing :)

  • Hey DJ, when you get everything sorted, I'd be very interested in one… we can't get the flat mount garnish here in AUS...

    shoot us a pm when you work out costings...
    ;-) cheers.

  • The cost of posting to OZ would be quite expensive due to size so if you could get a few sold down there it would make much more sense

    I will try and have a go at one this weekend but am really busy at work so I have lost a few hours on this already this week

  • Just an update, I havent forgotten about this project I am so swamped with work this month I am heading for over 80 hours overtime this month alone but it starts to calm back down in may so will be back into it then, have now sourced some Carbon for these so will be able to work prices out soon :wink:

  • I'd be in for 2 of these! Keep us posted! 8)

  • i wouldnt mind due for some carbon fiber somewhere on my car

  • first one has popped out at the weekend, just need some time to cut it down and see how its done, have found some ripples in the mould and a dodgy corner so may still need some work but they have been started :bigok:

  • that bonnets not going to be easy then :mrgreen:

  • any updates on this?


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