• Hiya, I tried fitting my power folding mirrors today and hit a brick wall that nobody seems to have ever had before.

    I found the plugs on the mirrors are different to my standard ones, the standards are white with 4 pins, the new ones are blue with 6 pins.

    Is this because they were fitted to a jspec import and not an MX6 as they usually come from, I dont really want to rewire entire looms just for some folding mirrors


    NEW MIRRORS FROM Jspec Eunos Presso

  • Yeah you've got to run an additional wire from both of the mirrors for the folding function, Lori & Mooneggs have done it I think.

  • Shit, I didn't look at the pics, disregard my last reply :lol: The connector is different than the one I had on my set, must be an adaptor or something out there for them?

  • I'll put the pics up tomorrow bud :) also, good to hear ya voice :)

  • Yo:

    Ok Image 1:

    The block connector from the back of the switch has 2 missing pins if the car doesn't have the folder-mirror switch (bottom row middle two IIRC)

    (I'd do a block swap from the AZ3 and just rewire the two)

    You need to run a single wire from both of these to both motors in the wing mirrors.

    Image 2:

    (Ignore the red and white in the background, there for my heated wing mirrors)

    I've had to do it like this:

    Unlink the block from the loom to the wing mirror and snip.
    Rewire in the wing mirror controls
    Connect up my two wires from the switch to the mirror motor

    Way I did it which was quick and I was in a hurry:

    2 wires from switch out under S-wheel through firewall and up to the back of the engine bay, then down into the wings, into the doors.

    Also, that MR2 switch I told you about on the phone <3

  • Id guess that those two extra wires are posi and neg for the motors, since they should be opening/closing at the same time, so if you were to run a +12v to one wire and -12v to the other then that should show you which way the power flows to operate it in one selected mode.

    Just a guess, could kill it completely so I reckon you should probably just ignore what I said, but I thought Id post it anyway just for your consideration.

  • You got it :P

    You can just tap them on the battery and it will either open or close.

  • I did? If I keep on like this people might actually think I know stuff, awesome!

  • As were talking about mirrors, how do you fancy doing a heated mirror how to before I break mine and curse myself with 14years bad luck? Mainly interested in how you get the mirrors out in the first place tbh

    You could always keep the existing wiring connector, if your not changing that switch, simply take a thick pin (leather needle is ideal) or a paperclip, then push it down onto the locking tabs that hold the wire into the block connector, then just transfer them over.

  • OK when I fit them I will do a how to…
    They are surprisingly easy to change.

  • lazy!, just put your hand out the window and pull mirror in!!.
    Your be after a bloody cup holder next!!.

    Its a sports coupe not a fat tourer !!.

    Only jok….......... :D

  • @682422e458=Jesta:

    As were talking about mirrors, how do you fancy doing a heated mirror how to before I break mine and curse myself with 14years bad luck?.

    Rip wing mirror from car with man rawr.
    Heat the rubber edge up with a hair dryer and use a small (something like a paper scraper) to pry up the glass down one edge (top or bottom)

    The glass is held on by the same shit that the plastic sheet on the door is, that black rubber crap that won't come off anything.

    warm it up and pull.

    Just do it backwards for the re-build.

    DJ's guide will be a little better tho :)

  • That guys got a wide variety of car/bike connectors, doubt theyre interchangeable with OE connectors, but theyre all super cheap and he even sells waterproof ones, not had any problems with the ones I bought off him about 2 years ago. If those 2.8mm terminals are no good he often has other sizes, normally 4.8/6.3mm of all the connectors. Incase you didnt spot it, that price is for both parts, male+female connectors and both sets of pins/terminals, just thought Id mention that so you dont end up buying 2 needlessly

  • yeah I think you've got all the answers you need. I was actually just wiring up my 3rd set of JDM Power folding mirrors 2 weeks ago… didn't take any pics though...

    One note that I'm not sure if I read up in the other posts... you don't need any additional power/ground wires, the power from the switch is enough. I combined both sides with a Y and put thm into the normal connector for the back of the switch. They only work when the key is set to start or on... I thought it might be cool to have them automatically fold in when the car is started or turned off (like luxury cars have) but I haven't tried it yet.

    Also if you're lucky some of the MX-6 (which fit the mx-3) sets have a heated option which is just 2 extra wires coming out of the heating pad on the back of the mirror...

  • you could always have it so that they unfold when you use the remote/central locking, dunno how but someone will no doubt know

  • @f1a1f9226f=Mooneggs:

    2 extra wires coming out of the heating pad on the back of the mirror…

    I contacted a seller of 3rd party wing mirror glass on ebay whos listed some, I picked some up and wired it into the rear demister switch, works a treat :)


    Contact that guy and just get him to add a heat pad to the back.

  • I think it will be down the route of wiring to the ignition to fold everytime I stop with a relay to keep it happy, the ignition wire to the stereo would work

  • this may sound stupid, but, how do relays know when to turn off?


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