Steering problem :-(

  • hi guys. yesterday as i was driving through the snow to get home i had the strangest thing happen. the stering whel started to shake qute badly and whn i let go of it it pulled me into the hardshoulder. i pulled over and checked the steering system as best i could and all semed fine. there was about y-2mm of play in the o/s driveshaft. i rang my mechanic friend and he said that sounds ok so do u know what else it culd be? possible wheel bearing gone? there was no warning. it just happened. there was also a clunking noise with every turn of the wheel. any help is appreciated as i cant drive it to my mechanics place cos i am snowed in …. yes we finally have some snow :-D.

  • Wheel B gone is my vote.

  • thanks lori. is it ok to drive as it felt like the wheel was going to dall off lol

  • There not to hard to replace,

    Jack it up,
    Wheel off
    Hub off
    Hammer the bastard out

    Tap the new one in
    Hub on
    Wheel on
    Jack off

    I'd not drive it myself, others might however.

  • Jack it up on the corner it pulled to and give the wheel a wiggle see if you can hear the clunking there.

    Its strange it pulled straight over to one side

    If the wheel bearing has collapsed you should be able to see it with out jacking it, the wheel will slightly angle in at the top but then driving it shouldnt clunk it would be metal on metal grinding away inside and make a horrible noise before the wheel would eventually come off.

    Clunking is usually to do with a bush going somewhere, the steering would shake if its out of line so would be worth checking the track rod end hasnt gone big time. That would put the wheel out of line and cause a shake
    If it has gone you will need to get the tracking done again

  • it did fel like the driver side wheel was staying strait and the passenger side wheel was "flopping about" going wherever it wanted to go. after i pulled over then drove off again it stopped for about 5 mins. when it started again the speed didnt mae any difference. had the same problem at 30mph as at 60mph if that helps. i checked and the wheel seems strait enough. if it is track rod end is it difficult?

  • apparently it could alo be the antiroll bar?

  • probably is the anti roll bar, they have those tiny links on them, they dont cost much about £15 they do snap when they get old

  • thanks marco i will get the wheel off once the snow has gone as its parked on a hill and i will look for a rusty broken antiroll bar lol. should be fair easy to fix that.

  • When the wheels off they are pretty much in front of you

  • good stuff. thanks again mate. i will post up what i find with pics if i cant see anything obvious

  • anti roll bar drop link when knackered will make a clonking
    noise when slow cornering I found.
    Be prepared for the possibility of disc cutting the old ones
    off !

  • nothing is ever easy is it lol. i still cant get the wheel off as still parked on an icy hill and its just started snowing agaon. i had a look with the wheel on but i couldnt see much

  • have just taken the wheel off and to be honest i cant see a problem. my neighbour came out to have a look as well and he couldnt see anything wrong either. the anti roll bar seems fine and all the bushes look ok. the wheel bearing is fine. the only thing with play in is the drive shaft and that is minimal. slightly confused now. i will take it for a drive if the snow clears and post back. any more suggestions of what it could be? :shock:

  • tbh though if your ARB DL is knackered you wont
    be able to see anything wrong (unless its snapped)
    If you can remove one end of the drop link
    then you should be able to waggle the link
    around to see how much play there is in its ball joints

    my old ones were totally goosed and flopped around
    alll over the place, were as the new ones you could
    hardly move them!

  • an arb wont cause it to like that. i took them out of my pajero and has been driving fine.

    with the car flat on the ground can you move the wheel left to right from the wheel?

  • no there is no movement or play in anything. im baffeled. i have ordered the antiroll bar because its a cheap part and will try fitting it later. will i need a crowbar or something similar to get it on?

  • just had the wheel off again and "tried" unbolting the antiroll bar linkage. the bottom bolt is rounded but the top bolt was intact. i started unbolting and kept unbolting for about 5 mins before i realise that the nu AND bolt were turning. i tried tightening it back up and saw ALOT of movement so i am guessing this is the cause of all the problems. i will take it to a garage whenever i can affordit. apparently it will feel alot worse than it actually is so its still drivable. thanks fo our help guys, i wouldn have had a clue if it werent for you guys

  • the bolt has an allen key slot in the top of it
    so you can hold the bolt still with the allen key whilst you undo the nut.

    but with what happened to me was the allen key will either round off
    or bend before the nut will crack > I tried lots of different leverage
    methods but to no avail thats why i had to resort to the disc cutter!

  • thats what my mechanic said as well. think i will leave it to him as i wuld make a right hash of it and the small fact that i dont own an angle grinder.


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