Jono's KLZE Project - Turbo Build Begins

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    egr dosent effect the emissions
    only the cat dose
    egr only recurculates exhaust gasses to burn unburnt fule but also takes crap back in to the engine so i would take it off

    It may effect the emissons on the idle test but not for the worst it probably if anything make it cleaner, it is although a road traffic offence to re-route any crank case / rocker breathers to atmosphere or modify the OE EGR setup, after 1994.

    Being a class 4 tester, i get all sorts of cars with performance modified breathers / EGR setups. As a tester you must test the vehicle on its merits.

    I often have cars with no cats that pass the emissions no probs, quiite often have to remove breathers or blank EGR valves to get cars to pass.

    im pretty sure (tell me if im wrong ) that the egr is specifically to get rid of nox by burning it off, so exhaust gases are passed back through the engine (so much for cold air intakes etc) but in this country ive been told that one of the emissions we dont test for is nox however in japan its really vigorously tested for as it causes problems with smog or something.

    as i said i could be wrong but that is what i was told just before i did the egr mod on my toyota hilux surf a couple o years back


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    Hey all,

    I haven't had alot of time to post on here, mostly thanks to my new job, which also meant that I have not had time to do much to the car, BUT…

    I have been working on a particular part the car today.. THE ECU :D

    After months of searching for a "backup" ECU I found a K820 on ebay and got it for a fiver!!!

    Now I had previously turned down K820 ECU's but I thought for £5 I cant go wrong, and how right was I, 3 days later I have a backup ECU, I tested the K820 on the car (I normally run a K839) and it runs the car just as good as the original, which makes me really happy cos now I can fit my probinator chip :)

    As im sure your all aware only particular ECU's will accept the chip, so since the backup ECU was a K820 I decided to not bother even thinking about checking it.

    This morning I started the task of de-soldering the chip from my K839 ECU (Rather nervously!) After about an hour I had the chip removed, somehow I missed a tiny bit of solder on one of the legs which unfortunately broke one of the tracks on the board when I removed the chip, so after a bit of work I managed to replace the track with wire & resoldered the new probinator chip cradle into place, this took around 15 mins, I put in the nice new chip and put it all back together.............

    The ecu went back into the car and.......

    It started with no problems & runs very nice :D

    The exhaust no longer smells rich, the exhaust tone is much deeper and the car seems to sound a little more aggressive.

    Idle is nice, so I took it for a spin, very very very smooth, and there is a clear power difference, the car pulls all the way through the rev range, and feels very solid.

    I am very very happy, gone are the days of the old ECU YAY!!!!

    Oh it also very very quick :twisted: I love these cars!

    Now for the exhaust!!!!!!!!!


  • Jono man ur a fella after my own heart!!!!!! seriously sexy job done man. its nice how u kept the body true to the origional MX-3.

    Just a quick one, why is the air intake breather black plastic pipe still in ur engine bay. ya know the one just about the rad that led into the stock air intake box? Just curious.

    i plan doing same as u man, klze clutch turbo etc have ya any thoughts on a engine management system with a user interface for on ur dash????? thinking of getting the MAP ECU as a piggy back with my KL 36 ecu.

    im a tech head like that, want to seem like im controlling my engine not my ecu lol,

    btw hope the new job aint affecting ur important work on ur baby lol

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    Ahh.. there is a very logical reason for that still to be there.

    You see it does actually provide good airflow into the top of the bay when yu are driving (Mazda didnt spend loads of time developing this stuff for nothing! lol)

    As my air filter is in line with the exit of the pipe I am happy with it pushing nice cold air in!

    When I move the intake down behind the bumper then I will remove it cos it does look a bit crap but it does serve a purpose at the mo :)

    On another note;

    Im pretty sure that the clutch is slipping now lol it would seem that the car has alot more power but the clutch cant handle it, so at some point I will need to swap in my new clutch.

    Also due to a lovely thing called overtime im getting on track to start buying parts for my exhaust :D


  • Good work Jono, makes the difference doesn't it! Runs very lean at idle too, so much better mileage all round. Getting some ebay headers and catback?

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    Finally showing my support for the forum :)

    :twisted: I like these stickers alot! :twisted:

    If you look carefully at the top of the pic you can see the sticker on the other side too :p

  • me to same place as well

  • that's nice! it would look funny if I had one on my car, driving around the USA and all 8)

  • @01e54732d0=Mooneggs:

    that's nice! it would look funny if I had one on my car, driving around the USA and all 8)

    want one? lol.

    can someone send me a sticker! ill send the payment, and if mooneggs wants one send me too, and ill get it for him.

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    Hello.. Been some time since iv'e updated this!

    Well the car is currently in bits in my garage as I am finally installing the Clutch nearly 4 years after the swap :D

    After getting the gearbox out it would seem that the rear crankshaft oil seal has gone :( so the car has to stay in bits until I can get my hands on a new seal.

    Ive also got a set of mx-6 stainless steel exhaust headers/downpipe which will be fitted once the gearbox is back in, the only issue I can see with these is the length, I may need to modify the mid section :shock:


  • yep thats the one that gets us all easyest way is to take out the cat and make a small pipe to go in place

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    Well its been a while again… ( Over two years I think !!! )

    Just had the thing MOT'd (which it passed!) and now its off the road for some serious and lengthy project work.

    A little update on where things are;

    Just over two years ago I got the new cluch installed, made a huge difference, no more slipping clutch which is great. Installed the new headers and built a full exhaust system using a MX-6 cat.

    Then the alternator failed, so installed a refurbished one... this failed 6 months later, got that exchanged... 5 months later that one went too, so I just forked out the money for a brand new one, over a year later and its still running fine.

    I bought a new daily driver earlier this year (A Nisan Qashqai for those that are interested) so now the MX-3 sits in the garage.

    After thinking long and hard about it I have decided to do a full overhaul of the entire car, probably to make it a track car, this includes the turbo install which has been very very very long overdue.

    I don't have any particular time scales for this, its going to just be something I do when I get time but I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into the project again much to my missus disappointment lol.

    Will need some advice though on the latest mods that are out there as I have lost touch a little over the last few years, I'm particularly intersted in suspension & big brake upgrades as a starter.

    Will be looking to do a full engine rebuild too, I'm thinking DE valve springs as a must with forged internals.

    Even thinking a custom roll cage and custom interior.

    Will keep you posted.


  • Glad your still progressing with things.
    Where abouts you located in Essex. Pm me if you don't want to post location. I'm in kent and not too far.

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    Hey Garfy, I'm near Romford. Question about your roll cage, did you build that or get a company to do it? I have just requested a quote for one from fabricage.

    So looks like I will be ordering a basic turbo kit from the US this weekend… exciting times ahead :D


  • It was made by company called fast road conversions. It's worth about 1-1.5k all in!. But luckily for me it didn't cost me a penny as I wired up there new workshops and swallowed the labour cost.

    Ah Romford isn't too far. And you have tdi close by when it comes to mapping and aftermarket ecu

    Have a word with marco as he maybe able to create you a shopping list from uk suppliers for turbo parts. May work out cheaper after shipping & customs

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    So 8 years after my ZE swap the engine is back out of the car as I actually start the turbo build!

    Managed to get it out much faster than the first time and I had no assistance this time! :D Although I did take a nice breaker bar to the knee thanks to a rusted bolt! :shock:

    The bay looks a little empty right now but plenty of work to do here. I made a small mistake when releasing the power steering belt tensioner, I forgot to loosen the retaining nut and broke the metal work so looks like I need a new tensioner - if anyone has one please let me know.

    I've started to tear down the engine earlier then expected as I need to know the bore size for the custom Wiseco pistons I want to order.

    Unfortunately it looks like my cam's have seen better days, so that's more money I need to spend.

    Also looks like I might have some water in there, hopefully thats not caused by anything too serious!

    Will keep you updated


  • You could probably just polish up those cam surfaces. Doubt you'd lose much from it!

    Great to see some progress :bigok:

    I bet you £20 it's standard bore 84.5 ;)

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    Flaming crankshaft pulley!!!! What a pain that was to remove without a holding tool.

    So I'm getting there slowly with the tare down, hopefully if I get time I will have the head off by the end of the week.

    Interestingly the company I am getting the internals from thinks I will need a re-bore an sleeve on the cylinders, can anyone shed any light on this, is this normally needed, can I not just replace the existing pistons without doing anything with the block?


  • Haha easiest way is with engine still in car, breaker bar leaning against the ground and crank it for a second.

    Rebore and sleeve? I doubt it. More likely just need a hone unless it's out of round. Sleeves are cast iron. As long as you don't go too big no need to resleeve.

    For my rebuild I just bought a hone tool for a drill and took off the glaze myself.

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    Ok, so guess what… the bore size is standard :D

    I now have all of the new internals on order, that should take a few weeks before I get my hands on them, so I plan on stripping the rest of the engine and hopefully get it to the engineering workshop for some work.

    I'm also thinking I might do the short shifter upgrade as everything is easy to get to, who has one? where did you get it from?

    Also, I want to upgrade the breaks but the only kit I can find is too expensive really, its £1500 just for the fronts!
    I noticed early on with the MX3 that it has the same caliper arrangement as an old ford escort, has anyone tried an escort break upgrade kit? If this works then its a very large cost difference.




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