Jono's KLZE Project - Turbo Build Begins

  • Sounding good fella! I'm also waiting on gaskets now so I feel your pain as this seems to be the major hold up at the moment. Do you still have the wiseco pistons or did you sell them eventually?

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    @mazdax3 I do still have the pistons, are you interested in them?

    Turbo build update - #2 (Mini update)

    I have been back and forth with the hot pipes, they just wasn't right, after many different combinations of old and new manifolds I eventually found a fitment that was much better. This still hits the gearbox, so I have now ground this back and the fitment is perfect!

    Still waiting on a load of parts, seem's that royal mail have slowed right down, hopefully they will arrive any day now!

    On a positive note, using a silicone hose I can connect up to the turbo inlet so no need to bash the bodywork there :D

    I will try to get some pictures up soon, will probably still use photobucket but they are putting an annoying watermark over the pictures now.


  • @jono definitely want to see some pictures.

    I am interested in the pistons but obviously depends how much you want for them, I did look a while ago on their site and nearly fell over when I see the prices 🤣

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    Turbo Build update - #3

    As ever, I'm still waiting on parts, partly because I messed up and ordered the wrong size gaskets for the manifolds to turbo up pipe, so I'm still waiting. I also have some heat wrap on route, so all going well that bit of the turbo pipes will actually get completed this weekend.

    I have now managed to get some pictures up, so here they are:

    Here is the new front engine mount support, my welding needs work lol but I think it will hold:

    Close up of the mount and it's mounting bracket, there is just enough room around the tube to get a socket to fit/remove the nuts so it's all easy to install and remove:

    Because I am using some existing mounting holes for the support, I needed some longer bolts, and I came across a titanium alternative, which are crazy light but should be much stronger, here they are freshly delivered lol, and a size comparision:

    While I have been waiting for parts, I got the oil pan off and fitted the turbo oil return bung, I went with a compression fitting for now, I will see how it goes, I might need to weld this on in the future (sorry about the dirtyness of the pan!):

    And it fitted:

    Also, as my progress with the hot pipes has been delayed a bit, I started getting the coilpack installed, this needed a custom bracket, so I made that from a bit of spare sheet steel I had laying about:

    Detailed design plan and super accurate measurements haha:

    Cut and bent:

    Finished up and painted:

    With the coilpack on it:

    Now that the coilpack is in place, I thought I would dry fit the custom HT leads I had made, not a bad fit considering I had them made 3 years ago!

    And that's it for now, once I get the hot pipes installed I will drop another update.



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