Jono's KLZE Project - Turbo Build Begins

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    Looks like I have everything I need now:

    The MX-3 has gone to bed early, as it has a few big days ahead of it :D

    The swap is going ahead tomorrow… :shock:


  • nice one mate and good luck….

  • good luck!

  • I wish I lived near you, I'd love to have lent a hand. Keep us posted… bet you can't wait :D

  • Gripforce Clutch By any Chance Jono, here was my ZE before dropping in when i was swaping bits over both next to each other on the floor 8) I have got all my old pics now so will make a swap guide soon, call me if you have any probs….

    This was the last time my old K8 saw daylight, poor thing, Dec 2005

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    Tommy, no not a gripforce - xceedy I think, lol.

    After 2 days of f*****g rusted & ceased bolts the ZE is in!! (Almost)

    K8, all ready to come out

    Up it goes

    Umm… is something missing from this picture?? lol

    Wont need this anymore

    ZE is in!

    So the ZE is in, all the under car things are back on & done, just leaves the harness & the crap on top to go back in :D

    Btw EGR is sooo easy to migrate! :D

    I will give the full step by step after it is all done! With the list of swapped parts.

    Next update will be ZE running (I hope!!!)


  • awesome!

    The first time it ever starts up is such a good feeling! :)

  • Yeah well done :D

    All your hard work has paid off, brt you cant wait to get it going.

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    WOW! The car started first time last night - it was such a good feeling, it sounds so much better then the K8! And the induction noise is even loader! lol

    This is how it looks this morning:

    The only issue I have is that the passenger side VRIS connector on the harness does not reach the new location on the IM, gona see if I can releave any wire tonight, if not then its just 2 wires so a bit of time and careful soldering should sort it!

    Oh, and I need to buy a longer vacuume pipe for the pcv valve to the IM.

    Tonight I will take it for its first drive - I cant wait to get home from work!!!!


  • looks awesome mate. Let us know how it drives!

  • Where di you get your curbed neck from?? I have a straight neck on the one I bought but not sure where to get a curved from over here. Could do with swapping really I dont want to have to buy another inlet the engine has stretched me out for now!!!

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    I got the IM as part of the engine from Nippon Spares, they are a jap importer.

    So last night I tried the new ECU, guess what… it didnt work :( so until I work out whats wrong with it, or get a new one I will have to run on the K8 ecu, which will be crap. :(

    Noticed one of the rad pipe clips has become loose, so will replace that tonight.

    The bonnet cover is going back on tonight, then when the new tie rod ends & lower swivel joint bolts arrive tomorrow I should be able to go for a test drive, although im not expecting much with the K8 ECU :(

    Also I fogot to say before... I wasnt able to fit the new clutch, well the clutch seemed to fit ok, but the release bearing was wayyy to small :( so I will be having a moan at the company who built it and should be able to swap it over soon, looks like its not that hard to remove the g box without the whole engine again!


  • You realy want to think about getting a decent exhaust buddy. Running on the standard Manifolds is lame and restricts lots of power but you will still get alot of sound.

    Here is the difference..

    Even on the K8 ECU it will go loads better than the K8, enjoy the ride. Dont blast it around too much untill you get the KL31/36 ECU up and running. The VRIS points are different so you wont get the full experience just yet. You wil need to extend the wire on the MS8 I/M VRIS.

    Good luck, nice to see it in 8)

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    Thanks for the tip Tom, i wanna get better headers but if I do then i when i build the turbo install i will have 2 sets of headers!! But I will think about it.

    I extended the connector last night and it seems to work ok 8)

    Where is the best place to get the exhaust headers??

    Well it seems to have much more torq with the stock ecu.. lol my dad decided to test that outside the garage last night :P

    The other problem I have is the acc cable is too slack - any ideas or tips for that??



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    Just a thought…. if I buy the turbo exhaust pipes, e.g. the probe kit, would I be able to fit the headers then add the other pipes at another date with the turbo??


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    I took the car for a short drive round the block last night, and OMG!!!!!

    Considering im only running the K8 ECU, K8 Exhaust Manifold & the engine is not quite running right!!!!!

    What a difference! I still have a big smile this morning :D

    Cant wait to get home tonight and get it done, then… OPEN ROAD!!!! :twisted:


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    So im now actually driving the car :D

    It is quite an impressive change, at normal driving the car is so smooth, and fun! Then when you put your foot down it suddenly becomes a completely different car :twisted:

    So now its onto stage 2: The Turbo Build

    As everyone knows, this is no cheap upgrade, which is why my turbo build will drag out over the next few months, plus I have some bills to pay :(

    All going well I should be ordering the first parts sometime in june :D

    So until then, its time to start learning as much about turbo installs as I can!


  • Did you get the ECU working??

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    No the ECU does not work, not even getting any codes,

    But its all good news, as I have just spoken to Nippon Spares and they are going to replace the ECU for me :D

    Also spoken to the clutch people and they are going to replace the non fitting release bearning.. so YAY :)

    And ive gotta say, driving the car is just so much fun now, its an even better drive at low speeds, plus it looks like I am now doing more miles to the tank - not sure how that works! lol


  • The Turbo build is a mission on the MX3.

    Im currently in the process. I ordered a kit from Pakfeifer Tuning and it is soon to be resolved but has been dragging out. Any kit requires extensive modification to fit the MX3. The engine support needs cutting and moving for the Downpipe. The ZE will only handle 6-7psi boost due to the 10:1, so good mapping is a must. As son as my kit gets here i will bolt it on.

    Im going to rebuild the ZE over the winter with all the internals i want so i can get 400whp, my goal 8) I have already bored my rails for the SR20 DET injectors and as soon as the kit arrives ill order the 500cc ones.

    Im going to run Megasquirt II


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